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I am new to CC, but not new to dieting. I need someone to make me accountable. I have had my aha moment, and I am ready for a healthy lifestyle. I am not very good at logging my food, but I am working on it! I am 5'2" and have been as high as 150. I am currently bouncing from 132 to 135. My goal is to be at 115. That averages right at 2pounds a week to make it by Valentines Day. Anybody want to join me in trying to drop 20 pounds by February 14th? We can do weekly weigh ins and just support each other through the ups and downs. Thanks.

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I would like to join this group too. I have started spinning and i will be starting personal training next week. I got married in October and we went on a cruise and all i did was eat and eat, I even out ate my huge husband who is 6'3 275 lbs.



Height : 5'5

SW : 227

CW: 221.7

GW: 155


If i can get rid of the 21.7 by feb 14th I will be thrilled!!!


I am doing a lower carbohydrate diet. Its the only way i can stay on a program.

I am nervous for weigh in tomorrow! Sort of a bad week and I'm afraid the scale will reflect that! Oh well, maybe I need the motivation :)
I am with you deadflowers! I usually weigh every morning, but this week I have avoided the scale at all costs! My workouts are good, but the food part has been scary this week. I blame it on the holiday parties, but even when I am just at home I have made some not so great food choices. Good luck, I can't let one bad week stop me, no matter what the scale says, I am keeping my goal and will continue to work for it.

Agree deadflowers! It took me a few days to "recover" from the holiday parties at the end of last weekend. But I just found out last night that my husband's cousin's wife is also counting calories! She's not on here, but we talked for literally hours about foods and counting and the whole business. She's lost 100 lbs so far (with her doctors), but it was nice to talk to someone "in real life" who has the same problems and share new foods and solutions. Christmas morning breakfast with my in-laws in my upcoming scary danger zone, and she'll be there, so I hope that we can pool our will-power and watch each others' backs!

SW: 140

CW: 132.4 

GW: 115

How is everyone else getting ready for the holiday weekend?

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Hey yall!  For me, the holidays aren't too bad because I live far away from my family, so I just have a small Christmas.  But the much food!  And I LOVE chocolate!  I snacked on carrots before I ate lots of cake at my office party, which made me feel semi-healthy.  But I'm going on a trip after Christmas, and I'm terribleeee at making smart food choices when I travel.  I just want french fries and milkshakes!

This week I got a new scale because my last one was dying.  This new scale says I've lost more weight than I thought (2.8 pounds this week?)...I'll take it! I was stuck at 125 for weeks, so it's nice to finally break into the 110's...haven't seen that number on the scale in a looooong time!

SW: 151 (May)

CW: 117.2

GW: 112

Good luck to the rest of you ladies and Merry Christmas!

Dec 22 2011 16:28
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I weighed in on Thurs, but forgot to post here!

SW: 135

CW 135

GW 116.  

No change, but I'm nervous for the next weigh in! Of course I fell off the wagon for Xmas Cool 

Can I still join you guys?
No scale as I have been away for Christmas. Will weigh in this Thursday everyone. Happy holidays everyone.

I think I've missed two weigh ins, because I was being stupid, but I'm back on track. I have gained three pounds so I am now 108. I'll be back on Thursday for my weigh in and WILL lose weight! Good luck to everyone!

Weigh in this Thursday!
Not sure what I think about weighing in tomorrow. Happy to be home after the holidays and being able to eat my own food. Will see tomorrow.
Hi, I'm also looking for someone to whole me accountable to. I'm going to be 44 in Febuary and I need to lose 8lbs and keep it off. I'm a chronic yo yo dieter. So my goals are about not going over Board but staying strong and steady. I'm in if you are
I wanna join too! need to lose 30 lbs actually, but it doesn't have to come off completely by Valentine's day. Currently at 139 lbs, hopefully I see the lbs on the scale go down by February. will start with P90x on Monday, I will follow the Lean program routine for 6 days a week for 90 days. In the meantime, I've been eating 5-6 small healthy meals from 1200 - 1800 calories depending on my activities.

Current weight: 138 lbs.

Goal weight : 110 lbs. ( hopefully to achieve it this 2012)

Small framed
Typo: currently at 139 lbs.

Tag the thread, ladies and gentlemen -- it's moving to games and challenges forum tomorrow, iaw challenge rules.

How do you tag this thread from an iPhone? sorry, I'm new to this site.
Weigh in this am sw 187 Cw 186.8 grrrr Christmas ah well back at it. Gw 155.
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Hey everyone, Here's my weigh in SW 135 CW 135 GW 116

No change, but I only started calorie counting 3 days ago ;)

Hope you are all doing better than me!

down to 184 today.  Feel great to be back in my routine and drinking my 8+ glasses of water.

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