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Games & Challenges

Let's start a new game.

The rules are as follows:

^ Here you put something about the person above you
< Here you put something about yourself
V Here you put a prediction about the person who will be next


Here we go...

^ There isn't one yet

< Wears high heels from Wal-Mart

V Will be the first in a long line to follow
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^ is about to get whipped in wrastlin

< is gonna do the whippin

v is gonna enjoy the show

^already exercised today

<is about to exercise

v relaxing from exerising

^really loves exercise.
<is tired.
v wants to do an irish jig. =]

^ knows what an irish jig looks like

< couldnt dance her way out of a paper bag

V could teach me about the irish jig

^ is sadly mistaken

< is a swimmer, not a dancer

V loves to watch birds at the feeder

^ knows the dog paddle

< loves to watch the birds in flight

V desires to have 5 minutes alone

^ Enjoys walks in the park

< Needs to go to bed earlier

V Doesn't wear nail polish

^ Is sleepy and correct about my lack of nail varnish

< Is obsessed with Bon Jovi

V Like's eighties music

^Reminds me of a good friend (also big BJ fan)

< prefers classic rock

V is a vegetarian

^ has a fabulous avatar that defines how I wish today was going...

< used to be a vegetarian

V prefers cooking than going out to eat

^ Is a Phillies fan!

< Hasn't gone out to eat in years.

V Has a dog. 

^ Loves nature

< Has a 13 year old Heinze 57 from the shelter

v Is going to have salad for lunch

^ Enjoys beautiful sunsets

< Has a sleeping puppy on her lap

v Has worked hard today

^ loves to go for walks in the snow

< loves making up stories

V loves eating ice cream in the rain

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^is almost right(:

<loves ice cream and the rain at different times. 

v secretly wants to marry will farrell

^ is delusional

< can't wait to burn of the calories of all the junk food she's eaten today

v got a suprise from significant other today!

^ is happy they got a surprise from their significant other!

< the gym is calling after the birthday weekend

v is going out tonight 

^Had delicious food on their birthday

<Is currently confused

vIs deciding what to write 

^Couldn't think of anything good to write

<Tried to write something funny and didn't succeed

vWon't write anything good either

^   is a wee-bit too pessimistic about me

<   hopes the weekend wont screw weekday dieting efforts

V   is looking forward to an eventful weekend!

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