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Story in six words

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Hopefully this game isn't a repeat, I tried looking for it in the search engine, but I came up with nothing.

Can you tell a complete story in just six words?  Hemingway wrote a very haunting story in just six words, it's rumored that he thought it was his best prose ever.

"For sale: baby shoes, never used"

does anyone have a better six word story (I'm kind of having a hard time coming up with one...but it's late and my brain isn't working haha)?
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  • called to apologize. i was wrong.
  • she died but none found out.
  • wanted: 6-foot wood coffin, will return.
  • it's too late.  i need sleep.

(seriously, on the last one) 

Can't get married, not divorced yet.

sirens singing, sirens laughing once again.

to the OP, this is an awesome game.

cat taken off diet, free kittens
dusty trophies, faded posters, quiet room
bruises, tears, backpack, train, streetlights, johns

child speaks, mother smiles with tears

(recent experience of mine!!!  :-) )

Television & Internet are not real life...Undecided
She ran; she dared not stop.
she weeped quietly, he comforted her.
folded flag, salute, parents tears, black
You make me feel so young.
Why are you staring into space?

Sci fi offering

The door dilated.  Zorg slithered in.

The cascading waterfall, helped his thoughts

she saw, she ran, she fell.

saturday nights with bright neon lights.

surrounded by people, but feeling lonely
Alteration of the one above ^^ (you beat me to it!)
"Not alone, no. But lonely, yes."
Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Out of sight, out of mind
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I wish beer had less calories.


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