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Sign up for March Exercise challenge here!!!!

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March Challenge can be found at 9.html

Sign up is now closed.  See above thread
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Put me down for 1000 minutes again this month.  I might try to increase it after this month and work on a higher goal next month but I will have to wait and see if I can meet this goal!!  Good luck everyone!!

If you still need help just email me and I will work with you on what you need.  My email is  I am willing to help out with some of it.
Sign me up for 1000! I hope I can do more than that, but it sounds okay to me right now :)
I've never done one of these exercise challenges before!  Sign my up for 750 minutes.  That's less than half an hour a day, so I should be able to do it, as long as mild exercise like stretching and chair aerobics are acceptable.

So 750 for clairelaine
Ok...gonna go for it with 1250. We shall see!
Total newbie here. This is great, I need a challenge to get me moving! Sign me up for 750 please.

Dona :-)
Been wanting to get in a challange for a long time and this is great.  Please allow me to join the 1000 minute challange.


Roy  1000 minutes a month  can't wait.....
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I am new and need a reason to work out. Please sign me up for 750
I am new as well and would like to join the 1750 category.  Sounds like it could help me to keep on track.
1,000 :) please
Sign me up- 1500 for me please... good luck to all!
I need a confidence booster, so since this is my first challenge, please sign me up for 750 minutes. Thanks
1500 for me thanks!
anyone doing 1000 minutes that's not already 'friended', please feel free to friend me !  

I just added up my mins for jan=455 and feb=618.  Wow.  This is going to be a good challenge for me -- hopefully we can work together and keep each other motivated :D
hey tamji, I added you to my friends list. Does anyone else want to help keep each other on check as "friends" who are in the 1000 club?
awesome kt!!! thanks!!! :D

you kick my butt and I'll kick yers ok? :P
Please sign me up for 1000.

haha awesome! that's what i need!
I'm new but can I sign up for 750?
Hi - please put me down for 1000

 Best Wishes to all!!
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