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September Abs/Tummy/Core Challenge

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McDerin and I have agreed its time for a September Abs/Tummy/Core Challenge. 

The Challenge is to challenge yourself! 
We will need your Name and a starting waist measurement.  I will enter your name, start date and starting measurement then at the end of the month, remeasure and see the amazing results! 

IF you are interested, here is all you have to do!

10 minutes a day for the month of September devoted to your Core/Abs is all we are asking! and if you are doing the Minutes challenge, this gives you an extra 70 mins a week! :) or 300 more minutes for the Month!!

If this is a new thing for you let us know and we will help you out.
  Feel free to send either of us a Private Message!

Speaking of here to help!!!  Each Week we will give full instructions on an ab workout for you to try for that week.  This way you arent stuck with the same thing each week and you can work different muscles.  NO boring routines here people!  Then we can all compare in the end to see what was everyones favorite.  We will also give tips on other ways, like your diet, to help drop that belly!

 Below is a link to some helpful information put together earlier in the year.

SO who is with us???

------------ Link to the Ab-Workouts:  ----------- ty/forums.php?t opic=26714&count=19

Here is a list of everyone signed up so far! We have plenty of room for more!

  1. Slappy 32.5/33.5
  2. McDerin 25.5/28
  3. Pandajenn19
  4. Kkerns  36.5
  5. aliaazmat  26.5
  6. mctami  30.25
  7. arivers  29
  8. lovethebigdogs
  9. wants2lose
  10. daizymae
  11. nicholesugar1212  30
  12. wlmich 36.5
  13. purespark
  14. natashenka  32
  15. coach_k  36
  16. tabathar  29
  17. theangrypeanut  29
  18. Donvito  46.5
  19. Aoibhe-bree     &nbs p;      35
  20. Ajy
  21. Orangeloft  40.5
  22. Mf6026
  23. Mamabird46  34
  24. Faithymom
  25. Dyingtolive  25.5
  26. Anewdawn  29
  27. Sarah_11235  32
  28. Colieh  29
  29. Casie43  39.25
  30. Daciakaiser 36 LOST 1.5 INCHES!!!  34.5 way to go!

  31. Chrisbaptiste 35

  32. Beautyquester

  33. Paleorchid 54

  34. brianneo  30

  35. mad1  30

  36. southardgirl  43

  37. renoodle  35

  38. melysa

edit- added list

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Ok, I'm in, and I'll also be happy to provide ab exercises if you guys need any more.  (Not that I imagine you do, with you two putting your heads together!)

But, I'm going to be a pain and not post my starting measurements.  ;p  I will however update on how much I lose by the end of the month!  If for any reason that doesn't work I'll just play along quietly, without officially participating.  :)

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I am in.  I'll have to measure though, for a starting point.
That's cool, Jenn :)
Any extra ideas you  have would be awesome, and I totally understand if you just want to post your total monthly loss and not the beginning and ending stats.

Works for me :)
It's ON.

totally agree panda and know what you mean.  It will be hard for me to post mine but I think it will help me push myself a little harder.  My clothes tell me that my abs are bad right now. :)

welcome aboard kkerns!

i would love to join!

Name: Alia
Waist:26.5 i believe

I am totally with you!  My original plan was to start strength training once I was within 5 pounds of my current weight goal.  I think I'll be there by Sept. 1 since it's only .8 lbs.  I'm in dire need of building some muscle to offset the lean mass I've lost through dieting and my middle is quite squishy if I do say so myself!

Waist: 30.25"

High Hip/Lower Abs: 38" (my poochy little menopot!) 

What I will do is once Sept. 1st hits I will start a new Thread with all the names added.  If I start adding them now the post will be way too long! 

Sooo where is everyone else??  COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

Don't worry.....they WILL come :)
It's been a while you did this and I don't think everyone realizes it's back :)

I posted about it in my journal, and will keep spreading the message.

I did 20 minutes last night (Turbo Jam's "Ab Jam" video - 10 minutes standing ab work, and 10 minutes on the floor).
It flew by and I feel it today :)
We CAN all do this.

Happy Saturday everyone.

Here's a bonus challenge -
If YOU (anyone) join the challenge, post about it in  your joural with a link to this thread and challenge at least ONE of your friends to do it as well.
Let's get some NEW people here.
If you have never done the exercise challenge because it seemed intimidating, this will be perfect. Not as much time to commit, a targeted area to work (which most of us could use :), and some added activity to your day. It's ALL beneficial.

You up to the challenge?

Volunteer Moderator, Turbo Jam lover, Slappy's sidekick in the Abs Challenge !!!

I'd like to join the challenge (never done one before)!!

 Name: Adina

Waist: 29 in 

Hey Slappy! Do you see me here?????

I am in too but I have to get back to you on a measurement.

Glad to see you around again Slappy!
I'm in and will post my measurement (yuck) by the first. 

I'm definitely in!! I'll post (gulp!) my measurements by the first, too. Taking them next week at my monthly mark...

And I'm posting the link in my journal as well!


I am in! Kelly 30in

I'm in too!  I'll also post my measurement the 1st for sure!

name: Wendy 

I'm in too!  Um... I'll edit this post with my starting measurements once I've taken them.  :)

HEYYY!!! SLAPPY!!! :D I am soo in on this challenge!! *goes and measures waist.*  Are we measuring at the belly button?? If so this is my measurement...

Name: Natasha

Waist : 32"

count me in -- I'll pass my number on the first

Name: Kay

Edit (8/29/07): Waist measurement (only gonna go up for the next week or so...)  36

WOW!  Im so psyched to see everyone jumping into this!  Some oldies and some newbies!  Hiya little Nat!!!!

Im going to wait til the first to post my measurement too.... gotta see if I can knock some bloat off first! HEE HEE!

Tip-  Cut out the soda and alcohol!  If you replace those with more water, you will drop some bloat from your waist- TRUST ME THIS WORKS!!!! 

Tip 2-  Cut back on the salt too! Always good to help cut that bloat! 

I have dropped 2 inches before just by doing these 2 tips!  Makes a huge difference!


Looks like we have quite a few interested takers in the challenge :)
I am looking for some good video clips that we (Slappy and myself) will be posting along with some step by step instructions for various STANDING ab work (cuz we don't all adore crunches do we? LOL) and SOME groundwork that is varied.

I will be back before the 1st with the first round of exercise ideas.
I am PYCHED and excited we are doing this again!

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Ha!  I measured myself with dental floss this morning and just used a ruler to determine the inches! Funny huh? (but not a bad trick if you don't have a tape measure handy)

And I am starting with 36.5!  Biggest one posted so far.  Hows that for intimidating?

Sad thing is I did the hips and bust too and there is not alot of contrast!  I have been feeling like my mid section was growing even though I have not really been gaining weight, I've been at a "not been doing what I know I should be" high weight, but this confirms it. My body seems to be changing for the worse and I need to stop it!!!!

I need this challenge bad!!!!
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