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Games & Challenges

The rules to this game are simple:

1) You must answer with.. a question. No exclamations or statements are acceptable! Only questions!

2) There is NO.. Rule 2 :)

The question can be as twisted or convoluted as you like. :)

So, I'll start.

How are you all today?
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Don't blondes prefer gentlemen?

What if you are not blond?

Could you not dye your hair to match your bermuda shorts?

You think that would get his attention?

How could it not?

What if the shorts are brown?

Well, it depends...doesn't it?

What would that depend on?

Aren't Depends adult diapers?

Are those actors or real football players in that Depends commercial?

Would his teammates ever quit harassing a real football player?

Depends Commercials,  what kind of sissy is he?!?!

how come noone responded to marielamonzon in, what? almost two weeks? can you let this thread die after six years??

Why shouldn't this super funny tread die after six years if nobody's interested anymore?

Who says nobody is interested anymore?

Well I know I'm certainly not replying, are you?

I have no answers, so how could I reply to anything?

That doesn't seem to stop other people, why should you let not having answers keep you from replying?

If I put my record on again, would that be replaying?Wink

Might that be construed as a broken record?

12,798 Replies (last)