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The rules to this game are simple:

1) You must answer with.. a question. No exclamations or statements are acceptable! Only questions!

2) There is NO.. Rule 2 :)

The question can be as twisted or convoluted as you like. :)

So, I'll start.

How are you all today?
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Did someone figure out my obscure movie quote?

You have an obscure movie quote too?

Is there anything else worth quoting?

I don't know, why don't you just google it?

Could I use Bing instead?

What's Bing?

Don't you use Windows 7?

Didn't Windows just come out with bing?

Can we change the subject?

(Deleted...double post)

Ya, what do you want to talk about?

Why do I always have to come up with something new?

Afraid of change?


What kind of change?

Did you notice the change in seasons?

Sure have, how has the weather been for you?

Isn't weather what people talk about when they don't know what to talk about?

What do you want to talk about?

Do you want to shoot down that topic, too?

Speaking of "shoot," want to go play some James Bond?

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