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Would you rather...?

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I'm sure you all have played this game before, I'll start.

Would you rather...have a huge head too big for your body, or too small?

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Until the various 'commemorative' pictures and/or videos pop up on the internet, blondiecath. XD

I'd rather stare inappropriately, considering I rarely make eye contact (or look at others at all when I speak to them -- bad habit, I know), so it might almost be refreshing to try exactly the opposite, haha.

If you had to choose one to give up for the rest of your life, would you prohibit sweet foods or savory/salty foods from your diet?

Oh man...that's tough. Probably sweet since I do love my veggies, plus it'd help me eat better cutting the sweets.

WYR have christmas never end or have superpowers? 


WYR have a BLT baguette for lunch or spicy tomato pasta with cheese on top?

Original Post by ddrtist:

Until the various 'commemorative' pictures and/or videos pop up on the internet, blondiecath. XD

'Tis the typical ritual of today's world x]


Would you rather have a conversation that's amusing, or intellectually stimulating?

Intellectually stimulating

WYR live in an apartment for the rest of your life with the ability to move or own a huge mansion and never move?

Lol, we keep editing our posts.

Edit #3!


Would you rather go to an outdoorsy activity (mountain climbing, biking, etc), or would you prefer to go to a show (movie, theater, etc)?

i'd prefer to have a larger head. too small would look wierd man!Undecided

i would definitely pack up and move on to the large mansion. always look to move forward. dont settle or go is about change

to a tyler perry movie any day. lol


I'd rather go to a movie/show...I'm lazy. :P

WYR [warning: dirty] watch a porn of your parents...or watch a porn with your parents? 

WITH my parents....i still beleive I was brought to this earth via a storke thank you very much!


WYR to never watch tv again, or never be able to listen to music again?

Music, t.v. means soaps...soaps means <3!!

WYR get lost in the desert with no water or the rain forest with piranhas and hippos and more scary stuff?! 

RAIN FOREST! (there are scorpians and snakes and other scary stuff in the desert too!)

WYR eat only liquified foods for a year, or eat the SAME thing for every meal for a year

Same thing! I'm not a big 'drinker'

WYR be forgotten or hatefully remembered? 

Hatefully remembered.

WYR walk over hot coals or broken glass?

Broken glass.

WYR marry the man you're in love with and be happy forever, or have the PERFECT metabolism and be able to eat anything you want and still have a perfect body?

I'd rather marry and be happy forever.

wyr be completely hairless or excessively hairy(everywhere)?

Completely hairless and just get a wig

WYR wake as a guy and find that have you have D cups or that your testicles have been removed? (can't get plastic surgery on the d cups either.)

Wake to find testicles had been removed. They'd get all sweaty and be in the way anyways.

WYR have yellow teeth or a crooked nose?

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