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Would you rather...?

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I'm sure you all have played this game before, I'll start.

Would you rather...have a huge head too big for your body, or too small?

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I have a head that looks ridiculously small on my body, so I guess I'd like to see it the other way around. :)

If you had to choose one to live with, would you rather be blind or deaf?

would have to choose deaf. i'm a music lover so that would be tough but still better than not being able to see my little boy as a man or the faces of my other loved ones again.

would you rather be an entertainer or an academic?

I'd rather be an academic - no question!

Would you rather have to always wear purple socks or always refer to yourself in the third person?

Purple socks! My favourite colour!

WYR have a spotty guy pop one of his spots in your mouth or cry porridge non-stop for an hour?

Cry porridge :P

WYR be REALLY short(Barbie doll short) or REALLY tall(like a pine tree!)?

really short!

WYR lose an arm or lose a leg?

Lose an arm, at least I can still exercise with 2 legs.

WYR be eaten by a shark or squeezed to death by a huge anaconda? 

Well, a shark would be quicker and I think it sounds cooler too - why not go out in in an interesting way??

Where as anaconda would be bone crushing so I'd have to listen to my ribs crack and suffocate.

Hmm.. would you rather be famous or a 'nobody'?

Famous... for having been devoured by a shark ;)

WYR orgasm LOUDLY every time you pee for the rest of your life OR have to shave your rapidly-growing eyebrows at least once every five hours to prevent them from blocking your vision... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

i love this game

Wow, what a question. Um...

Tantric peeing please. Or whatever one would call that.

Would you rather eat a cockroach or be naked in public?

Eat a cockroach.  If I'd been surviving on a diet of them, I might not be so averse to being naked in public.


Would you rather....

Have kittens for hands or slugs for feet?

Kittens for hands...duh lol ;)

WYR suck on a hobo's toe for a full 5 minutes or eat 5 cockroaches? 


Would you rather sleep on a bare matress (no sheets or pillows) or in the tub with the water running?

Bare mattress, I'd wake up in a sore back sleeping in a tub all night, that's fo sho.

WYR marry someone with a poor self image or vain? 

Poor self-image. In my own experience it's better to build someone up than knock 'em down a few pegs. ;)

Would you rather water ski or alpine ski?

Totally agree! and I would rather alpine ski - i never could get up on waterskis!

WYR work as a secret agent undercover or live in an isolate community removed from all modern conveniences?

Secret agent hellz yeah!! No competition

WYR have to recite Shakespeare whenever you meet someone or involuntarily break into a complete Beyonce style booty dance whenever you are in a supermarket?

Shakespeare all the way! 


Would you rather be skinny and poor or fat and rich?

(haha, i totally stole that question from a show.)

I'm already poor, so skinny and poor would work for me. :)

Would you rather have an small, intimate gathering of a few close friends, or a large-scale party with dancing, drinks, the whole nine yards?

Ohhh toughie! I think I'll choose quantity over quality this time and go all out for a frickin' awesome party to remember (most likely to not be remembered from all the alcohol consumed xD )

WYR always speak to anybody in a slightly inappropriate state e.g. staring obviously at a particular region of their anatomy and licking your lips or never make eye contact with anyone and do your best to end conversations as quickly as possible? 

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