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The person below me!!!

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This game is assumptive and fun. You say something (un-offensive) about the person that responds after you. He/she will answer with a true or false, and then make a statement about the responder after them. Get it?

I'll start....The person below me (tpbm) has lost 15lbs in the last 6 months.
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TPBM likes coffee
I hate coffee!! Tpbm likes the smell of lavender?

true, amongst others

tpbm likes watermelon

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False! TPBM loves shopping long as it isn't a mall.

TPBM prefers mountains vs. the city

True! I want to retire in the mountains.

TPBM wants an exotic animal as a pet.
False (already have 4 dogs... That's enough!)

TPBM collects Hummels

False (I have no idea what a hummel is! hahaCool)


TPBM wants to live out on a river

False (couldn't deal with the bugs and boat maintaince!)

TPBM loves to see the wild flowers blooming in the Spring

True  lots of them around here.

tpbm likes to play golf


False...haven't waddled my way around a course in years.

TPBM has a nice little teddy bear their niecey gave them.

false, I have a nice little teddy bear my daughter gave (once upon a time)

tpbm likes filet of sole, done just right.

False... I like salmon with mango and black bean salsa!

TPBM lost two pounds this week!

False, I wish.

tpbm uses stevia for sweetener.


I use splenda instead of steiva (I really have no idea what the nutritional difference it is. I'll go google that now :D )


TPBM really likes to swim. :D

I used to. Haven't in a long time.

tpbm had snow this week

False but we did have a chilling rain.

The person below me found a new way to burn calories and stay fit.

True, I have found a new motivation.....


tpbm has driven a car at 100mph?

True, except on my motorcycle. TPBM, do you like running or swimming more?
Swimming! More refreshing. Hhaa.

TPBM loves strawberries.
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