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The person below me!!!

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This game is assumptive and fun. You say something (un-offensive) about the person that responds after you. He/she will answer with a true or false, and then make a statement about the responder after them. Get it?

I'll start....The person below me (tpbm) has lost 15lbs in the last 6 months.
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False.... I don't have a 'myspace' either.  I suppose I don't really want people to find me  ;)

TPBM  has had a 'one night stand' before?

TRUE, welcome to everyone's college experience.

TPBM is addicted to peanut butter

False - I finished PBA --> Peanut butter's anonymous :-P

TPBM wishes he or she got to answer Moody's question about one night stands.

True, and it would have included the juicy details.

TPBM has a sweet-tooth!

True!!  Dark chocolate - Mmmmmm...  (But I haven't had any in 2 months!!)

TPBM is a workaholic!

False! No way, no how---lazy is my middle name.

TPBM has a cowboy hat.

True... and I have the boots and crotchless panties to go with it too  ;)

TPBM  is on the rag

False, but I can still go from 0 to bitch in 3 seconds flat.

TPBM feels that someone treats them like a doormat.

lol @ 7030

False... actually True... no false, no true... bah!  sometimes, so true

TPBM went over their calories today

False, but it's early yet and it's my birthday, so anything goes!

TPBM is afraid of snakes

TRUE!!! (But only if it didn't originate in trousers.)

TPBM fantasizes about someone they know.

(HAPPY BIRTHDAY caverlady!!!)

True.... not tellin' who

TPBM has an aquarium full of fish at home

No....we ate them. Darn it, they were so pretty to watch.

TPBM likes to sing in elevators.

TRUE... because elevator music isn't annoying enough!!  I just HAVE to bust out with my Michael Jackson Impersonation

TPBM has lost 20 pounds since Jan of this year

True...and false...actually I've lost 24 since the end of May!!  YIPPEE!!

TPBM is addicted to this website.

meh... not the site. more like the 'friends I've made here.  (so i suppose that's true?)

TPBM is 6 foot 2 inces tall
False - you're 11 inches off.

TPBM is watching TV at the same time he/she's on this site.
True(ish) -- the tv's on, but I'm not watching it.  I guess I should go and turn it off.

TPBM has a pet hamster


TPBM has a liking for lobsta (lobster, if you're not from Mass.)


TPBM has a liking for lobsta (lobster, if you're not from Mass.)


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