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The person below me!!!

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This game is assumptive and fun. You say something (un-offensive) about the person that responds after you. He/she will answer with a true or false, and then make a statement about the responder after them. Get it?

I'll start....The person below me (tpbm) has lost 15lbs in the last 6 months.
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2 if that counts as many

tpbm listens to my chemical romance

TPBM likes to walk in the woods
True - just hard to find "in my neck of the woods"  LOL   - desert is more like it but that's my woods I guess

TPBM believe life on other planets is possible.

TPBM has seen a ufo
Nope, though I have seen this weird "vapor" that I suspect is a ghost. Though is only bugs me when I'm in the kitchen...

TPBM likes Fall Out Boy
False; I've never even heard of it. ^^;;;

TPBM speaks another language besides English?
false.  I don't know what Fall Out Boy is.....

TPBM loves riding their Harley to Sturgis
haha  false im extremely girlie and would prob have a heart attack if i ever got on a motorcycle...tpbm loves to sleep in on sat. morning
true and false I "would" love to sleep in but rarely do because of insomnia LOL--april13 I have a ghost too I see it walking between my daughters bedroom and the bathroom all the time and my hubby has seen it too

TPBM has "spring fever"
True......can't wait to start golfing

TPBM loves bread pudding
True... with raisins, apples and walnuts!!! anything with carbs calls my name.

TPBM likes to paint.
False - no not really sometimes painting a room if im decorating it

TPBM pees in the shower? (lol wanted to make it interesting)
false, you think I am George Costanza?

TPBM likes the Seinfeld show
False -- The Seinfeld show is only mildly interesting to me.

TPBM likes to collect belly button lint for art projects. (still making it interesting *grin*)
false, I use toe jam

TPBM loves to dance
true!!!  could dance my life away it's so happy making!!!

TPBM luvs to stop and smell the roses!

TPBM likes to be by the water
True, especially if it's rain.

TPBM likes books more then television?

TPBM likes to go out for dinner on a date
false. I'm a complete reality tv junky.

TPBM loves popcorn?
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