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The person below me!!!

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This game is assumptive and fun. You say something (un-offensive) about the person that responds after you. He/she will answer with a true or false, and then make a statement about the responder after them. Get it?

I'll start....The person below me (tpbm) has lost 15lbs in the last 6 months.
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true or false? did tpbm lose the 15 lbs bt dieting?
true, I lost 15lbs by dieting.

tpbm is a certified personal trainer
False - wish I could afford one though LOL

TPBM does use a personal Trainer
false-yoga booty ballet is my trainer

TPBM is vegetarian
False, but I do eat meat sparingly.

TPBM loves movies
true! I was a Film Studies major.

TPBM is really flexible.
False! I can't bend at all! LOL

TPBM is an amazing singer
False.  I can break wine glasses though.

TPBM is honest and compassionate.
true (enough i have to lie in my line of work but otherwise i dont like to)

tpbm plays world of warcraft
False - I don't have a clue what that is!!!

TPBM works out at least 30 minutes each day
if cleaning counts as "working out", then true.

TPBM loves American Idol
True but not during those first auditions!

TPBM loves activities out on the water.
true, i have kayaked over a waterfall.

TPBM never got the chicken pox as a child.
false. i had chicken pox

TPBM never break his/her diet
VERY false. i break my diet more than i follow it.

TPBM loves working out.
extremely false ~ i'm mentally allergic to working out ~ lol

TPBM can't wait for summer fruits to be in season!
True! Oh YES!!! YUM!! YUM!!!

TPBM rewarded themselves this week for accomplishing a health related goal!
false since i had no goal

TPBM used to like New Kids on the Block
false, not into that

TPBM likes baseball
true. slightly. i like to play it on my wii.

TPBM has many pets.
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