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November Weight Loss Challenge

Goals:  Lets get back to the basics!

Week 13:  November 26-December 2, 2007

Workoff those extra foods Challenge

work toward burning off that extra pumpkin pie, extra stuffing and extra mashed potatoes this week!  Lets focus on the next 3 weeks really hard!


(Please continue to keep your own progress of the following weeks challenges.  It is my goal to have those challenges happening naturally now!)

Please post the following each day:


Amount of Exercise:

Amount of Water:

Please post the following each FRIDAY:


Starting Weight (SW):

Current Weight (CW):

Total Weight Gain/Loss:

Target Goal Weight(GW):

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  • crunches:80
  • reverse crunches: 20
  • cardio: 45 mins
  • H20: 13 cups
  • fruit&veg: honeydew melon, broccolli, carrots, snap peas, and iceberg lettuce.
Measurements for Oct. 1
Arms = L-16 R-16
Bust - 46 1/2
Ribs - 39 1/4
Waist - 42
Hips - 45 3/4
Thighs - L-25  R-25 3/4
Calves - L- 16 1/2  R-16 1/2

Total list in inches 9 3/4 !!!!!!!!! WooooHooooooooooooooooooooo

Mavschick - it's awful isn't it?  I just hate sinus/soft tisse infections!  HATE THEM!!   They pretty much just wipe you out and then you aren't up for much at all.  This time I tried a homeopathic rememedy (gargling with 1-2 TBSP organic apple cider vinegar + 1/8-1/4 tsp cayenne pepper in 8 oz of water) which seemed to work to get rid of my headache the first couple of days, but it sure messed up my stomach!  So then I was doubly miserable, and eager to get an RX to get rid of the infection!   Now I have to get back into doing my 10 minutes of calisthenics/crunches in the AM, which is hard for me because I am not a morning person!
Come to think of it, maybe the vinegar/pepper gargle was responsible for my amazing (to me anyway) loss last week?  I couldn't eat much after that!  LOL  With both my throat and my stomach hurting, I didn't hardly eat at all for 2 days.
Fatmum - Congrats on making it under 200!   I can't wait until I get there too!  

9/29  0 crunches

I have a shoulder that has been hurting me for almost a year and when I did the tae bo Friday it seemed like it made it worse. Thing is today it seems like it might be a bit better than normal so maybe I should try it again. I have to be more careful though cuz it seemed like it also hurt my back and knee (which weren't hurting at all before).

Sorry you guys are sick. I heard recently that yogurt is supposed to be good for the immune system. I don't eat it much cuz I don't really like it, but I might try to eat it more if that is true.


  • crunches: 0
  • cardio: none
  • H20: 10 cups
  • fruit&veg: lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, strawberries, and broccoli. 

Hey Everyone!  I hope you ALL had a wonderful weekend!  Seems like many of us are doing well on this challenge!  Congratulations to all who are showing progress... Keep up the amazing work and dedication.  Tomorrow is a NEW day and new month and new week!  Start fresh... Begin anew!

Well the new challenge AND new month goals are up... Please pay attention to the monthly goals as the weekly challenges will be formed around the Monthly goals. 

If you have questions, you will probably get a faster response if you email me... as it is often difficult for me to get on the forum many times during the day.


vinegar and cayenne pepper?  OMG no wonder yu lost weight, that sounds horrid! LOL i am sooooooooooooo tried today i havent done much of nothing anyway..yesterday i didn't do any cardio but i did do 10 crunches and 2 pushups -- me and my dad and sister were all kind of seeing what we could it is 7pm and i am still sitting in my pajamas...havent had energy to get dressed, and (pretend you didnt read this next part, lol) now i am ordering pizza for dinner :) too sick and too tired to try to think of something healthy to is my one day off this week and i'll be danged if my neighbor who mows my yard didn't decide to do it at 7am this morning!  after i went to bed a little after 4am, when we got home from playing poker with friends and family....and to top it off, my niece (22yo who lives with us with her 22 month old daughter) had to work the early shift (6a-2p) so we were stuck watching the baby and wouldnt you know the mowing woke her up, so we got up at 8ish this morning...and then me and the baby came in the living room and started playing and watching tv and then the next thing i knw, i woke up and we had both slept til almost one o clock!  i missed the first quarter of the cowboys game, dang it!! but i saw the good parts and sure did enjoy it :)

besides being dead to the world today i am feeling somewhat better, i think the cold is close to running its i plan on starting back to the cardio and all tomorrow..not sure if i posted yet or not but had

9-28: 40 crunches, 9-29: 10 crunches

goodnight all and have a great week!
I lost 9 total inches!  The most, you guessed it... in my bust... I was happy to see that my arms have gone down as well... from 15 inches to 13 and my bust went from 41 to 37! AGH!  Everything else was about an inch or two, besides my waist.... WOO HOO to that!

Great job on those inches (almost feels better than the pounds, doesn't it?)


Arms    R13 

       &nb sp;    L13

Chest   36.5

Bust     44

Waist   34.5

Hips     40.5

Thighs  R25  

       &nb sp;    L25.5

Calves  R17

       &nb sp;     L16.75

By my account (and my excel formulas...) this is 11.5 down from 1 Sep!  I'm happy -- *be happier if there was a greater drop to the thighs...

Blue -- I was in love with Bill Bixby on Courtship... -- I always wished I was old enough to marry him (meanwhile, I was about the age of his kid...)

Coach K:  Great way of losing those inches!  WOW!  i am so proud of you Kay!  Great Job! 

Dont forget that your measurements should be posted by the end of the day tomorrow!  It's really fun to see the progress you have made.  Hopefully monthly results will be posted by end of day Tuesday!  Great job everyone!  Laughing

What a fast weekend! 

Congrats to everyone on their progress...It's awesome!  Not to mention how it spurs me to keep going.

Here are my measurements

chest 48

bust 55

waist 52.5

Hips 56.5

L  Thigh  25.5  R Thigh 24

L Calf 19  R Calf 18

Oops I forgot my upper arms...I'll edit and post that tommorow...Off to bed!

No change in arms!

Ok guys.  I've been really bad about posting.  I don't seem to have enough time in the day to do everything I need.

last wee I did 120 crunches total for the week.  And that was in one day.  I did 45 mins of cardio.  One day.  I walked for about 20 mins in one day.  and drank next to no water.  The veggies, I got about 4 or 5 for each/every day, but I didn't get but 1 or 2 servings of fruit for the whole week.

I can't wait until sports are over for the kids. 

So Monday morning:

BW: 234.4

CW: 229.2

Total WL:  5.2 lbs for September (Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!)  Happy Dance and bragging rights!!!!

Goal weight by the last Friday in October or 31 October--  Modest 3 lbs.  226.2.  I'm keeping it real modest.

BQueen:  In your studies, or can you find out for me, what are the amounts in grams that we should have on a daily basis of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber.  Regardless of calorie intake, what is the minimum that everyone should have.  Do you know or can you find out?  Thanks.....

Measurements Oct. 1
Arms - L-15.5 R-16
Bust - 51.5
Chest - 40.5
Waist - 43
Hips - 50
Thighs - L-26.5  R-26.5
Calves - L- 17.3  R-17.3

-7.5 in 

Sorry that I disappeared for a couple of days, but the next two weeks are going to be very busy for me with school. I didn't do any situps or crunches for 9/28 - 9/30 (bad Becky!) and I haven't been able to get my measurements yet. I'll make sure I remember to do it tomorrow morning!

 Crazy school schedule!

 Y'all have a nice day!

Oct. 1st:
  • Chest: 50 inches (128cm)
  • Waist: 46 inches (118cm)
  • Hips: 55 inches (141cm)
  • Upper Arm: 14 inches (36cm)
  • Upper Thigh: 35 inches (73cm)
  • Calf:16.5 inches (42cm)
Sorry, I'm Canadian, metric system.  Tongue out
WOW... where is everyone at today?  It must be the busyness of the beginning of the month.... How is everyone's walking going?
  • 9/28-100 crunches
  • 9/29-20 crunches
  • 9/30-zero crunches

Weekends are usually me time off from crunches since I get in other activities.  At least that's what I tell myself, although how quick this weekend went those "other" activities were barely there.  Lol

I haven't walked yet today (well nothing toward formal exercise) but I'm sure I'll get some in tonight.  It IS busy today, at least for me because of the beginning of the month/quarter. 

Alldolledup-don't be sorry you're Canadian!  Lol  It's alright, we love you anyway!!!  Tongue out

Lumumba/Coach/Ash-WOW!  Great losses on the inches...WTG ladies!!! Cool

Blj-Woohoo on your September losses!!!  Definitely have bragging rights in my book! *happy dancing with BLJ*

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! walking in for me today...somehow I managed to get the start of a cold last night that has me aching and just wanting to go to bed...I did manage to stay within my points, though...woohoo...and no regular soda!!  This is a major accomplishment for me and I am so excited for myself...I am sure part of it is the lack of appetite but I managed to drink 67.6 ounces of water and stay within my points...go Tami!!!

Wtg everyone...this is a new goals...more weight loss and better health for us all!!!


  • mins walked: 60 with increased HR
  • crunches: 25
  • cardio:45 mins
  • H20: 14 cups
  • fruit&veg: broccoli, carrots, lettuce, green pepper, onion, and apple



Thanks for everyones encouragement! 7lbs in the 2 weeks I've been dieting has been a great motivation to keep going.  And yet so far this month I've been totally off track!!! Got 3 teeth pulled on Friday and so my mouth has been so sore I spent the weekend eating Mouse and Custard which are 100% fat!!! Didn't enter into foodlog as I new it would get me down! But its all good, I can almost eat normal now so maybe I'll start good again tomorrow. ;)

Oh and my keyboard has been broken for a few days too which is why I entered my numbers and that was all. Wanted to write how excited I was when I entered my stats but half the letters on my keyboard were out of action!!!
So yeah good fun! :) But very excited on my progress and look forward to a big drop this month so I can be skinny for summer and long days at the beach over christmas!!! :)

 Will get my measurements done at some stage too....

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