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*NEW* Who wants to do a 1 month Challenge? =] 3/10-4/10

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Hey everyone =] I'm looking to do a one month challenge to lose 6 pounds! Im really excited because I just did one and it was very motivating! even though i didnt succeed im willing to give it another try! Im 5'7 and looking to lose 19 pounds. It really helps to have others to talk to and share ides. I think this challenge will be really fun and helpful now that summer time is around the corner. we can do a weigh in once a week. friday is my favorite day to weigh in because its b4 the weekend but u can all pick whatever day you want =]  sooo come join me on my challenge... if you dont thats okay. =]

Start weight: 149lbs

Goal: 143lbs

Over all Goal:130lbs

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Haha, welll I have not budged! I skipped the last two weigh-ins because one Friday I was packing for a trip, and the following Friday I was still on vacation!

And now I am still hovering at 127, probably due to the cheat week that was my vacation.  Or I'm retaining water.

So I guess 123 by April 10th is not a goal I will be achieving... No worries though :) I decided to slow my weight loss pace anyway, so I can eat more and get more rest.


SW: 156.8

1st: 156.2

2nd: 154.4

3rd: 153.0

-3.8 lbs. :) Two weeks to get out of the 150's!

I broke that plateau! Yeehaaw.

Week 1 = 278 - was really only 2 days.

Week 2 = 278

Week 3 = Sick - no weigh-in

Week 4 = 271    Nice!

Week 5 = 266    Really nice! - True to form, I get sick when I break a plateau. Still can't figure it out. But a little head cold is a small price to pay huh?

Start weight 3/14: 162#

Weight today: 168#

Target weight for 4/10: 156#

Goal weight: 150#

Didn't lose anything this week still 119lbs.  I couldn't go to the gym as much as I would have liked because of the flooding we had.  I'm hoping to lose at least 1 lb by next friday.

Start weight 3/14: 162#

Weight today: 170#

Target weight for 4/10: 156#

Goal weight: 150#

Well guys, the challenege is almost over! I'm not going to make my goal weight, but I got close. I've lost about 5 pounds (I think? - I forgot to look at exact #s!) during this challenge. It's really helped me stay up on the motivation.

If anyone wants to do another one, I am up for it!! I'm less than 3 pounds away from losing 30 pounds and I am SO excited to hit it!! :)

I'll weigh in on Saturday to see what the final outcome of my monthly challenge was. GL y'all!

Hi everyone! I decided to do this challenge way back when it started, but completely forgot to keep up with it, sorry! since the challenge is almost over, I am happy to report that I lost 5 pounds within the first 2 weeks of starting it, and have maintained the loss since then.  My total weight loss is 23lbs since January :) I started the challenge at 140, and am at 135.  Goodluck everyone.  Hopefully there will be another challenge soon.

Down to 117.5lbs so close to losing the 5lbs!!  I'll take 4.5 though.  I've almost lost 15lbs Jan just 2 more lbs to go.  Great job to everyone who lost the 5lbs and who came close:)  I'd be up for another challenge





4/10:170lbs!! Surprised


We should do another month challenge 4/10-5/10!


I went the wrong way.

Start weight 3/14: 162#

Weight today: 169#

Target weight for 4/10: 156#

Goal weight: 150#

Just looking to see if you still wanted to do the one month challenge its been one month and i have not gained or lose not 1 pound not 1 ounce,, Im confused my treadmill broke but i walked around the track about 3 days for 1 hour im lost and ready to give up, so right not im looking for motivation so i am for doing this challenege if its still on. let me know please. thanks

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