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2nd Quarter 2011 Challenge~ April 1st-June 30th~ JOIN ANYTIME

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Information to put in the challenge:

Name: (Jamie) OPTIONAL

State: (Ohio) - like to do this so I don't miss anyone for weekly stats. Several times, people have missed out because of the time zone difference. So, if you want to see your name in LIGHTS, when you have accomplished so much, please provide it.

If you'd like to give a little brief information about yourself that would be great!  Possibly meet new people to be friends with. (ie.,  attempts on losing weight, special dietary constraints, motivation for this journey things like that).

SW for Challenge: 283.4


Height: 5'3

AGE: 48 (April 1st is my 48th)!!

Day you like to weigh: Monday

One challenger was wondering what is reasonable for weight loss.  The answer is 10% of your current body weight.

Welcome one and all!  This challenge is a 2ND quarter challenge for the year 2011.  Anyone can join and there are no rules, except pick a day that is good for you to Weigh in Consistently.  Don't worry, if you miss a few.  The key here is to log at least once a week.  So go ahead and tag this and come back!  If you are new and need help let me know and I will give you information on how to tag the topic.

Look at the below comments for information durng the challenge

I will post the tips in the THIS journal post and MARK EDIT: SEE COMMENT and I will reference the comment number so you can just scroll to it, if you'd like.

  1. Edit: Comment 4: Welcome to previous challenger and you don't have to go by 10% of your body weight.  Just a suggestion.  Lower or higher as your discretion. 
  2. Edit: Comment 17: If you miss your weigh in day, go ahead and weigh the next available time you can to try to make it in the current week.  Mondays is when my spreadsheet starts and ends on Sundays. 
  5. EDIT: COMMENT 61: Stats for the 1st quarter challenge posted
  6. EDIT: Comment 84: Stats for week ending April 3, 2011
  7. Edit: Comment 96: Recognition of some of the challengers.
  8. E
  9. dit: Comment 107: Cheat days discusses, see post 106 also
  10. Edit: Comment 116: Reasons for weight gain
  11. Edit Comment 132: Stats for week ending April 10, 2011
  12. Edit: Comment 139:  Look where your fellow challengers are from!!!
  13. Edit: Comment 172: Stats for week ending April 17th, 2011
  14. Edit: Comment 189: 100 pound mark reached!!!
  15. Edit: Comment 206: Evaluate weight goal
  16. Edit: Comment 210: Stats for week ending April 24th, 2011
  17. Edit: Comment 227: Welcome three  new challengers
  18. Edit: Comment 252: Stats for week ending May 1, 2011 (sorry for the lateness)
  19. Edit: Comment 276: Stats for week ending May 8th, 2011 and Top losers
  20. Edit: Comment 309: No stats for week ending May 15th, 2011
  21. Edit: Comment 325: Stats for week ending May 22, 2011
  22. Edit: Comment 341: LOOK FOR MONTH END STATS THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011
  23. Edit: Comment 363: Stats for MONTH ENDING MAY, 2011
  24. E dit: Comment 370: Question answered
  25. Edit; Comment 381: STATS for WEEK ENDING JUNE 5, 2011
  26. Edit: Comment 401: STATS FOR WEEK ENDING JUNE 12, 2011
  27. Edit; Comment 404: About me and my personal loss and I don't mean weightST
  28. Edit: Comment 419: STATS FOR WEEK JUNE 20, 2011
  29. EDIT: COMMENT 425: 3rd Quarter Challenge 2011 lenge-join-anytime-ft201564
  30. Edit Comment 434: Posting your final weight on the 30th, is fine.
  31. Edit Comment 439: Final update on the challenge

By clicking on that you can enter their member name and then add them as a friend.  This link was on the Home Page (which has been temporarily moved due to the new Food Logger).

THIS CHALLENGE IS FROM April 1st- June 30th, 2011.....


So if you want some support and some motivational tips, join us!


 For purposes of starting the spreadsheet, I will start posting weights to that on Monday's.  THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR WEIGH-IN DAY.  My goal is to post total lost two days after the month has ended.  This will enable those in different time zones to not be left out.  At the end of the challenge I will post a range and people's name.

One thing I decided to do to the challenge is to adjust your formula to your actual highest weight. Afterall, you have lost more than your initial weigh in.  I think this is fair and encouraging.

So hurry up and get your name added!  Whats stopping you?





170.9, 209.11, 233.12, 298.15, 317.16, 371.19, 391.20, 409.21, 424.22



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Original SW 257.7: (08/19/10)

CC SW: 225.9 (11/26/10)

2nd quarter challenge SW: 179.6

2nd quarter GW: 162

Ht: 5'3"

Weigh in day: sunday

Am trying to avoid another plateau like I had back during the month of november.  Should be starting to cut grass here soon and that'll add to my activities.

I am so in!!

My name is Brigit, I am living in Toronto, Canada, 34 yrs, have a little dog that keeps me walking and I go to the gym at work every morning. This is my 3rd time around on CC, since I tend to lose 40 lbs and then regain 20lbs when my sister comes to visit once a year LOL ... this year she's coming in August! :o)

10% off initial weight is a bit high for me. I know I am doing better with a goal of 1 - 1.5 lbs per week, so here we go:

SW for Challenge: 255.4 lbs

GW for Challenge: 238 lbs (-17.4)

Height: 5' 11''

Day you like to weigh: Sunday

All the best to all of you!!!!

Name: Jamie

As of April 1st, I will be 48 years old. (It's my birthday). I live in Ohio, and have two elderly dogs.  I belong to a gym, that I am going to start taking advantage of going.  My highest weight was in 2007 at 313, and I am now 281.  I have several medical conditions so my GW will not be 10% of my body weight.

SW for Challenge: 281

GW for Challenge:  275 - I lose slow so I have a lower goal.

Height: 5'3"

Day you like to weigh: Mondays

I look forward to seeing everyone in the challege be as successful as possible.

Take care and God Bless.

Brigit: I am like you, my goal weight will not be 10% of my current body weight, because I lose so slow, but when I do lose, it stays off.  That is one benefit of losing slow.

Unabletolose. Welcome back!  Thanks for rejoining!  I look forward to watching your success.

Take care and best of luck in your journey, to waist away. LOL

Hi Jamie!

Thanks for the good wishes and putting up this challenge! Yes... slow but steady wins the race! To waisting away! Cheers!

Hi everyone..this sounds great. I just logged on today.  I lost 30 pounds for my 40 th birthday 3 years ago and slowly put it back on...I want to lose it and stay fit.  I love to do hot yoga, play hockey and run.  

SW 162 lbs

GW for challenge  142 lbs

Height 5'4"

I like to weigh in on thursdays...


Hello Everbody and Welcome to the 2nd quarter challenge. 

Name:  Sabrina     Age:  49    I live in VA

My personal goal on Jan 1st was to lose 50 or more pounds by my 50th birthday.  I am 14 pounds away from this goal.

Original starting weight on Jan 1st:  243

Starting weight for 2nd quarter challenge:  207

Goal weight 187 or less.

Weigh in day will be Saturday

Im gonna try to lose another 20 pounds or more for this quarter challenge.   I wish everybody the best of luck and much success in reaching their goal.  I look forward to sharing our weight loss journey together.  take care.....Sabrina

Hello new & former challengers. Looking forward to another great quarter!

SW for Challenge: 170.6 lbs

GW for Challenge: 165.0 lbs

Height: 5' 10''

Day you like to weigh: Friday


Starting weight for second quarter challenge : 183.6

Goal wieight: 165

Weigh in day:Saturday

Thanks for having me!!

Good luck everyone!!

Name:     Linda

Province: Ontario, Canada

I lost a lot of weight in 2009 with CC and know it works when I am diligent.  I was in the Q1 challenge and fell off the wagon - but I'll try again this quarter.

April 1st: 171 (SW for Challenge)
July 1st:  158 (GW for Challenge: 1 pound/week = 13 pounds = ~8%)

Height: 5'7"
AGE: 42

Day you like to weigh: Friday

Good luck everyone!

sorry if i didnt post this first

name: loni

from: canada

sw: 239

gw: 220 or under

height: 5'10-female

age: 30-just had a newborn 2 months ago!!

weigh in day: sunday

Wishing everyone the best of luck!!!

hi all! i'd like to join in as well :)

i'm 20yo living in scotland, just finished my first year at university, and i am going home to my family in end of june so this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of some excess weigh and surprise everyone!

my starting weigh as of april will be about 225lbs, and my goal weigh for this challange is going to be 190lbs! my weigh-in day is sunday.

wish me luck with that, lol. but i'm determined.

best of luck to everyone and let's all stay on track :)

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Hi All!

I currently live in Japan. New to cc, I am wondering if I can lose this amount in the time frame. However, I am already motivated by all of you and am excited to get it started!

SW 225

GW 210


AGE 30


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Okay, so I realize that the time frame is longer than I first thought so I am going to be more ambitious with my goal weight. 

New GW 200


Start weight: 200 (oct, 2011)

1st quarter end weight (28.03.2011) = 188.9

2nd quarter goal weight (30.06.2011) = 180

weigh in days: Sunday

I am hoping it reaches as low as 175 but with only 6 pounds lost in the last quarter even 180 seems ambitious :(

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi I've been on Calorie Count a few weeks but just gone up and down by a few pounds, so overall not much different. Am hoping that by joining your challenge it will keep me motivated!

I'm 42, female and live in England. I am aiming to walk my dog at least an hour a day and make sustainable lifetime changes to my diet.

Starting weight (Monday 28 March)  is 222 lbs

Goal weight for this challenge is 200 lbs

Overall I would like to lose about 40 lbs

Am always tired - if anybody can suggest anything to boost my energy levels - please help!

Thanks for organising this challenge, I feel like it's really going to make a difference to meSmile




Hi All,

I'm trying again this quarter.  It is difficult for me to keep the same day for weigh-in through out the time period but I'll do my best.  This site is great and this challenge really helps.  Thank you Jamie for all the work you put into this for us.

I am battling my weight to put off hip replacement. I have arthritis in my right hip which makes walking and exercising a challenge but I will do better this quarter.  I was going to post a number of reasons (excuses) for not exercising more but instead I'm going to just say that your motivation helps.

Name: Debbie

State: Pennsylvania, USA

Before CC Starting Weight:      &n bsp;        ;       219.0

1st Quarter Starting Weight:  2/7/11      214

1st Quarter Ending Weight:    3/28/11   210.25

Total lost from before CC:  8.75

Total lost for challenge:     3.75

2nd Quarter Starting Weight:  3/28/11   210.25

Goal Weight:     189.25  (21 pounds)

Height: 5' 1"

Age:   54

Weigh-In Day:  Monday

Dear Fellow Challengers!

If you miss your regular weigh in day, please weigh-in the next convenient time possible.  There is not a problem if you miss a weigh-in because we always go by your current weight less your starting weight. But, the specific weigh-in day is to keep you motivated.

Best of luck to you all!!!


Original Post by walktofitness:

Am always tired - if anybody can suggest anything to boost my energy levels - please help!

Welcome on board !! Regarding your question: you might want to consider taking a B12 supplement to keep your energy levels up, but what I would assume is that you either don't get enough calories per day or you might be able to balance your nutrition a bit better so that you get the most out of your calorie allowance.

I used to eat less than 1700 cal per day which was just not enough for me (I am tall 5'11" and 254 lbs). I was tired and cranky and had the occasional hunger attack.

Now that I am eating between 1900 - 2000 cal per day with light exercise I feel much better and actually very energetic. I am trying to have not too much processed foods and enough carbs to keep me going.

Last year when I had a few meetings with a dietician she told me to have a decent amount of carbs because that's your energy resource that keeps you going.  A lot of people cut them out or reduce them because they are calorie dense, but that's depriving your body from an important energy source.

(Of course there are always people who believe in low carb and others who don't. I don't want to judge either way. To me personally a no- or low-carb diet isnt feasible - for others it's the way to go.)

Another thing: did you stop drinking coffee or coca cola just lately? For some people cutting out caffeine very sudden is like depriving them from their "drug" of choice. Maybe that's why you feel tired and less energetic?

I hope these ideas help! Let us know how you are doing!  

I'm in for this challenge...


CC SW:  207  (june 29, 2010)

CW: 188

GW (for challenge): 170


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