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18 Members....Two Teams....Who Will Win???

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Here goes for all to watch and two teams to compete

Team A ?? Team Slappy


Team B ?? Team Neeners


So, Simple Team Competition.. Team Neeners vs. Team Slappy. There will be no one voted off the island. We want everyone to participate and everyone to get something from this :)

Whoever gets the most points gets bragging rights, and if Erik and I can come up with a suitable prize, a super secret prize courtest of C-C! :D

There are four weeks in September and there will be FOUR competitions, due by Friday Noon of that week! :)

1) The Mind Competition - Teams will need to struggle to use their minds to complete this super-secret challenge. It will be a combination brain puzzle/sudoku challenge.

2) The Nutritional Competition - Each team will have to come up with two healthy meal plans for AN ENTIRE MONTH (4 weeks), that will ensure an average caloric intake of 1,500 and 2,000 calories and ensures that each team will get an A, daily, on CC's nutritional analysis AND a good split of carbs, protein and fat. Judging will be based on which menus are most appealing, as judged by a panel of our peers (we'll leave the menus out for others to judge ;) )

3) The Physical Challenge - Which team is more physically active. Whichever team does more aerobic exercise, weight lifting and flexibility exercises wins. Period.

4) The Face Off Trivial Challenge - The last event. Each team will be given a loooooooong test regarding the facts, and fictions involved in healthy weight loss. Each person will need to do their best on this test WITHOUT consulting others on your team, though you may consult the internet and any books you may have. The team with the most correct answers.. wins.
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I have a feeling I'll be dragging my team down...what with 2 weeks in NY with no computer access.  but uhh...hey, if someone gets voted off first, make it me!! :-P
Oh Shut up finewine. :P I'm kick your butt if you drag us down. :) just kidding. You can call me up when you are in NY and I will keep you updated. :)

I like this. plans sounds really really good.
Okay, Team A what are we going to call ourselves???

Finewine, I don't think we're voting people off.  We'll just have to sic Rahana on you. :)
How about we are the Teddy bears!
I have no idea what soduku is.
AND I will be gone for the last week of september, and beginning of october...Will this be a problem?
Someone can replace me if that is the case. No worries
omg np the teddy bears? :P no way jose. We need to be tough and kicking butt. dont get me wrong I love teddies :P I have a big blue on in my room hehe
Kick my butt?  pff!!  I might be able to do well on the exercises, what with the freee gym and swimming pool at the hotel :-D  but nutrition...come on folks, I'm going to be eating so much damn free food (hence the need for the free gym) that I'ma make myself sick, haha.  not to mention the drinks!!
Yeh that's right. Kick some butt. Hey finewine, when will you be in NYC? Maybe JTdream, you and me can meet up at a coffee shop or something for an hour?
this sounds like a great plan! Let's do it! Bring it on, team Teddy Bears! lol

Any suggestions for team B's name?
or keep it at team Neeners?
Lisa I'm kick your butt. hehe we're on different teams. :P
I kinda like keeping it team slappy and team neeners...

but if not, I'd wanna be the Protein Shakes!  or the Smoothie Whips!  or the Muscle-Makers or the FatBurners....
I vote Team Smoothie Whips is gonna whip Team A. :)
fdub -- going to NYC is NOT a license to eat yourself silly...

and for that matter, neither is free food wherever it be found

This is actually a great chance for you to implement all you've learned, dude!  Also -- hotels often have business centers with computers with internet access and if they don't, there are a bunch of internet cafe's in NYC -- you can do it!!!  You're hot and awesome!  Plus, we do have rahana in NYC....  I'm just sayin'
geez I am behind here!

come on finewine dont freak everyone out!  Are you telling me you are going to let HK beat you???

In my opinion we have the best team and well, Neeners team should throw the towel in NOW!
Yey Slappy is back for a little while. So team leader, what shall we call our team? :)
hmmm team kicka$$??

they are doing team Neeners so I guess we should just do Team Slappy?

Slappy's Kicka$$ Team!
Oh Finewine ain't going anywhere. He's gonna stick it out like we are going to do.

Team KickA$$ or how about Team Slappy's Kicka$$ers!!! :P
OMG moment of deja vu - we were on the same page slappy. :)
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