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March Weight-Loss Challenge

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Let's Do This!  Join our challenge, lose the weight, have support.  Log your stats and monthly goal.  

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March 27: 190.8 lbs

3 more days to lose .8 lbs to make March's goal!

Age:  48
Gender: Female
Height:  5'4"
Highest Weight (HW):   238 
CC Start Weight (CCSW):  219.6
Challenge Start Date: 2/29/12
Challenge Start Weight (CSW): 186.4
Challenge Goal (CG): 180

29/02:  186.4
07/03:  183.8 (-2.8) 
14/03:  182.0 (-4.4)
21/03:  181.0 (-5.4)
28/03:  177.6 (-8.8)

Well, unless something ridiculous happens, like I get a penchant to eat 10 Big Mac's each with a side of fries, I think I can comfortably say I smashed the heck out of the March Challenge! I was sick for the first three weeks of March so I don't advocate the way I smashed it but the last week I exercised daily and ate clean.

I'm so pleased I've popped into the 170's.

I know there are still days to go but I hope Langey will take us into April with her cool motivational style!

Original Post by keb1984:

March 27: 190.8 lbs

3 more days to lose .8 lbs to make March's goal!

You will do this Keb! I'll see you in a few days in the 180's!

@ cyranda - WTG! You rock girl! You should be and I am sure you are, very proud of your accomplishment!

Good job you guys! :D


I think I've been doing pretty well this week. I went out to eat twice over the weekend and I've still been under 171 all week. I obviously didn't meet my goal for March but I guess I'll just have to work twice as hard next month! 

SW: 184 

3/1: 172

3/8: 171.5

3/15: 172.2

3/22: 172

3/29: 170.9

March GW: 167

My weekend really is kicking my butt!  I gained 4 pounds over the weekend and have yet to take it off.  It's really sucky. 

name:  Betsy

age: 35

height:  5' 5"

start wt: 215 at heaviest, 192 at restart

total gw by 6/27/2012: 135-140

cw 2/29/2011: 161.0 

gw for the month:  154 150's?  Since right now it doesn't look like I'll be anywhere NEAR 154, i am just hoping for back into the 150's by next week and hopefully April will be better...

Mar 1: 160.0

Mar 8:  160.2

Mar 15: 159.8

Mar 22: 160.8

Mar 29:  159.4

Pounds down:  1.6

Sad, sad showing... Trying to keep my head up.  At least it is 150's AND I bought capris in a size 8 last Friday, so hopefully I am making progress - even if it's not on the scale.  Looking for scale progress next month, though, or I'll never make my goal of 135-140 by my birthday at the end of June!!!  (Or at least by my visit home mid-July.)

I'm in! I doubled my pledge for last month and met it, so I'm going to try it again! I'm pledging 10 lbs, that's 2 lbs a week, and my weigh-ins are Thursdays! LET'S DO THIS!!

SW: 243

CGW: 233

3/1: 242.4 :(

3/8:  240.2 :)

3/15:  238.8 (Down another 1.4 lbs!)

3/22:  238.2 (down 0.6 lb :( )

3/29:  232.8 (DOWN 5.4 LBS!!!!!)

Pounds down this challenge: 10.2  GOAL ACHIEVED!!!

3/29:  OH. MY. $#%^ING GAWD, I DID IT!!!!!  Last week I was convinced that I was a failure this month.  My hubby got home from work this morning and said "Did you weigh yourself today?" Surprised Nope, I had COMPLETELY forgot about it!!! So I get down to bra & panties (like I do every weigh-in) get on the scale, scared.. and nearly had a heart attack!!  You guys, I'm so freaking happy right now, I could climb on top of my roof and shout it out to the world!! I am nearly half way to my short-term goal, both in time and now in weight of losing 50 lbs in 5 months!! Cool

@insany:  CONGRATS TO YOU!  That is exciting news!  So proud of you!  I knew you could do it. 

as for me...UGH...i decided to skip Subway for lunch and went to Qdoba since it's new in town.  BAD CHOICE!  I didn't think it was so bad.  I did grilled chicken, black beans, rice(it was already on there), a little of sour cream (which a little to them is not the same to me), and lettuce with pico di gallo.  Well went online after I ate it to look and see if they have nutrition on it.  OH BOY!  920 calories.  I should have gotten the naked one and skipped the sour cream.  I didn't eat breakfast this morning, which is another bad bad of mine.  So I have about 400 calories left for the day.  Supper is in the crock pot for the day.  I'll just have to really watch what I eat the rest of the day.  Note to self:  Go to Qdoba, get the naked version, saves 300 calories, skip the sour cream and only do half the rice. and learn.  I learned.   

At least I'll be full until supper time!  Workout when I get home so I have time to watch my shows tonight if they are new!

AWESOME insany & cy!!!!!!!

langey:  Another thing I really like to do is the choose 2 menu.  You can get a small naked burrito and a small naked salad.  Or Tortilla soup.  It tends to help hold the calories down while getting the yummy tastes.

Speaking of Subway - I am pretty sure everyone in ours last night thought I was insane.  I REALLY wanted the seafood sub now that it's back, but forced myself to get the grilled chicken and spinach salad.  I was arm's raised for victory proud of myself and was cheering that I made the better choice, but no one else seemed as enthused.  My husband wasn't un-supportive, per se, I just think he wanted to pretend he wasn't with the crazy lady. LOL!

I totally forgot to post every week.... But I just read my march goal and it wad to be under 360, with a weight start at 366. Im glad to report that im at 358.8 so yay me, I reachef my march goal... Now on to aprils wich im hopin to lose ten this time

@moren:  Awesome job!  At least you remembered to end the challenge.  Shoot for ten, you can totally do it!

Thanks langey12!  Ooof!! I didn't think Qdoba was that bad either!  I don't like them, maybe it's the one by me, but I think Taco Bell tastes better.  Kick some butt on your workout tonight to even it out ;)

Thanks, betsyt and ROFL!!  I could so see someone cheering for themselves at Subway and everyone else looking at them, with the crazy hospital orderlies on their way!  But GREAT JOB in the resistance!!!  You are stronger than I am, cuz I sure couldn't do that!!

WTG, morenaxv3!!  Great work!!!

I didn't think it would be that bad either.  But if you watch, they pull like a whole soup ladle of sour cream on it.  The tortilla itself is 300 calories.  T-Bell, we don't have one in my town, just Taco Johns - blah.  T-bell was the 1 a.m. go to when I was in college.  Crunch wrap!  Oh the memories of 5 drunks cramming in a car with one sober person to get late night snack!!!!  That and Perkins!  Haha...oh boy I just laugh thinking about the retardation!  

Got a good workout in.  Doing the Couch to 5K.  Did week 1 day 2;  33 minutes, 2.1 miles.  Success!

Stats:  Female, 5'4", medium build, sedentary job.  LTGW:  120  CCSW:  133.8

3/1:  133.0       3/9:  132.0      3/16:  133.8      3/23:  131.6      3/30:  132.4

Well had I not had a horrible weekend last weekend and kept better track of calories I probably would have done better.  I have 4 weeks until that wedding.  I'm going to buck up, try to eat really well, do my running 3-4 days a week and do No More Trouble Zones.  If I feel like I see a bit of progress I will feel better. 


Age: 29

Height: 5'4"

GW by end of March: 134

2/25/12 - 137.2

3/2/12 - 137.2

3/9/12 - 135.4

3/16/12 - 137.2

3/22/12 - 137.4

3/30/12 - 137.0

Well, maybe April will be better. I'm always very motivated right at the beginning of the month. 


So I think the excess sodium last night didn't help. I didn't reach my 10lb goal BUT I did lose overall and right now that's great! So ending is 297.4 which is an overall loss since starting of 8.4lbs (since I started so close to the beginning of March) and a loss of 3.8lbs since March 5th. I was still working out caloric goals and such so I keeping positive that April will be awesome and I'll be down. Thanks for all the support!

SW-305.8 (2/21/12)

CW- 296.8

March GW- 293

Overall GW- 125-130

3/5/12- 301.2

3/13/12- 301.6

3/19/12- 297

3/27/12- 296.8

3/31/12- 297.4

gavibear:  AND don't forget to give yourself credit for being consistently in the 200's.  That's a big deal too!!  YAY!

I did it!!! gw for march: 231

3/3: 245.2 3/10: 238.5 3/17: 237.2 3/24: 234.6 3/31: 230.6

yaaaaay!!!! Im sooo happy that I made my , plus a touch more! Time to develop a goal for april. Since Jan. 30, 2012 when I started this I have lost 29lbs!
Original Post by keb1984:

March 27: 190.8 lbs

3 more days to lose .8 lbs to make March's goal!

March 30: 189.4 lbs !!! WOOT

.6 lbs below March's goal. Total loss for March: 8.6 lbs

Bring on April. April will be a little harder with mine and DH's bday, but spring is here so maybe some extra exercise walking with the baby will balance out the bday cakes.

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