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100+ Pounds to Lose---we can do it!! Monday weigh ins. (start 1/7/08)

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Hey Everyone,

Well, here is it, a new challenge for those looking to lose 100+ pounds.  I would like for everyone who is a first time poster to give a little introduction of themselves (include height, weight, age and anything else you would like)!

I'm hoping that this challenge can not only look at how we're doing in terms of numbers, but serve as a way to motivate eachother.  If you had an extremely challenging week, let us know.  If you found an awesome exercise or healthy snack food, let us know.  If you have anything, good or bad, that helped (or hurt) your weight loss (and overall health for the week), let us know!!

I'm figuring the weekly template can be something like:

Starting weight/date: XXXXX lbs XXXXXX (for me, 298 lbs 12/18/07)

Weight last weight in: XXXXXX lbs

Weight this week: XXXXXX lbs

and then list challenges, good, bad, etc. afterwards. 

I would love to say I would do points and keep a tally, but honestly, I know it will be tough to keep up with everyone's TERRIFIC progress!! Hopefully we can all take a look at this and celebrate everyone's successes together.

Our first weigh in will be January 7, 2008.  Feel free to join whenever you like and give your introduction :-)

Let's do this together!!!


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Starting weight/date:  237.5 lbs 12/31/07

Weiged today 1/1/07: 236 lbs

Age: 37

I need support. I am the heaviest I have been and seem to be getting more depressed about it each day.

I use to love to exercise but since the increase in my weight it is painful and that just makes me furious with myself and makes it hard to stay motivated.

another challenge is I don't eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

Looking forward to sharing this experience with people who can relate to the challenge I am facing.

All things are possible.


Well, here goes my introduction!  My name is El and I've been battling the buldge for a few years now (ok, more than a few years!).  I'm 27 (will be 28 in Feb), 5'3" and 298 pounds.  Ultimately, I would like to lose 120 pounds.  When I was 180 I looked VERY cute, very sexy, curvey, etc.  I wore a size 14-16 and I was happy.  For 2008 my goal is to lose 75 pounds.  For 2009 I hope to be down another 45-50 pounds bringing me to my goal.

I guess I want to lose weight not only to look better, but to also feel better.  I'm sick of going into a restaurant and wondering if the booth is wide enough (which, I have not had a problem with, I just find myself eyeing the booth).  I'm sick of bypassing all of the beautiful Misses' size clothing to go to the back of the store and shop in a MUCH smaller sized area with many more limitations.  I'm sick of having a few health issues that can definitely be as a result of my weight.

So, here I am today.  As of January 2, I will be starting my lifestyle change (and no, not a diet, truly a lifestyle change).  I've already signed up for the gym near my home, returning after a few months of being a couch potato, and I've started to eat healthier, really look at portion size, and will be starting to break up my day with small meals/healthy snacks throughout the day versus three larger meals.

Wish me luck!  Looking forward to making some great weight loss buddies who know what I'm going through!!


Hi there! My name is Ang and I would love to be part of this challenge...!

 I am 24 years old, 5'8" and my goal is to lose 100 pounds this year! Ive been working on it, but haven't been fully committed until lately.  I have always been overweight and would love to be free of the flab! =)

Here are my stats:

Starting weight/date: 266.0, Sept 1, 2007

Weight last weight in: 252.0 12/31/07

Weight this week: 252.0

Also, Im not sure how this whole friend thing works, I have been on the site for awhile and only have one friend =/ anyone want a new freind??? =)

I am looking forward to hearing about everyone and their progress! I am so excited to get back on track after the holidays and make this the best year ever!

And here's my intro!  My name is Ann and I'm 47 years old.  I don't remember a time I didn't have weight as a top of mind issue - except perhaps when I was pregnant.  Having just had a birthday 3 days ago I am determined to live the 2nd half of my life healthier than the first half.  My "plan" - and I hesitate to use the term because I swear I've spent millions of $$'s on all the other plans - is lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable.  As added motivation I and my husband have a bike riding vacation planned for July.  I need to be ready to bike 40 - 60 miles a day and sleep in a tent at night. 

The stats:  246.2 pounds (at my gym today), 5'5" tall.

Goal:  150 pounds.

Here we go!

Jan 01 2008 23:22
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Here is my intro! My name is Paula and I am 36 years old. From the time I was a small child I had weight issues. I was successful once at Weight Watchers but when I got stressed I reverted- and gained it all back. I now weigh 233 and am 5"8. I felt really good at 145 or so...and my goal is 145. 

I'm sick of people thinking I'm older than I am, having to buy ugly clothes, having my administrative assistant refer to me as a "large person", feeling like I am going to have a heart attack at any minute, feeling like a bad role model to my kids, and not feeling healthy or strong or attractive. I've begun and failed on so many diets that I don't have much faith in myself to be able to lose weight. However, someone I know struggled with weight and she said that she just had to realize it was something she would always have to deal with. That was interesting to me--- she wasn't ashamed or sad, just pretty matter of fact.

I'm watching portion sizes and trying to eat less carbs.


Starting weight: 233 (1/1/08)




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Ok, please include me --

My name is Pat, and I'm 51 yo, 5'6".  I have been heavy for years, but played tennis a couple of times a week for the past few years, never thought of myself as unhealthy.  Then in October I had a mild heart attack, and suddenly I'm on meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. (better than the alternative, though!) Foot in mouth

Anyway, I joined this site in mid October, and have lost about 20lbs.  My cholesterol was checked about 10 days ago and it was all in normal range, which thrilled me!  I guess the reason I'm saying all that is to encourage everyone who hasn't gone as far astray as I did that you can heal many things by taking care of yourself before the things become real issues for you!

Here are my numbers:

SW (October): 255

CW: 235

GW:  155

Good luck all!!!! 

hey everyone,

my name is melissa i am 22 years old 5'6 ish and weighing 264 lbs i just had a baby 5 months ago and i finished my pregnancy at 251 pounds hit 225 then started being hungry all the time and went up to my current weight, i started counting calories just 4 days ago and already the scales are down 4 pounds so my current stats are

Starting weight/date: 267.5 lbs 12/25/07 (for me, 298 lbs 12/18/07)

Weight last weight in: 264 lbs

Weight this week: 264 lbs

my goal is to be at least down to 180 i would be happy there, but if possible i would love to keep going to a 120 or 140 but we'll have to see if it makes me look too thin. 

i've also  started working out but it's a challenge as i'm so out of shape

Hi everyone,

I need some support buddies, so count me in!

I broke my leg in a motorcyle accident at the end of August. I just got out of my wheelchair in Nov. and doing P.T. I had lost weight and was doing really good until the accident. Now I've gain 30lbs more since August. I need to drop lbs. for blood pressures, back and leg. This is the year I'm going to do it .

age - 50 I have a birthday coming up in March and want to be under 200 then.

starting weight 12/31/07 - 230lbs

Goal weight - 130 -145 lbs. will see how I look when I get close

challenge - building muscle in my bad leg to get rid of limp, drinking my water, and starting to exercise again.   Good luck all, see you on the 7th.
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SW 1/1/08 - 230
GW 130
I would settle for 150. It's been so long since I have seen that. Never thought I would be on a website saying I want to lose 100 lbs. but here I am. SO, let's go for it. They do it on Biggest Loser - why not us?

Hi all! At 22 years old, I'm not a newbie to the weight loss game. It seems like I've been trying forever. As of 12/17 I had reached my highest weight ever (After quitting smoking one year ago-okay, tomorrow it will officially be one year.) I do not regret quitting smoking, I needed to do it for my health. But I am ready to kick some butt and work this weight off. My boyfriend is super supportive and I am obsessed with using this website too!

Starting weight: 286.4 on 12/17/2007

Current weight: 278.4 on 12/30/2007

My challenges are many...but I will overcome! I definitely feel as if this is the last time I try to take the weight off. Let's all do it together!

- D 


Jan 02 2008 14:29
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How is everyone doing today? I am at work and stressed and haven't planned dinner for tonight...and that is what gets me. I have to think of something healthy to have so I don't sabotage things!


Hey everyone. Another 100+ group I joined a couple of months ago has died down, and no one chats on it anymore. So, is it alright if I join you guys? Smile

My name is Jenn. I'm a 22 year old college student from Canada. I started calorie count at the end of August. I started eating healthy and working out on my own in July. After seeing a bariatric (fat) doctor in August I was referred to this site to help me count calories.

Starting weight (July 28/07): 265

Starting weight on CC (Aug 31/07): 256

Current weight: 223.5

Weight lost: 41.5 lbs

Mini Goal: 200lbs by Valentine's Day (I hope)

I'm only 5'3.5" so a healthy weight for me under 130. So I still have much to lose!  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and encourage all of you to be losers!! Haha



I'm at approximately 240 lbs right now (let me hop on a scale and give an accurate up to date response later this week - I'm at work now lol)

I'd really love to get under 200 this year.  Eventually I want to be about 140-150, because I have a bit larger of a frame.  I'd love to be able to shop in a store other than plus sizes, lol... As a 20 year old college student, I think that's one of my biggest annoyances with my weight.  I have trouble finding clothes in my size that are in style with my age group.  The worst was prom dress shopping in high school... I had to go to a bridal store to find a dress in my size, none of the cute department store dresses would come over a size 12 or 14!

Another big issue is bathing suit shopping... although I think that every woman has issues with this, whether they're a size 20 or a size 2.  I would just love to be able to wear a 2 piece without feeling like I am part of a circus sideshow... I don't think my stomach has seen the light of day in 7 or 8 years.

Changing eating habits will be a challenge.  Pasta and pizza and chicken fingers are a few of my foods that are high carb/high calorie and hard to forego, but the big one for me is sweets.  I've always had a problem with candy and cookies, that took a dive for the worse when I got my license and my first part-time job... My mom never kept too many things like that in the house, but with money and a car, I could just hit up the store and get my own.  And I took to hiding them in drawers or in my car, where no one would see them or ridicule my poor eating.

My boyfriend is probably my biggest support, since at school I am away from my family's care.  He tries to push me to eat healthier foods, and is the first person I've ever trusted enough to confide my sneak-eating habits to.  He's trying to encourage me to stop hiding my eating, and to realize that if I am too embarrassed to do it in front of others, it's not good for me.  He tries to make healthier meals for me (I'm blessed to have a man that actually loves cooking!), and when I feel I need something a little sweet, he tries to push me towards things that are lower calorie or lower fat.

I want to start exercising more.  I've become embarrassingly lazy, and I am so tired of getting winded just from climbing a couple flights of stairs.  My back has started to hurt me because of my weight and lack of muscle to support it.  I have a hypoactive thyroid that I should be working harder to help, but I haven't been.  I just found out I am borderline diabetes, so I want to kick my butt in gear before I cross into the wrong side of that border.

And now that I've written a novel, lol...  I'm glad I came across this group.  I hope it helps me stay focused!

Original Post by pgnc:

How is everyone doing today? I am at work and stressed and haven't planned dinner for tonight...and that is what gets me. I have to think of something healthy to have so I don't sabotage things!


Hi pgnc!  My suggestion would be a stir-fry.  They're super fast, easy, cheap, healthy, AND tasty!  Win-win all around!

My boyfriend and I love mixing up some peppers, chicken, and green beans, sometimes with some nuts, and always with lots n lots of garlic!

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Hello everyone my name is Heather and am up for a challenge. I am trying this weight loss thing AGAIN. I need to develop better habits and make exercising a priority. Since I graduated from nursing school 4 years ago my weight has sky rocketted out of control. Sometimes I think my body doesn't know if its coming or going since I work the night shift and try to adjust my eating from one shift to the next.  That is no excuse for eating crappy food and not exercising. I used to love to exercise but now I would rather just sit and watch TV. I am too embarassed to be out and about exercsing where other people can see me. Although today (as part of my new years resolution) I got on the treadmill at home but here is the little wake up call. I walked for 6 minutes and then ran for 1 minute and I thought I was going to fall over. It wasn't pretty. So this is where I will start my exercise are my stats

Starting weight/date: 233.5lbs. 1/2/08

Last weigh-in and weight this week: 233.5-1/2/08

Food Challenges: Snacks at work, mountain dew, sweets of any sorts, moderation,

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I would glad to be your friend!!! I don't have any friends either!!!

Start Weight: 284.6lbs (a couple of years ago - losing weight on and off)
Current Weight: 235lbs

I am 5'5.5" and am 24.  I know CC works, its a great site.  The last 3 weeks i have been lazy and not counted though.  I've gained 1.5lbs.  It's not the end of the world, but its still annoying. 

Ideally I'd love to get down to 130-135lbs, but realistically i'd be happy if i get to 155lbs (give or take a few lbs). I know if i put my mind to it i can lose all the weight i have to lose this year.  It takes dedication though! 

has anyone heard about fat releasing toxins into breastmilk if you loose weight too fast? i don't remember where i had read about it but i want to make sure i'm not going to hurt the baby in my getting healthy. 
Original Post by groupiegirlnj:

Original Post by pgnc:

How is everyone doing today? I am at work and stressed and haven't planned dinner for tonight...and that is what gets me. I have to think of something healthy to have so I don't sabotage things!


Hi pgnc!  My suggestion would be a stir-fry.  They're super fast, easy, cheap, healthy, AND tasty!  Win-win all around!

My boyfriend and I love mixing up some peppers, chicken, and green beans, sometimes with some nuts, and always with lots n lots of garlic!


Yes, deciding what to eat on the fly is what got me into this mess (being overweight) and I always thought fast food was my only option.  But I agree with Groupie, stir fry is the way to go!  Simple meal plans like that are what have helped me so much.  I can't even cook...well, I try...but stir fry was so easy for me!  Just put it all in a pan and away you go!  I have my stir fry veggies over whole wheat pasta or brown rice...The thing to watch with this is the sodium levels, but yummy!

Ok, now I'm hungry....GREEAT :)

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

 I am a first time poster in this forum and am really eager to meet with people who understand the challenges of losing so much weight.  A year ago I weighed 160, which was 30lbs overweight.  Now I have munched my way to 233lbs in a little over six months.  I would really love to get back to the 160 and build some muscle. 

 Starting weight/date: 233lbs/ 1/1/2008

Age: 33

Some challenges is that I am so busy with 3 kids, full time classes, full time employment and a house that seems to be falling apart at the seams.  Only my daughter and I have weight problems, so I find it hard to cook meals that will satisfy my "diet" while keeping the lean guys full and satisfied, not to mention one of my kids is 5.

Biggest challenge -  motivation to keep going when my mind has given up.


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