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Lose 10lbs by June 14th 2008

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Feeling seriously fed up today! I'm trying to kick the nasty binge moster right in the face, be more possitive and sort my self out and i think setting up a target deadline might be the motivation i need.

does anyone want to join me in trying to lose 10lbs by june 14th? that is 8 weeks time. i think that is a reasoable time frame but correct me if i am wrong. i am going to weigh myself once a week on saturday mornings, so if anyone joins me we could share successes together.

if you want to, then post your weight and get the ball rolling. Anyone and everyone welcome.

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june 14th...ten pounds?! You're on! :D I'm 136.4 this morning...lets make this a challenge! Keep me updated on you...I'm tired of the binge monster creeping up on me too!

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me too! I haven't weight myself for a couple of days, but I'm around 135.

This feels very duellish...

I like that you're going to kick the binge monster right in the face! SmileCount me in! Weighing in today at 157.5

yay!! im excited! i realised i didnt post my weight, i was 118 as of this morning.. anyone else fancy joining us?!? :) i feel motivated already wooo.

Count me in too!  136.4.  Was only planning to lose to 130, but the challenge may be just what I need to kick it into gear.

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Hi this is my first time posting...but I'm totally in! I've been struggling with binge eating for the last month (yesterday was the first day I did not binge) after a nasty break-up, and I have gained a good 10 pounds as a result.  I'm 5'7 and weighing in at 158.5 this morning.  I am so ready to get my life back!

I love to be in. I'm 5'5 and weigh 144 Sat. morning. I'm stuck at between 143 to 145 past 2 month. I love to see the needle moves toward to left.

You got yourselves another buddy. I weighed this morning at 122.4. I need to get it to 114. Not quite ten pounds but I need the challenge. June 14 it is! I was  almost there until I started eating funny and eating out a lot and in big quantities. Am 5'3.

hi all!! glad to see so many people joining, it really makes me feel so motivated and excited. i hope that everyone one of us reaches our goal :) good luck everyone!

Hi folks!  Hope it's not too late to join and I think I only want to lose 7, but this would still be a great challenge!

I dunno if it is too late to hop on this wagon, but count me in!!!! 142 this morning (UUGG!!!) at 5'5" and trying to get myself back into my skinny jeans and maybe a >gasp< swim suit this year.

It's soo on!!!

Im in ! This morning i was 119 and i want to get down to 110. This group is already helping me with motivation because sometimes i feel as though its impossible to lose weight =/

awesome I need a motivational group thing.


129.5 today

going for mini goal: 124

next minigoal:120

ultimate goal: 112

Ok you've got one more in the group...I'm losing really slowly so I don't think its possible to shed 10lbs but anything I can do to stay motivated is great!

I am 5'4 and currently weigh 136.

mini-goal is 130... anything below that would just be an added bonus!

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i'm in.


130 lbs.

Count me in. Weighed this morning 172 >>.

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Ladies, this is so doable! I can't wait to June 14th and being 10 lbs lighter!

Starting at 155.

ill try it with u

Definitely count me in! 10 pounds in 78 weeks is completely doable and I would love to be 10 pounds lighter. =)
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