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-*-*-* Lose 10-15 pounds by Jan.14 -*-*-*

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Nov 18 2007 19:36 Hi everyone,

In the past, challenges have helped me a lot on my weight loss journey.  I am about to be married very soon, and lately, my weight have staggered in the high 130's (138-139).  Since May of 2007, I've lost 40 pounds, give or take.  Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy to be in the 130's -- this is my lowest as long as I can remember.  But I am very behind my weight-loss schedule.

I'm only 5'2'', and my ultimate goal is to be around 110-115 pounds.  I would like to be under 130 by Jan. 14th.  And I am desperate for your help and support.

So I would like to propose a challenge to lose anywhere between 10-15 pounds by mid-Jan.  I think this is doable -- since we have almost 2 months to do this. 

How about weigh-in's on Mondays?  Anyone care to join me?  We can do this!!!

********************************************* ******

Updated List (12/10)

(I apologize if your nick has been edited, but it was just so that everything fitted nicely.  I hope you guys won't mind.  Good luck to all! ) 

       &nb sp;          Nov 19    26    Dec 3   10     17      24       31  Jan 7    14

Babyfat    ###        ###      175     171 &nb sp; 168     ###    ###

Bfondario  140.5    141.0   ;   140.0   140.0  139.5  ###   ###

Casslee    118.5    119.2     117.2    116.6 116.6  114.8  116.2  114.8 (-3.7)

Crazyrac    ###        ###      ###     164.6  163.6  ###   160.2 159 (-5.6)

Fauker1    ###       ###      258     254.8  252.0  ###  251.4 251.4 (-6.6)

Halfempty  138.2      136.6    134.4  132.2 131.8 132.0  130.2  ###  127.0 (-11.2)

Hockeym    ###        ###    179     177.4  176.4  175.4  176.6 174.6 (-4.4)

Kiwi1986    159.8    158.2      156     153    151.5  151.2 151.4  150.4 (-9.4)

Mamamu    165.0    166.5      164.5  163.5 163.0  ###   163   161.0 160.5 (-4.5)

Mandylw    ###      ###       148     146.8  145.6 145.0  143.6  142.0 (-6.0)

Niashluv     ###     ###        239      238    238  &nb sp; 237     ###  234.6 (-4.4)

Therealbet    ###    227.5    226.5    225.0  225.5  225.5   220.5 219.0  217.5 (-9.5)

Tngarden    ###   ###      140.0    138     138     ###    ###

Tofufish      153.4     150 & nbsp;  148.4     150.1   147.9  148.2   147.0 (-6.4)

Vieve       &nb sp;  ###    ###     ###       128     127.5  127    ###

9/26 -- I just wanted to thank everyone for doing this with me.  I love your support and motivation for one another.  Overall, as a group, I think we fared pretty well, considering it was Thanksgiving week and all.  Please keep up the good work, and always remember that there's still next week waiting for us.  Cheers everyone -- to us!

--------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

12/3 -- I'm so excited! Just wanted to say congrats to everyone!  So far, everyone is going in the right direction -- pounds are coming off here and there, everywhere!  Keep up the good work everyone.  I think this goal is becoming more and more realistic with each coming week.  Thanks again for the group support. 

So far, among 9 people, the total weight loss is....da-da-da...18.3 pounds, averaging 2.03 pounds/person/2weeks, which I think is pretty cool!

Most weight loss : Tofufish (5 pounds!)

Highest % weight loss: Tofufish (3.26% of total weight)

So I want to extend a special congrats to Tofufish!  WOoHoO!

--------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

12/10 -- Wow! I can't believe we are done with our 4th weigh-in.  How time flies!  I think we've lost some folks, but hopefully they will join us again soon.  I also want to welcome crazyraccoon and vieve to the group! The biggest thank you for those who are still here. This challenge is all about us as a group and we are doing this not for anyone else, but ourselves -- so GO US!

I've done some calculations and so far, this week, among 14 of us -- we have lost a total of 32.0 pounds!

The biggest loser for this week goes to Kiwi1986!  Congrats!  You're the record breaker for this weigh-in -- having lost 6.8 pounds in 3 weeks -- that's 2.26 pounds/week!!  Girl -- if you go any faster, we'll have to hold you down, hehe.

The person with the greatest % weight loss is me (halfempty)!  Woohoo!  I've lost 4.5% my body weight so far.  This is great.

Also, congrats to everyone else who have made great progress this week.  For those who didn't do as well as they hoped because of TOM/bloating, I just wanted to say that your weight can fluctuate a lot.  I've gained like 4 pounds at the end of the day -- sad, but true. 

How about this -- do you guys want to set goals for next week weigh-in?  My goal for next week is to lose another 2 pounds.  Please feel free to share your goals/frustrations/motivations with the group.  Cheers everyone! (ps: if I've missed anyone, please let me know).

--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

12/17 - Hi everyone! Just wanted to say congrats for making it through another week.  Looking at the stats above, it seems like this week has been a pretty tough week for most of us, but it looks like we're moving in the right direction.

A BIG CONGRAT GOES TO --- Kiwi1986 --- who've lost the most weight (8.3 pounds) and the greatest percentage body weight (5.19%).   Wow, amazing! Kiwi has made consistent progress throghout this challenge -- so tell us, how do you do it?  I think we would all love to hear a tip or two about what has worked for you.  You've done very well.

Also, among 15 of us who have posted our weigh-in's for this week, we've lost a total of 39.7 pounds so far -- a deficit of 138,950 calories ( a little more than 248 BIG MAC's)!!!  Cool!

--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

12/24 - Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas.  I know it's probably been a busy week for everyone.  Only several of us were able to check-in this week and that's okay.  It's totally understandable.  For everyone who checked-in, thank you again.

So stats for this week:

Among 9 of us, we've lost 28.3 pounds so far.  (hehe, not really sure what this means because everyone started the challenge at different times, but it's just nice to see some numbers).

And once again, even though she had a rough week (the holidays AND TOM), Kiwi1986 still manages to hold her title as the biggest loser this week, with a total loss of 8.6 pounds since she started the challenge.  Without any surprise, Kiwi1986 had also lost the highest % weight of 5.38%.  Woohoo -- congratulations!  We're all very proud of you!!!

Well, hopefully many of you will rejoin us next week for our next weigh-in.  For now, tu-ta-lu!  Happy holidays everyone! :)

--------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

January 1st -- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!! WOOHOOO!  First, happy new year to everyone and hope that you guys had a great time -- may your life be filled with happiness and lots of fortune :)

Biggest loserKiwi1986 -- congrats Kiwi!  Woohoo! -- Kiwi had lost a total of 8.6 pounds!!

Highest % lostHalf_empty - with 5.8%. 

Hehe, sorry for the short post this week.  It's new year's so I'm exhausted and so .... a little lazy to write.  Please forgive me. Oh, and by the way, those who have not been able to give me their weigh-in this week because you guys were busy, please feel free to post them when you have time if you wish.  I will update your stats.  And if I've missed anyone, please let me know as well.  Cheers!
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138 for me today (Dec. 10) - lost 2 pounds - yay!
I am 164.6 today. YIKES! it went up a pound.
163.5 today. Slow and steady :)

116.6 for today.....I'll take it !

I'm at 146.8 today!!
hi all

238.0 today 1lb loss
Hey guys,

To get everyone a little more motivated for the next weigh-in, how about we post our goal weight for Dec. 17?

Mine is to lose 2 more pounds, how about you? :)

Mine for this week is 177.4.

My goal for next weigh in is to lose a minimum 2 lbs! Smile We can do it!!!!

My goal is to loose at least 2 more pounds! (2, 3 or 4 would be nice).
I could go for 2 more lbs.
140 still - no luck - sad about that Cry

I would like to loose at least 2.5 pounds for Dec. 17th and hit the gym at least 4 times this week...!!!! 

Look out 2008.....!  Wink


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oh man. is it too late to join?

my december 3 weight is 136

and my december 10 weight is 135

thanks so much!

Me too!!!

Dec 3: 175

Dec 10: 171

Dec 17: 168 Almost there!

Dec 24: 167

Dec 31: 167

 mini goal to be 165 by Jan 10
Welcome amkennedy and babyfat8! I will add your stats to the list.  Another weigh-in is approproaching rather quickly...can't believe it's Thursday already.  Good luck and thanks for joining us :)

Great idea about posting goals!!  My mini goal this week has been to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Also to lose 1.5-2 pound this week would be great!

Halfempty- congratulations on your success!! you are soo close to dropping into the 120's! You said you wanted to be below 130 by Jan 14th!! You are kicking butt.  yaaay.

I was wondering what everyone is planning on doing over christmas?  ie. more workouts to compensate for food or saving bulk of calories for dinners?  I am in University and have been really good about my food...but I'm going back home in a few days- back to home cooking (uh oh) and no gym membership!  Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll still be maintaining decent weight loss!  Wish me luck..

Hopefully this week has treated everyone well! xo

Hehe Kiwi - thanks for the congrats!  (by the way, I've actually been doing "butt kicks" these past 2 -- You're doing awesome yourself! Woohoo!  Also, I'm definitely not getting enough water so thanks for the reminder. :)

Wow, is Christmas here already?  It's hard to believe 2007 is about to be over.  We're having a snow storm right now...the weather has been so cold lately -- I confess -- I haven't been to the gym :(

I think for the Holidays, I'm just gonna enjoy myself -- eat whatever my heart desires, but just watch for the proportions and calorie-control.  I'm sure we will be fine -- I mean, we've been doing great!  This is no time to give in now -- chew slowly and savor every 

Good luck everyone!  Hopefully we will be getting some nice results in the next weigh-in -- the week before X-MAS!  Cheers and stay warm.
222.5 on Friday or Saturday and 225.5 today ummmm....nice. 
Weighed in @ 145.6 this morning!!! 
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