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5 lbs by Halloween Challenge! *MONDAY WEIGH-INS*

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You know you've wanted to lose those pesky 5 lbs for the longest time. Whether you'll continue losing afterwards, or need to get them off to start maintaining your weight, 5 lbs by Halloween is a totally attainable goal!

So, who's up for the challenge!?

* Weigh-in day will be every Monday, starting September 29th, and weight updates should be posted as follow:


starting weight:

current weight:

goal weight by halloween:

total weight loss: try not to cheat too much on those weekends Smile


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hey everyone! im gonna join this! im sooo down for this challenge!!!!

Height: 5'8

SW: 173


GW by Halloween: 145.....i wanna do 6lbs =] but ill be happy if i get the 5!!!

GW: 130


So wat is everyones diet like? lets keep each other motivateddd =]   think thin!

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I'm new to this but count me in. I'll check back on Monday!

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I'm in! Is it just me or has Hallo'ween become more of an adult thing now? I swear my co-wokers get more excited about it than young kids do...

Height: 5'2

Starting weight: 124

Current weight: 111

Goal weight: 105

Anyone already figured out what they're going to dress up as? :)

Sounds fun! I'm in! See yall monday!


I should post my weights/height eh? haha

height: 6'4 (really tall female!)

current weight: 178.6lbs

goal weight: 165lbs (but 5-6lbs less for this challenge!)

I'm in! It's my first challenge!

Height 5'3

SW: 115

CW: 105

GW by halloween = 100

Well, I didn't lose any this week so her goes nothing

Height 5'5"

SW 150 (8/17)

CW 132.5

GW 130

How did everyone else do.

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Height: 5'2

SW 124 (7/25)

CW: 110 (9/29)

GW: 105

Slow and steady! :) How'd the rest of you ladies do?

height: 5'3"

current weight: 110

goal weight: 105


i really didn't lose anything this week.. been on the plateau FOREVER! that's ok though. good luck to everyone, october will be great :)

height: 5'7"

starting weight: 183.8

current weight: 183.8


This is the way to post it, right? I'm not sure. . .

Good Luck Everyone!! :)

Happy First Weigh-In!!

Height: 5'8.5

SW: 147

CW: 138.6

GW: 135 (or lower maybe)

I could have been a lot worse this weekend if it hadn't been for this group!  I kept remembering that first thing Monday morning I had to "weigh in".  It really helped! 


height: 5' 4"

starting weight: 124lbs (142 when I started caloriecounting)

current weight: 124lbs

goal weight: 117lbs


The scale was kind of erratic this week (it said 122.5 the other day, I swear! xD), but my eating wasn't that great either. Here's to the next weigh in though ladies! (...And gentlemen xDD)

May I join?  I want to lose 5 pounds by Halloween.

height: 5'6"

starting weight: 128

current weight: 128

goal weight: 123

I'm getting married in the spring, so I'm on a budget to save for the wedding.  Nothing in my closet fits right now, but if I lost 5lbs, everything would fit.  I'm trying not to buy new clothes!

Well, It's Monday - here I go.

I am 5,4

starting weight 149

current weight 149

goal weight 140 (145 for this challenge)

I exercise a LOT so have quite a bit of muscle weight, only a little flab around the middle so I could never weigh as low as the charts suggest as my age, sixty, or I would look gaunt.

I have actually lost several pounds since I first posted on this thread last week in anticipation of having to post today. Love a challenge. Smile

Good luck to all.

Will post again next Monday.


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Ugh yesterday was my birthday so im carrying on an extra pound of water weight from brunch AND dinner...

Height: 5'3"'

SW: 146.5

CW: 132

GW: 126 (going for the original 5 before birthday indulgences)

I will weigh in tonight after I work out.  The weekend wasn't too bad for me.  I behaved and worked out, which I usually don't on the weekends, but I did take it easy.

I went home on Sunday and for once did not binge around my family.  Prob because we were outside riding horse! :)  So anyway how was everyone else's weekend?
Oh yeah and my game plan for the week is to eat between 1300-1500 calories and do cardio everyday with upper body weights monday and thursday and Lower body on Wednesday. 

Anyone else's plan?

My plan is to try to eat little meals throughout the day and make sure I have at least a 500 calories deficit.  I am running a 5k on Saturday, so I will be in the final training stages for that this week which means some working out will take place.  Also, I will do arms and legs strength training every other day M-Th.  Friday is a rest day and then Saturday is the 5k.

I am super excited b/c it's my first 5k ever!

Hey betsyanne, we have horses too. We raise registered quarterhorses.

My plan is to eat well (not as much as cc recommends but that is because I know my own body's metabolism as I have lived in it for sixty  years. ) I am eating NO junk at all, no chips, cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, nothing.

I also have given up diet soda (again) and really see a difference in the bloating of my midsection and my face. I also haven't been drinking any wine this week as an experiment (I usually drink a glass or so (tee hee) of red wine at night. Figured I would use the calories for food and maybe have a glass if we go out or something.

I drink a LOT of water, we live in the country so our well water is good.

I LOVE to exercise and I think that has been my biggest help in restarting my weight loss. I just have to find the time to do it. I have been listening to books on tape while I do the exercise bike (45 minutes a side so it works out well) The time goes fast and I get to "read" at the same time. I am currenly doing an old Danielle Steel one called Malice.

Last night we had pizza, I ate one slice - not four or five as I could have.There is really nothing we can't eat, just the right quantities. I just choose to eat good food right now and save the junk for parties, birthdays, etc.

Stay the course,


oooh, Bests,  That's exciting! 

Good Luck!

I've usually run a couple 5K's durring the summer.  Its a fun race!  Short and Sweet!
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