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January Weight-Loss Challenge

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This is a place where we set a goal for the month for weightloss, a goal set by you, based on your needs and abilities.  Just put your stats and your goal by the end of January!  We've done a November and December challenge.  Weigh ins usually occur on Fridays, some people weigh in on Tuesdays as well.  Up to you.  Good luck!

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5'7'', 23y

SW:  198

CW:  161 

Jan 6:  165

Jan 13: 162

Jan 20: 161

Jan 27

challenge GW:  160


Jan 6: 133.0        Jan 13:  133.0        Jan 20: 131.0       Jan 27:       Jan 31:  

STGW (Jan31):  130 (changed my goal based on Jan 20 weigh in)      LTGW:  118-120 by April 27, toned.

I'm a little shocked at the pound loss.  I've been stepping on the scale all week and it's been at 133.8, yesterday I think was 133.4, today 131!  I ate like crap this week and didn't work out one single minute.  Ate fast food wednesday and ate out last night again with a glass of beer.  I snacked on crap all day yesterday.  So I'm quite shocked at the drop.  Totally skipped 132....I don't get it?  Hmmm....Any ideas...I doubt I was carrying water weight for a month and a half.  I'm baffled.

Good morning!

Friday Weigh In Time.

Start January Wt 215lb, Challenge Goal for Jan, 205lb

Jan 6:   213.5 (down 1.5lb)

Jan 13: 207.5 (down 7.5lbs since Jan 1 - Whoot!!)

Jan 20: 207.5 (down 7.5lbs since Jan 1 but no change this week - lots of up and down during the week tho) I will try much harder next week to stay organized and focused.

Jan 27: 

Jan 31:

SW: 146.4

Jan 6: 145.4

Jan 13: 142.4

Jan 20: 140.8

January goal: 141

Ultimate goal: 135

Slowly but surely I am making progress. I feel like I am getting over a plateau I hit last fall, so that is good. Hopefully I can avoid too many calories this weekend. Has been so cold outside this week - why is it that the cold weather makes you want to eat more?? Like your body is saying 'keep me warm' or something.

Way to go Langey on the loss - keep it up! I have long given up on trying to figure out why I have a loss or gain when i don't expect it. Our bodies are mysterious machines! So, take it for what it is but remember you can't continue to eat crap and still lose (I say this as I am eating a piece of pineapple upside down cake that I made for my co-worker's birthday - it's her favorite and I am really good at making it).

Happy Friday everyone - have a good weekend!  


Friday Weigh In:



5'2.5" Female  50+

Start Weight (2011.12.30):  190

Challenge Goal: 180

Jan 06: 187 (down 3, right on track)

Jan 13: 187 (zero, zilch, nadda - how frustrating)

Jan 20: 185 (yay!)

Jan 27:

Ultimate Goal: 140 - 2012 here I come!  Embarassed

Yeah I can't continue to eat crap because my stomach cannot handle it.  I wanted to die as I felt my arteries slowly clogging and my stomach rotting.  YUCK!  Hopefully this wasn't a freak thing and I jump back up next week.  I'm grocery shopping Monday and will be much better with eating when I actually have food.  Every time I bring healthy snacks to keep at work my boss eats it all thinking she brought it.  She's an idiot! 

Start Weight (Jan 1): 160 lbs

Goal weight by the end of January: 151 lbs

Jan 6: 159 lbs

Jan 13: 156 lbs

Jan 20: 157 lbs

Jan 27:

Jan 31:

This Month: -3

3 pound down, 6 to go.

I am joining in on this challenge today! I will be updating this week to kick this challenge off. Sw =119, GW=108


Hit 205 today which was my Jan stretch goal.  My scale does bounce up and down alot daily but progress has been a steady trend downward.  I'm happy and motivated to keep it up!!

Thanks CC buddies for all the help!!  and keep up the good work !!!

Wowza! Weighed in today for my weekly weigh in and was 1 lb UNDER my goal! Jeebus! I wonder how much more I will be under my goal at the end of this :)

oh dear LORD I forgot about this group......Embarassed

on the plus side, I've already passed my weight goal for Jan Cool


5'5" F, 42yrs

Start weight: 205

January Goal weight: 193

Ultimate Goal Weight: 160 mark

FRI Jan 6   = 198 (-7)
FRI Jan 13 =  195 (-3)
FRI Jan 20 = 190 (-5)
FRI Jan 27 =

Way to go skiier66, missjujubee and tamji - awesomeness!

CW: 126.8

Jan Goal Weight: 123.8

Overall Goal Weight: 118


1/8: 126.2

1/15: sick - no weight log

1/22: 127.4 



Not pleased.  I'm making this post and then getting my butt to the gym!  


After a long week last week of horrible eating habits and a night out of drinking over the weekend, I'm so ready to get back on track!

you and me both Langley!  no more wine in the house so the week should be easier to stay on track

Eating well and doing some light exercise, deficit of 400 almost everyday. I've gained 3 lbs. You obviously cannot see my face, but I am angry. Adding 30 day shred to the hot yoga.

Starting Weight: 147

Jan 2: 142

Jan 9: 140.4 [-1.6]

Jan 16: 138.8 [-1.6]

Jan 23: 136! [-2.8] Goal!

Jan 31: Challenge Goal 136  135

Lost twice what my deficit predicted this week Surprised so I have met my Jan goal 1 week early! 6lbs to go now! Hopefully be there by the end of Feb ^_^

Not sure what happened really, I stopped doing the shred cause I'm not working 6 days a week, not on my feet all the time though but maybe brain power is burning cals lol, or I've lost some muscle mass? Also got onto week 7 of c25K so am also nearly at that goal too. Feeling strong for 2012, it's my chinese zodiac year (dragon) so maybe that's why life is looking up :)

I had to stop working out for a week due to a strained trapezius muscle.  I planned to eat really carefully to make up the difference but that didn't happen.  So today, I was finally able to work out again, thank goodness.  I feel much better but I did weight myself and I see that I put on all the weight I had lost (about 4 pounds).  To get back into the workout and healthy eating routine, I have decided to revisit the introductory week of my workout system and eat about 200 calories less per day than I have been.  Wish me luck!

Jan. goal: 155

Jan. 6: 158

Jan. 13: 156

Jan. 23: 160!

Original Post by aimingforless:

Eating well and doing some light exercise, deficit of 400 almost everyday. I've gained 3 lbs. You obviously cannot see my face, but I am angry. Adding 30 day shred to the hot yoga.

If you had a deficit every day for the week then the weight gain is just fluids. Check your salt intake.

In order for you to have gained 3 lbs of fat you would have to have eaten 10500 calories over your daily burn. Don't beat yourself up, it will all even out eventually.

I like to be sure I drink a lot of water the day before weigh in to help flush the salt and water weight.

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