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January Weight-Loss Challenge

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This is a place where we set a goal for the month for weightloss, a goal set by you, based on your needs and abilities.  Just put your stats and your goal by the end of January!  We've done a November and December challenge.  Weigh ins usually occur on Fridays, some people weigh in on Tuesdays as well.  Up to you.  Good luck!

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Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and mark my place.  I'll give my stats tomorrow after my weigh in!  As well as my goal.  Let's just see where I am tomorrow.



Haven't been on here in almost a year and i am no where near as close to my goal weight as when I left. Now that I'm done school, I think I should focus on me. As for weigh-ins, I don't own a scale so my weigh-ins will be dependent on access. 

5'7" F 

Start weight: 170 

January Goal weight: 165

Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 mark


Me too, marking my spot. I still have a few days left of this year and want to think about this as it will be my keystone for 2012. Probably incorporate an exercise goal in with my challenge.... thinking..... :)

5'9 Female

January Start Weight: 143
Jan 31 Goal Weight: 139

Not a huge goal, but realistic, and probably the best that will happen

I've been around off and on for awhile (Dec 2010) and haven't been doing very well.  This holiday season I've gained 5.5 lbs so this challenge may be exactly what I need.

5'2.5" Female  50+

Start Weight:  190

Goal Weight: 140

Challenge Goal: 180

Jan 06: 187 (down 3, right on track)

Jan 13: 187 (zero, zilch, nadda - how frustrating)

Jan 20:

Jan 27:

2012 here I come!  Embarassed

I've been losing weight, then maintaining it since July 2010. I am ready to continue losing weight after months of a plateau, especially since I gained weight during the holidays. 

Start weight: 191.8

Goal Weight: 120

Challenge Goal: 185-Since I had the hardest time breaking 186 for months!! :)

Start Weight: 160

Goal Weight: 145

January Challenge Goal: 155 (I really want my pants to have more breathing room!)

I need this accountability

SW (12/29/11):199lbs

Goal for Jan 31, 2012: <190

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I'm in!  Headed to Hawaii in February and need to take some weight off.  I've been working pretty hard the last two years and lost 50lbs but slipped back into my bad habits the past few months and gained back 10. 

SW - 165

GW - 140

Challenge goal - 155

5'9 female 23 years old (UK)

Lost 46 then regained 15, working on them again now, for good!

CW 143.6

GW 130

Challenge -6lbs = 136lbs

[Am hoping the current weight will be 1lb lighter by Monday ;) ]

140 seems to be my plateau so hopefully I can break through without stalling too much! And I'll be halfway to my goal =)

Love this idea... anything to keep me focused!  

5'4 -  42 year old female 

CW 213

GW 140

Challenge for end of Jan -8lbs = 205lbs


Start Weight: 160 lbs

Goal weight by the end of January: 151 lbs


5'6.5" F

start:  148

January Goal:  145

Ultimate Goal:  139

Ok, so here's my goal for this month.  Normally I set a pretty low goal, but this time around, I wanna lose the December weight I gained, so I'm setting it a tad higher.  Plus I think alot of mine is water weight.

SW: 131.8

January Goal Weight: 125, I'll even take 125.8!

Ultimate Goal Weight: 115

My goal is to be my goal weight by the time we move in March.  I got some work to do.  I'm doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, I'm on day 4.  I'm also running 3-4 days a week, plus gotta count the 2 hours of housework I do a day!  Because I'm holding onto a lot of water weight, I'm really hoping I can get down about 2 lbs by next friday.

I was going to wait until the first to take my place here, but since I'm not busy I mine as well do it now.  My stats as of today:  5'4", 133.2, 26 yrs old.  I'd like the start January 1st at 133.  My January 31st goal weight is 127-128.  My ultimate goal weight is 120 by April 1st.  That's about a pound a week.  Shooting to be more toned as I go.  I'll be back on Sunday to weigh in for the first of the month.  Let's beat the winter blues (for those of us who actually see winter aka snow)!

I wanna get down to at least 168 by the end of january, I wanna be out of the 170s SO bad. But I can't seem to lose any weight ): I've been trying for like 3 weeks now! D:

SW: 177

GW: 155

Eat within your healthy calories and work hard!  We're all reaching goals this month, no excuses!  Including my own excuses, i'm so good with them!

I love group accountability!

5'8" F, 31y

SW (12/30/11): 146.2

GW (end of Jan): 141


Anyone interested in a little friendly competition?  We could divide into groups (2, 3, 4, whatever, based on number of participants) and "compete" to see which group loses the most each week.

I find that when I'm working to support other people and know they're counting on my and my habits, I stick to them better!

Height: 4'11"

Age: 22

SW: 126 (in May)

CW: 113

Challenge GW: 110

Ultimate GW: 103 (hopefully by May)

I just started New Rules of Lifting for Women yesterday. I am really excited for it. My arms are killing me today, but I feel like I got a great work out and it is nice to have a new routine. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 112.6 and then this morning I was 113.something. I didn't overeat yesterday so I think it is just water retention from lifting weights so I just made my challenge starting weight 113 since it is in the middle of the two weights.


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