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The "or" Game

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here's a fun game......:)

give 2 choices, the next person picks one, then gives 2 more choices, and so on. the choices can be any topic.

example 1st post...

best animated boy genius:
Dexter or Jimmy Neutron

next post...


best candy:
Almond Joy or Mounds
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Christmas/holiday cookies


Christmas/holiday specials on T.V.?
Holiday specials...hey, it's my Birthday!

Gold or silver?
Gold - every time!
Gold - every time!
Sorry I accidentally hit post reply - let me try again

Gold - every time

Chocolate or Ice Cream?
don't really care for either but if I have to choose... Ice cream

towel dry or air dry

BTW  HAPPY BIRTHDAY............ krismasself!!!!
Thanks, but the B'day is 12/25 :)

Ice cream...I abstain completely from the other.

what are we drying?.....towel for me, air for hair.

Flowers, fresh or silk?
Fresh. Silk flowers get dusty.

Raspberry jam or strawberry jam?
strawberry less seeds

work out morning or evening ?

Clogging the toilet in the restroom at work


Walking into the restroom that has a disgustingly clogged toilet
definitely the clogging myself - walking into someone else's clogs makes me want to puke

Soup or Salad...

Reading a book


 Seeing a movie
seeing a movie

cereal or oatmeal
Nice warm Oatmeal with raisons

Hiking in the Mountains or walking on the beach?
Walking on the beach



ooooooh, I like then both BUT pancakes

contacts or glasses
Glasses. I hate stuff in my eyes . One time for halloween I put in vampire contacts and I couldn't get one out.

sleeping on your back or side?


Celebrating Christmas or your Birthday


Love the family being over. :)

EDIT: Someone had just asked the one I wrote. Lol.


Running or walking?
walking.... I really can't run cuz my YOU whats are too big! lol

freckles or moles
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