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This or That Food Game!

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I am not quite sure where the original thread went, so I decided to start a new one. Remember the "this or that" food game? One person posts "blueberry or chocolate chip muffin" and the next person replies with their answer and another question.

I shall start first!


Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

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Animal crackers

coffee or tea?

tea but not a big fan of that either

juice or Gator aid

don't really like either, but gator aid is OK

strawberry shortcake


banana split?

this one is SO difficult.. hmm.. Banana split cause I absolutely love ice cream


protein shake or protein bar?

another difficult chose but i hate to drink calories, so protein bar! Some are very yummy :)




Easy one for me....watermelon.  I love the stuff!

brussels sprouts



brussell sprouts

Asparagus or turnip?






dry roasted

cherry tomatoes or beef steak tomatoes


cherry cuz I don't know what the other tastes like

chocolate or vanilla ice-cream


greek yogurt or regular yogurt?

greek yogurt


turkey burger or veggie burger?

tukey burger

black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar?

coffee with cream and sugar

thread kinda stopped moving, so I am here to keep it going!

coffee with cream and truvia!



Pizza with ham and pineapple


white pizza?

Original Post by stanbob:

low fat

Salmon steak or beef steak

 Awesome choice!  Low fat is so much better and studies show it is actually healthier for you than fat free.

Hey libbymae6 ;-)

I guess White Pizza.  Not sure what it consits of but not a fan of ham or pineapple. lol.

Frozen Yogurt or Ice cream?

I pick Ice cream every time! :)  oh and it has to be something ooey gooey like chunky monkey of moose tracks...  I am a sucker for ice cream.

Blueberry pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes? 

ohmy, chocolate chip pancakes absolutely!

peanut butter m&m's


pretzel m&m's?

mmm peanut butter m&m's - delicious


chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

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