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February Slimming Minis - Water and Exercise Challenge

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Challenge yourself to create the good habits to achieve your health goals.

This challenge was originally started to be for folks under 5'4", but it evolved to be an all-comers challenge. So welcome, and I hope you enjoy participating! Let's get slim and trim together. You can start anytime. You may not be the challenger with the most points at the end of the month, but you'll still be a winner. GOOD LUCK ! ! !

(If you just want to post your goals for the day, that's ok, too.)

Here are the guidelines:

  • Email me your starting weight.
  • 2 points each for every 8 ounces of water. Plain or bottle (No flavors)
  • 3 points for each 15 minutes of workout time. This is structured workouts - as in you went for a walk with the intention of it being exercise - and there are no points for anything other than 15 minute intervals.
  • 1 point if you complete a physical challenge (Challenges suggested by me or other group members - such as certain reps of physical activities)
  • 1 point if you complete a personal challenge (Non-physical challenges suggested will include such things as setting a points goal)
  • Send your weight at the end of the month.
  • Person with the most points wins.

Note: 1 point bonus if you suggest a challenge! You can suggest a challenge by posting it in the thread or by messaging me and I'll post it. Challenges can be completed at any time during the month - just tell me which one you did after you do it. Just give your challenge a title and give a brief description of how to complete it, and you're good to go (and you get an extra point!) For example: "I would like to challenge everyone to do 10 pushups today." would be a physical challenge. "I would like everyone to do 5 minutes of quiet reflection/meditation" would be a personal challenge.

Please send your information to me via private message daily or every other day in the following format:
3x 8 oz of water
45 minutes of treadmill
completed side bend challenge

If you go out of town please let me know ahead of time, and then when you get back please send me your points broken down by dates.

I usually update points every few days.

Post or message me if you have any questions.

Good luck everyone!

Physical Challenges:

Jumping Jacks - 1 point per day (time counts toward exercise points too!) - entersandlady

Pushups - 1 point per day - spacedreamer01

Squats - 1 point per day - entersandlady

Personal Challenges:

What do you like about your body? - 1 point - suggested by entersandlady

Be Kind to Someone - 1 point - suggested by solemnleaf2

The Contenders - FINAL POINTS!

crj1036 - 610

entersandlady - 831 - WINNER!

spacedreamer01 - 610

solemnleaf2 - 1 (we miss you, solemnleaf2!)

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Just ok for me. I had an out of town guest visiting yesterday so we did touristy stuff and I ate junk food, and my whole week is now thrown off =) It's weird going back to work on a Friday. I also haven't been getting the best sleep lately. I'm playing scrabble with a friend via my iPhone, and yesterday she played a move at 5:30am because she was in a different time zone and it woke me up, and today my body was synced up to that time schedule... yuck. So needless to say I'm quite tired.

P.S. is it just me or is anyone else tired of seeing Jillian Michaels' perfect abs flashing up in banner ads on this site? I adore her, but it's really getting annoying :P

Scrabble on an Iphone .. lol that sounds fun. If only I had one (alas, budget cuts ... aka no more shopping).  

My Valentine's day as fine. I got a car from my mom and stepdad (honestly I was glad to not get chocolates because I would have eaten them all) and flowers from my dad and stepmom :)

Sorry to hear about the breakup :( That stinks any time of year, but better things will come from it and obviously he wasn't the one (at least not THE one).  But sorry nonetheless.

I haven't done the squats challenge yet. But I am glad the weekend is over because I'm noticing I splurge more. I know, not so good. Yesterday I had peppermint bark and today I had a truffle .. I suppose it would have been ok but we ate out (spaghetti dinner and then dinner at my grandfather's) so I always eat more than anticipated when I'm less in control.  I don't think my cals either day were horrible, but I always feel like oops come Sunday night. 

Anyhoo, I'm gonna try and focus on the USA/Canada hockey game instead of blabbering away on here lol. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Hey all! I updated points today (finally) after a super busy weekend. The only bad thing about the weekend was that an out of town guest brought me a box of chocolates and between Wednesday night and yesterday, I ate them all =( I'm making up for it today with lots of fruit and veggies =)


Hey all,

I haven't posted in a while because I've been out with stomach flu/food poisoning (not sure which). I'll post when I can. Thanks



WOW! Is it March already??? Would anyone like to continue through this month? I'm happy to keep moderating...

Yah I'd love to :)  It helps me realize I need to drink more water ... and I like the challenges as they help spice up the routine and/or add to it.  Plus, this is a good group.

And would you look at that, I made a final surge at the end, so close lol.


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