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Here's how it works: You make a wish and the next person corrupts it, then they make a wish, and so on.


Wish: I wish I could fly.

Corruption:  Poof... you can fly, but you fly right into a storm cloud and get electricuted.

Ok, I'll start.

I wish I were a size 2.
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Poof!! You are the best swordfighter in the known world, but is the SCA world and boffer swords, so people in other LARPs complain because you keep hitting them in the head and actual real live steal sword fighters just think you are a joke! You also can't get your Knight's belt in the SCA for swordfighting because you got too involved in the politicks and well... you know. =)

I wish I could afford to take one of those flights to the moon! Yeah... that would rock!
Poof! You fly to the moon, but then you realize you are stuck inside an episode of Wallace and Gromit! (you know.. the old british claymation) so you sit there eating mooncheese with them for eternity because your rocket ship exploded.

not Wendsleydale, Gromit!!

I wish I was a famous jazz pianist with all the class (and that my own piano was in tune)
Poof!  You are a famous jazz pianist but now have a huge class of students to teach jazz to!

I wish I enjoyed running.
poof!  You enjoy running, but now you go through shoes at such a rapid rate, you're constantly broke and can't afford anything else.  :(

I wish i was out of highschool.
** Poof ** You're out of highschool, but now you're working as a restroom cleaner at your local burger king!

I wish I had the mind of Einstein and the face and body of Heidi Klum.
**POOF*** you have the mind of Einstein and look like Heidi Clum but everyone is so intimidated by you, noone talks to you or looks at you.

I wish  everyone could be happy all at once.
I wish  everyone could be happy all at once.

*poof* Everyone becomes happy, we all hold hands together that spans entire continents, everyone starts to sing "We are the world", happiness overtakes the entire world, no security or military defensce are stationed do to all the hand holding, aliens see this is the perfect time to enslave the entire human race as we are all hopelessly happy. They elsave us and chain us together by our feet like the old prison gangs, and now we are sad and all start to sing, "that is the sound of the men, working on the chain gang".

I wish there would not be so much poverty in the world.
*POOF* There's not so much poverty in the world.  Unfortunately, to reduce the poverty, the world has taken on an 80% income tax, forcing you to eat nothing but the mcdonalds dollar menu to make ends meat.

I wish I could play for the Kansas City Chiefs.
*poof* You play for the Kansas City Chiefs, unfortunately, since you're a skinny thing, your first tackled, you get injured badly enough that you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

I wish I could spend one evening with two Playboy Playmates of my choice, consequence-free
**POOF**  You get 2 playmates of choice, consequence free but your mother and Fiancee are there too so you are unable to live out all fantasies!

I wish I could go on a shopping spree and buy all the clothes I want and they all fit!
*POOF* You spend one evening with 2 playboy playmates of your choice, consequence-free.  Unfortunately, you fall madly in love with both of them.  You try to play middle of the fence with both, but when they find out what you're doing, they leave you.  You return to K (having left her to go after your playmates), only to find out that she married Hugh Heffner, and he's much better in bed than you.

I wish I could write ambidextrously!
*POOF* You go on a shopping spree and buy all the clothes you want and they all fit!  Unfortunately, you max out all of your credit cards and your husband leaves you for another woman who's more responsible with money.  You spend the rest of your days single and lonely, because you refuse to ask anyone out.  Then, because you're super depressed and lonely, you binge and binge and gain 400 lbs...and none of your clothes fit.  But at least they look cute on the hanger!

I wish I was friends with Cal Ripken.
Your wish is granted, you are friends with Cal Ripken, but he is your only friend and he is always busy so now you are lonely wishing someone else was your friend.

I wish I could have lots of pets that required no maintenance ;)
*POOF* Your pets require no maintanence!  Unfortunately, since they don't NEED you, they start plotting to kill you.  They sneak in your room one night and smother you with a pillow.

I wish I had 20 fingers so I could type faster and more efficiently!!
that was mean finewine! :(

funny thing is it would never happen because I dont spend money!  hubby does!  Im so tight with my money!

poof granted your wish!  you have 20 fingers but no toes so you are able to type fast but cant walk and everyone looks at you as a freak and refuses to talk to you. you become lonely and dependent on the internet for friends, have all food delivered to you and you sit on the computer, eat there and go to the bathroom there....found dead 3years later.

I wish finewine didnt have 20 fingers
*poof* finewine doesn't have 20 fingers. He now has 5. Being an angry man, he uses his five fingers to drive to slappy's home (after doing some internet research - though how he does this with one leg I don't know) and quietly waits to surprise her. Taking the weedwacker out, he makes sure slappy now has a matching amount of fingers.

And because someone has to say it.
I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner ;D
hkellick, someone already did say it
Awww :( OK, a new wish!

I wish I could understand women! :p
Haha yeah, someone did say it!  But we'll do it again.

*POOF* you're an Oscar Mayer Weiner!  Unfortunately, you're delicious and people can't resist you.  You try to run, but are chased down and stuffed into a bun.  Ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish rain down upon you...and then you are eaten.  What a way to go out.

I wish I was super strong and could lift cars with one hand!!
*poof* You're superstrong and you DO lift two cars with one hand.. UNFORTUNATELY, your bones are NOT superstrong *crunchcrunchcrunchcrunch*

I wish I could understand women :D
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