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Bye Bye Halloween...Hello Rockin' New Years Eve "Personal" Challenge!

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Hey guys!

With fall quickly approaching so is one of my favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN! I know this isn't a holiday for everyone, and the whole dressing up thing may seem a bit childish. But Halloween was always a big event in my family. I have dressed up every year of my life (24 years to be exact) with the exception of senior year in high school where I thought I was too cool to dress up, and greatly regretted it soon afterward. Since part of my weight loss motivation is focused on looking better, I thought losing an extra couple of pounds by Halloween would be an even better motivator.  There is a little over two months before Halloween and I plan on losing 20 big ones! Anyone else out there that finally wants to feel a little better this Halloween in their costume? End Date 10/29/09


Since we had such success with our Halloween challenge, and have gotten so used to weighing in with each other let's extend this through to ring in the new year! Everyone can set their own goal but I will personally be shooting for that 20lbs. I got so close for the Halloween goal, but was still off by 2.6 lbs. Weigh in days will remain on Thursday and anyone is welcome to join this challenge at any time.

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I absolutely love Halloween too!! I even dressed up last year , big and pregnant! :). i am praying that i can get off at least 20-25 before then too!!!


you can do it hun!!!

Halloween is my goal date :) I want to lose 14 pounds between now and then!

Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that loves Halloween Laughing! I had stumbled across a thread a few weeks back that was a Halloween hater thread! lol. Anyway I think we can do it! Any costume ideas?

I have always enjoyed halloween and always try to talk my younger brother and sister to go out with me still.. (im the oldest of 4) The only times that i could not go out in recent years was because i would end up working late in the office.

Ive always wanted to also go and see the Rocky Horror Picture show one year for and get a bunch of to go in costume too.. This year thou ill be going to a wedding on halloween ( the bummer part is that nobody is dressing up for it but their dresses and suits - MHO - if your having your wedding on Oct 31.. you have to dress up)


If you guys will have me i would love to join and lose atleast 20 lbs before halloween

6'4 CW 284

NOT A CLUE YET! i usually do a "group" thing with friends! we have so much fun! we have done "Alice in WOnderland" , and "superheros" . FUN FUN! i need to get with them and brainstorm!


i definately want to lose weight and get a sexy costume! :) So what are your plans? any costume ideas yet?

I would love to lose 20 pounds by halloween. I'm making a wedding cake for a Halloween wedding, and have been invited to stay for the reception (no costumes :( ) but I would still like to look 20 pounds lighter! It will be the first time I've dressed up since starting my weight loss!

Oh, is a this a motivational group thread or just a discussion thread?

Because if it's a group, I'll join :P I'd dress up as a skanky bat, women.

I either wanna be a naughty girlscout - just a vest over a bra with a pleated brown skirt or I want to do something couply with my boyfriend. I might do both for a couple nights of halloween celebrations! (i'm a college student)

Does anyone have any good ideas for couple costumes?

oh I love to dress up for Halloween just dont always have somewhere to go...And this year I really want to I need ideas too!


Loooove HALLOWEEN but this year that day "belongs" to one of my boarding school friends who has asked that I participate in her wedding as a bridesmaid. Nothing like a floor-length dress with ruffles to make me feel like I'm wearing a costume :(

ooh, I'm in!  I love halloween.  Being silly and dressing up, I'm there.  Plus, it's the first amongst many fun holidays to come!

cw ~140

I'm in! Halloween's the only holiday I love.
I was actually taking a break from making a costume when I found this... Even though it's an outfit for FanExpo it may be recycled for Halloween. xD

I only have <10 pounds to lose though.


Arkham Asylum's version of Harley Quinn is who I'm going to be! >: D


CW: 123

I’m in Pixie I need a challenge!

I love Halloween although I doubt I will be dressing up, my friends are too “cool” to dress up. I have been to 2 costume parties with basically the same group of people & only a handful of us dress up Yell.

LW 189

I found this website they seem to have a lot of costumes(I have never ordered from here).

yay ladies!

I'm excited....this challenge is offically on!

I'm not sure what I want to be just yet...but I have my eye on a cute toy soilder costume. This morning when I was at the gym I kept telling myself "come on you can do it, keep going for Halloween!"


CW: 120-ish

Halloween GW: 109

Um i hope that you girls dont mind if i join this group as well.. it will keep me on track to my final goal for my birthday..

SW 301

CW 284

HW  264

GW 235

If i have to i can get in the spirit of dressing up in a dress with high heels.. ( i did that a few years ago actually wonder if i can still find that costume)

I'm in! I turn 24 on Halloween ;o) Would be nice to weigh 20 lbs less!

A toy solider, ooh I bet that’s cute!

Gimpsy I love it when guys dress like chics with their hairy legs & lopsided boobs. Tongue out

Bexxeb what I great gift to yourself!

I actually have a wedding to attend in early Nov so it would be awesome to be 20 lbs lighter. Then of course the rest of the holidays…

I love Halloween!  Its my goal to lose 10 pounds by Oct. 29th so Im all ready!  My girlfriends and I are dressing up as the charcters from the Wizard of Oz.  Im the Tin Man, or Tin Woman!

I would love to lose 20 pounds by Halloween. I'd love to lose TEN pounds by Halloween. I've been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds since just after LAST Halloween...okay, actually, I was 157 last Halloween. Got a chef boyfriend, lost it for the holidays, got back up to 168. I've been holding steady between 163 and 168 since after Christmas. On that top end at the moment. If I lost 20, I'd be smaller than I was last Halloween and I would be ecstatic!!! Let's do it!

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