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Body Fat / BMI / Weight Maintenance challenge - Starts July 21st through September 15th!

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Hey, all!

Okay, so for more than 100 days, I've worked with a lot of great people to drop weight.  I've dropped a lot.

I still want to drop a little more, but only as I add muscle.  So... this is a challenge for both.  Over the next eight weeks, we:

1) Will weigh in twice a week.  Mondays and Thurdays.

2) On Mondays, we need to check body fat and BMI and see where we're at.  It doesn't matter how you measure this stuff, as long as you keep measuring it the same way over the course of the challenge.  :)

It won't be pretty.. BUT... I think it's a nice honing mechanism for those of us that are getting closer to our goal, while still working together with those that have a little more to lose.

Eight weeks!  Who's in?

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How do you check body fat?

There are scales that do it (roughly) and hand held analyzers.  If you go to a gym, they probably have a device.

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I'm in!  I have to get a new scale too.  I am afraid because I think my current one is a little off in my favor! 

I am in.  There is one at my gym that is about as accurate as the skin fold tests.  the one on my scale is much higher.


ok, I'm in.  I have an analog scale at home and just bought a digital scale from Amazon that measures body fat.  Hopefully the new scale gets here by Monday.

I'm definately in!!  I need something to keep me motivated.  I am trying to get back on the wagon - and my brother is having his 21st party on Saturday (family BBQ + drinks).

dont have a way of checking my body fat - is there something I can use on the internet??  at least then it will be consistent.

when are we starting??

Your challenges has been the keys I've been looking for to get me to the goal weight. I hope I am still at this number come 2morrow, but I'm now 153 and I've been eating bread like crazy. I am going to do 2 things. Since my goal weight on here is to be 101 pounds, yeah I know.. A little toooo thin, I am going to up my goal weight. A great way to measure bmi, I don't think there is a good scale for that. I had one by Taylor, and that thing crapped out on me. Weight watchers has a good one. I think I'm going to get a weight watcher one for myself, they are on sale here. I've earn it. I think I also earn the right to really know the truth, the funny thing about scales is this.. A kid kicks them around, and you start to weight 5 pounds less or more and get this.. I've even weight in at 120 pounds.. LOL.... Now that's broken.... I have a step on it 10 times to get my real weight scale. So, I started to use the dail scale this morning, and so far... I'm loving the numbers :)~ But who knows how long will that last... I have to upgrade next week... Or this firday... :) See you soon ;)

I"ll stick in there.  Here goes nothing!  Originally, when this site said I should be to 152, it was saying I could do it by mid september... I'm not sure that's still an option, checking.... and confirmed!

Calories Needed for Goal Weight

You should consume about 1805 calories a day to reach your goal weight of 152 lbs by September 15, 2008.

Remember that this estimate is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. It may vary slightly depending on other factors.

Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day.


I've been pushing to be close to complete with this mess by my wife's bday which is around that time (no real reason other than its a date to remember), so that could be nice.  I've started doing more strength training too, so my loss rates are really slowing down.  I'm not sure what weight I want to be in the end... 152 was this site's recommendation.  We'll see!

I'm in but as I don't have a device to measure body fat, I'm just going to measure.

I'll actually be out of town the next week, plus some, so If you don't mind I'm going to post all of my stuff Friday just so I have something to compare to when I get home.

count me in too and here is a link to just one of hundreds of calculator for body fat Body fat calculator

and I just found  Body Fat Formula

Thanx eeyvdj, and at least if I keep using that site I will be consistent!!

I am definitely in again.  You keep me on my toes.

bohdan, I just don't understand this site on what your idea body weight should be. I'm just going on how I feel and look in my clothes. I mean really. I cut up pretty nice for a young woman. I'm curvey, and there is no way in hell I can cut out all this shape with 101 pounds on the mile marker. My child bounces around those numbers 101-106. I can't see those numbers ever. But I must say.... I do look good at 153 pounds. The site had me at 1805 calories a day too. I cut them down to 1600, and I've been losing good but slow.. Before joining this site again. I lost 50 pounds at 1200 calories, and I needed to up the calories to get the weight to move again, and the protein. So far so good you know. I notice someone has posted a link to a BMI fat Calculator. Maybe I will check that link out too. I still feel we should do what is right by are own bodies. I mean... I don't want to look bad. I just want to look great, and I feel I will look bad at the site idea weight, and I don't want to try to gain any weight back either if I don't like it. Boy, that will be one hell of a mud slide. Weight gain like from hell to get the weight to where I like it. HA! I'm going to stay with 145. And then... If I feel like 10 more I am going to shoot for it. I say.. Think about where you want to be with your weight loss.... Ask yourself this.. If I don't like it, am I willing to gain weight to get to the weight goal I want or size/shape. That's how I'm doing it.. :)

ok, I am in. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I am game. Anything to keep me motivated toward my goal.

I am so in!!!!!!


I'm in.  Back from vacation. Not sure what the weight will be yet until the morning.  I use an Accu Measure Fitness 3000 caliper.  I've been told by many that it's pretty accurate.  As told by marmel, as long as you measure the same way each week, you'll see the results.  I don't know if my BF% is exactly correct, by I do know that over the past 100 days, I've lost 21mm from my skin fold measurement.  I do the exact same measurement each and every week.  So, it may not be 100% accurate in terms of the %, but it is accurate in how much I've lost in fat during that time since I measured the same each and every time.


Glad to be a part of this.  Depending on where I land on Monday's weigh-in from the last forum, I should be within my last 10 lbs, but want to lose a bit more bodyfat, which is the hardest to do.



I would like to participate. I could use the challenge, motivation and check in. Are you still accepting participants?



Everybody's welcome until the weigh in on Monday...


- Steve

Oh yes than please count me in. This may be what I need. Thanks for responding.

count me in! I will be going on vacation at the end of the month so this will keep me motivated to stay on track while on the road! I will take my laptop with me so I can check in while on the road....need to pack my tape measure and scale as well! Cool! So first weigh in is Monday? Whew I need to do some pilates tomorrow!
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