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Biggest loser Season 12 challenge group!!

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So the new season of biggest loser is upon us, ababehschick had an awesome Idea, Lets try a challenge following the biggest loser. It works like this

Find your age group and follow their team percentages for the week. since trying to keep up with their percentages would be crazy, shoot for 1/4 of their team percentages.

Example: I am 27, therefore i'm in the young group, so their percentage was 4.31 divided by 4 thats 1.01% for the week!

Some weeks will be more, and some will be less :)

week 5! (i'm finally on the right week, sorry all)

Blue-  your goal this week is 0.67%
Red- Your goal this week is 0.63 %
Black- you have two options
       &nb sp;  whole team- your goal is .72%
       &nb sp;   Sunny's %, your goal will be 1.45% (this option because sunny rocked it and saved the whole team and only her weigh in counted.)


You can do it!!!

Come join us!

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I am totally in, butI have had to give up watching a lot of the shows I was watching. Would you be willing to outline the ages and groups so everyone knows which group they fall into?

the young group is under 30 (red)

middle groups 30-49( Black)

the older group is 50 and over (Blue)


percentages for week one

Blue (old) - 3.58
Black (Middle) - 6.82
RED(young) - 4.31


So for me this week I'm with the Red so I will be shooting for 1.07% of my weight.

Right now i'm 227.6 so That would be 2.4lbs. Which will be really hard by the next biggest loser, but I'm going to do it! I can watch it on weds, so thats when I'll be posting up the new stats for the new week.

GAK!  I want to join, but not if the middle people keep losing like they are!   I am REALLY happy for them, but I don't have enough vacation time to take off to workout that much! :)

Sure, what the heck.  I'm in.  I have a group I weigh in for on Monday snad Fridays ans another hoping to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving that weighs in on Tuesdays.  The more people (besides myself - I am my own biggest slaking okay-er AND critic) I am accountable to, the better I'll do.  At least that's how I'm HOPING it'll work! LOL

So do we weigh and post on Wednesdays?  Also, are you sure we can't divide this by 5?  I know that I was at 180.6 when the first episode aired... 1/4 of the percentage for the crazy middle group is 3.1 pounds in a week  I'm not too sure CC would be happy with me if I did that (not that I'd complain) but more importantly I don't know if I COULD do it! It at least brings it down .5 pounds at 1/5 (based on 5 people per team)...  If not, I'll shoot for 3.1 and see what happens!  (Also keep my fingers crossed that the middle group slows down a little - HAHA!)

yup, weds sound good. And yes they lost alot this week, but maybe not next week, so the challenge will be a little different every week, just like the show :) If it makes you feel better week two is usually the week where people don't loose much at all :)

I want to join the middle group.  What do I do?  I started my own fitness plan 10 days ago.  I am exercising 2 hours a day for the most part, but not strenuous exercise:  one hour on the elliptical and one hour walking with my dog.

Oops, I didn't add my stats.  I did weigh Wednesday and I had lost 4 pounds.  I started at 199.9, so that's 2% for the week!  I'm at about 33% of my tv group :)

as far as your workout maybe add some strength training in? but awesome on your weight loss for last week! whatever your doing is going well :)

Thanks, I have been thinking I should do some weight training.  When I lost a significant amount of weight before I did some of that.  I know I should, but always feel like I need to be focusing on burning calories when I'm working out rather than the weight training.  I got started before by doing basic mini push-ups sort of things in the doorway so I think I'll start that up again today.  And I have some small weights at home.  I can easily do that on my tv time, etc. so I don't have to give up any elliptical or walking time.

owww, I did p90x ab ripper yesterday, and yesterday it wasn't too bad, today, OWWWW my poor abs. I see why they say not to do it two days in a row. who knew 17 minutes could hurt that much.

Ooh I'd like to join too.  I LOVE the show & have been watching the show since the 1st season.  

Name: Dee

Age: 25 (Red team)

Wt: 261.8( I weigh in on Mondays)

Goal: 259lbs  (1.07%= -2.8lbs)

welcome! I absolutely love the show, Yay for red team!


Down another half a pound!  Yay Black team!

awesome!! great job getting rid of another 1/2 lb!! 

I actually drank last night for the first time in a long time, and only ended up getting about 3 hours sleep, today I'm recovering, tomorrow its back to busting my bum!

I'm going to tea today with my sister and her friends and it's an inclusive thing where you get finger sandwiches and pastries.  I have to go because it's a birthday thing and I'm wondering if I have the sandwiches and scones and strawberries and cream and consider this a lost diet day or if I just have tea.....  When I'm on such a good roll like I am now, I don't like to mess with it, and I feel like I could pretty easily pass on the goodies.  I wonder if I could have just one finger sandwich and half a scone or something?  I'm not good at limiting myself, better at all or nothing, but if I had a little something I wouldn't feel like I was sticking out as not eating...  decisions, decisions.

I would like to join this too, even if I am a little late.  I like the idea of trying to go along with the tv show.

Here are some stats.

Age - 27 - Red Group

Weight - 163.2 - 9/21/11

Goal pounds lost - 1.01% - 1.6lbs

Goal Weight 9/28/11 - 161.6

I didn't start off with a very good beginning of the week, but I will push through and see where I am at Wednesday.

you can totally join! And you can do it! i know its rough, but if you watch it on Tuesdays you can get motivated for a last chance workout that day :)


Today was pretty good working out! I'm very happy with it. eating wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I ran for longer than I have in a while, and THAT felt great!

Hows everyones monday gone?

workout for today: walk:45 mins

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;     Run: 23mins

       &nb sp;               &nb sp;     Ab ripper -p90x - owowowowowowow


Good job!  I wish I didn't hate running!  I tried it in my 20s and didn't love it and now that I'm near 50 it's not any better!

 I am thinking that I am just going to have to scratch this week.  I think I will be lucky to pull off a loss.  Last night I ate terribly.  Possibly the worst in a long time with the exception of celebrating.  I am thinking it ended up being some sort of stress thing, but I will not give up.  Every day is a new day to begin again.

This week did start late, but you can pull a loss! every day is another opportunity to do better than the last.

One thing I have trouble with is changing my stress response from eating to something alot more healthy. its hard to face stressors alone, without eating, that's one thing I love about the biggest loser is that they talk about it alot, about how people get to that weight because they're using food as a way to help them deal, or not deal with things. I have a huge problem with is when I get frustrated with my kids, I get "hungry" I'm not actually hungry, I just want some sort of action for when I'm not able to do anything else. Yesterday was tough for me, I kindof had a freak out in terms of our family money situation that devolved into a panic attack sort of thing, my husband got me to go out, walk with a friend, which helped and then I went to go Run and that helped so much, who knows if it was the endorphins or the feeling that I was able to do Something, not just be stuck that helped, but I came back feeling so much better. I'm trying to change my habits of eating when i'm bored, stressed, happy or sad. which why I type it seems kindof sad, but I think i'm doing alot better at it.

I'm not sure if i'll meet my percentage for tomorrow, but i'll be working out pretty hard tonight, and I've been eating pretty well today. if not this week, i'll definitely do it next week!

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