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Biggest Loser Challenge -- Part 7 **WINNER: dybo70****

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 *** Winner: Dybo70!************


Blue Team:
afrench {Total Lost:9.8}
alle0299 {Total Lost: 22.7}
kukua {Total Lost: 10.4}
orangeloft {Total Lost: 8}
papa3169 {Total Lost: 2}
punkrockriot {Total Lost: 9}

Green Team:
carm2046 {Total Lost: 6}
cbrad07  {Total Lost: 7}
justrach {Total Lost: 12.8}
kjmadill  {Total Lost: 3.8}
letsgetitstartd {Total Lost: 0.7}
lynzeh   {Total Lost: 12.5}
wildntaken  {Total Lost: 11}
zenasavvy {Total Lost: 1.2}

Purple Team:
dybo70 {Total Lost: 30.2}
goddess9 {Total Lost: 21.6}
jkppt {Total Lost: 15}
Korali {Total Lost: 10.6}
likin81 {Total Lost: 17.6}
sexycoolaries {Total Lost: 8}
100orbust {Total Lost: 17.4}

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I'm game- I'll weigh tomorrow

I would like to join. How do I sign up?

100or bust, post your starting weight and I will squeeze you on to a team.


Hi KJ,

I signed up in the other post, but I do not see my name.  My last weigh in (last week) had me at 283.  Thanks!

sorry Chickey! You;re on the Blue team!

Hey KJ

I'd like to join this challenge, my weight today was 226lbs. I need to do something like this to keep me motivated. I know I missed the cut off but I didnt even see the thread until today. It would greatly appreciated if I could join.

Go Purple! :o)

Now, is tomorrow the first weigh-in? Or next tuesday?
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kjmadill -Thank you so much for organizing and running this.  It must have taken a lot of time and we appreciate all your effort.




that's 'cause she's afraid of the kick-a competition you gave us last challenge punkrock ;)
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Original Post by kelz80:

Now, is tomorrow the first weigh-in? Or next tuesday?

I believe the original thread said this Tuesday.

Oh, and, hello purple team. Let's kick some ass! Cool


YAY PURPLE TEAM!!!!!  This is gonna be great!

I don't see my name =(  Can I join?

Purple it is, lets go Purple!

Yeah!  Purple!  I'm ready for this!

Ok Im on the purple team. So where do we post our weight on this thread or another post?

Yea!  Purple Pride!

First Weigh in is Tomorrow!

cbrad07 - You are in, and on the green team.

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