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***April Weight Loss Challenge***Sign Ups Always Welcome!

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Welcome to the **April** Challenge!
I “pirated” this challenge from Kallikat--hopefully won’t get kicked off this forum by the moderators if I didn‘t go through the right channels--am a relative “newbie“ to this forum stuff.  Anyway, if you’ve participated before, welcome back for another month!  To all those who have not done this challenge (or any other) welcome aboard to any newbies!

The challenge is pretty easy.
We'll have 4 weekly weigh in's and then a final weigh in on the last day of the month and the dates will be...:

April 5:
April 12:
April 19:
April 26:
Final Weigh-In for the month! April 30:

In keeping with previous tradition:  weigh in days are on a Sunday.  For those who don’t like to weigh in on the weekend--look at it this way--extra motivation to stay on track over those “days off!”

Sign up soon--fill out the form below and post it EVERY Sunday with your new weights.

Start Weight  (Your current weight ):
Goal Weight  (by April 30):

April 5:
April 12:
April 19:
April 26:
Final Weigh In - April 30:

Total weight loss:

Fill in the form, and re-post it every Sunday with your new weights.
DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGIONAL POST because I won’t notice.
Thanks :]

The challenge is about personal motivation and success and just knowing you're making a good change for yourself…BUT, feel free to pat yourself & your challenge-mates on the back for each week’s efforts!

FINAL WEIGH IN (through post 223)  click here.  When spreadsheet comes up, click again to enlarge.

April 26 Weigh In Results (through post#200) click here.  April 19 Weigh In Results  (through post #170) are hereApril 12 Weigh In Results (through post #137) click here.   Link to April 5 Weigh In Results


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Ladies...('cause that's what we all were this month)...this was quite a challenge.  For those of you who made it through, good job.  As a fellow challenger, I know the road can be rough.  Anybody who is up for another challenge (and hasn't already found it), I posted a May Weight Loss Challenge here.  Hope to see lots of familiar names, but if you don't take up the May Challenge, best of luck to you in you solo endeavors.Smile

Name: sarah

Age: 23

Height: 5'5

Start Weight (mar 30): 203.5

Goal Weight (by April 30): 192

April 5: 201.5 lbs (down 2)

April 12: 200.5  (-3)

April 19:198 (-5.5)

April 26: 196 (-7.5)

Final Weigh In - April 30:   194.5

Total weight loss: -9 lbs it is ok there is always next month


Name: Virginia
Age: 49
Height: 5'6"
Start Weight (Your current weight): 224.6
Goal Weight (by April 30): 214

April 5: 224.8
April 12: 224.2
April 19:  221.2
April 26:  224.0
Final Weigh In - April 30: 219.6

Total weight loss: 5

not bad but next month will be better

Name:  Jacqueline
Age:  20
Height:  5'2"
Start Weight (Your current weight):  225.8
Goal Weight (by April 30):  220

April 5:  225.8
April 12: 223.2
April 19:223.0
April 26:224.0
Final Weigh In - April 30: 221.6

Total weight loss: -4.2

Sorry! I didn't remember that, duh, the final was on April 30...not May 3rd! My weight hasn't changed since Thursday though so I guess it still counts : )

Name: Lauren
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Start Weight (Your current weight): 172.5
Goal Weight (by April 30): 165

April 5:   172.5
April 12: 170.8
April 19: 167.5
April 26: 166.5
Final Weigh In - April 30: 163.5

Total weight loss: -9

Name: Jessie

Height: 5'4"
Age: 19
Start Weight (Your current weight): 123

Goal Weight (by April 30): 118
April 5:122.2
April 12:120.0 (sorry i'm late...wisdom not sure if this loss counts!)
April 19:120 (no change since last week, my diet has been mainly p.b., still no solids...I know not good balance! :-( )
April 26:120.2 ( I don't know what is happening? I've been eating the same :-(
Final Weigh In - April 30:119!

Total Weight Loss: -4lbs.

Finally! Sorry, I forgot that our last post wasn't on Sunday :-) It's been fun, and only one more pound to go!

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