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April Challenge

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Let's Do This!  Join our challenge, lose the weight, have support.  Log your stats and monthly goal.  Goals can be weight-based or activity-based.  Feel free to log daily or weekly, whenever you feel the need to vent or share information.  Pick a weigh-in day and weigh-in each week.  Set a realistic, attainable goal.  At the end of the month, we'll see who met their goal!

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age: 24

height: 5'6''

start wt: 198

04/06: 147



gw: 140


merluv: Hey i think your missing your starting weight for the challenge unless today's&n bsp;your first day starting! :) HELLO!

hi!!! jessica11377 yes, today is my first day in this month's challenge :)

Name:  Ashley   female, 26 years old, 5'4" CCSW:  133.8 LTGW:  118-120 

3/30:  132.4 (April starting weight, unless tomorrow says something better!) 

4/6:  134.8  

April Goal Weight:  ?  I'd be happy with progress.  My goal is to stick with Couch to 5K.  I want to break the 130's.  Fingers crossed. 

Ugh...Fail!  Allergies have kicked my ass this week so I haven't worked out at all and ate like ****.  Then TOM is coming Wednesday and Easter.  Wow...good thing this is all at the beginning on the month and not the end.  Have today off from work so I'll get a run in later before taking off for the weekend.  

Congrats to all you losers!  No pun intended!  Jealous to see all the good numbers.


langey12: awe dont worry! its only the beginning you still have allot of time to kick butt! 

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Thx so much langey12, I appreciate it!

And good luck to you too!


Name:  Sammantha

Age: 22

Height:  5' 5.5"

SW: 175 (The weight a few days after getting home from the hospital after baby)

CW: 155


GW for the month:  150

Mar 30: 155

Apr 6:  153

Apr 13: 

Apr 20:

Apr 27: 

Pounds down:  2



This morning : 189 No change as I had forgotten to weigh in last Fri and did it on Tues or Wed. Oops. Hope Easter bunny leaves calorie free chocolate for everyone!!
I've just started back on CC and weighed this morning a whopping 192.2! UGH! I have regained 20 lbs in a yr. I will weigh in every Friday. Here goes! :)

I have had a horrid start to April! I have been eating okay. Only 2 bad days this week, which isn't the worst thing to ever happen, but exercise is on a LOW. I need to get my butt MOVING since my birthday is at the end of the month!! My first weigh-in of April will be on Monday 4/9 (3 weeks before bday) and I am just HOPING to be 128. I'm just so mad at myself for falling off the wagon yet again.

Age:  48
Gender: Female
Height:  5'4"
Highest Weight (HW):   238 
CC Start Weight (CCSW):  219.6
Challenge Start Date: 4/1/12
Challenge Start Weight (CSW): 177.2
Challenge Goal (CG): 172

01/04:  177.2
08/04:  175.4 (-1.8 lbs)

with all the excitement of Easter this weekend I forgot to add my stats. So here goes!

April SW: (3/31) 230.6

4/7 229.3

So I've lost 1.3lb this week. not stellar...but its steady, so I'll take it.

yesterday being easter, i had myself a cheat day....and i didn't log. and holy cow what a cheat day it was!  i don't even want to begin to guess what my nutritional grade or calorie intake were yesterday. I do NOT feel guilty about it either. I enjoyed it and thats that. However, i do feel sluggish and slothy today because of it. So lunch today consisted of a salad (lettuce, carrots, pickles) with grilled chicken. NO dressing. the pickle juice totally made for a nice dressing substitute and was pretty healthy. I work extra late tonight and just hope i can manage some excercise at some point before bed.

Apr 2: 138

Apr 9:  140.4 - oops too much Easter feasting - will get back on track TODAY!

Apr GW: 286.8

Apr 2: 296.8

Apr 10: 293.8

Apr 16:

Apr: 23

Apr 30:

Pounds down: -3

Not too bad since I think I'm still retaining water as it'll be TOTM this week. Hope to see another drop next week.

name:  Kathryn

age: 28

height:  5' 3"

start wt: 207 (January 7)

CW: 189.4


GW for the month:  182

Mar 30: 189.4

Apr 3:  189.4

Apr 10: 186.6

Apr 17:

Apr 30: 

Pounds down: 2.8 lbs 



I'm thinking we could all use some positive words right now:

"Don't do anything today that will undo all the hard work you did yesterday."

Thanks Langey! Wish I had repeated those words last night before eating my heart out in Easter chocolate after a giant fight with a friend :(

Haha!  I will have you know that I am really good at giving advice and positive words, but to practice what I preach...Not!  I think that we all deserve a chocolate binge once in a while.  The wrenching stomach ache we get is a good reminder of why we only do it once in a while!

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Name: Bethany

Age: 35

Height: 5 ft 5 in

CCSW: 203 3/07/12

CW: 190.2

4/4/12 190.2

4/11/12 188.0  Laughing  Lowest I have been since 2008!!!



April Challenge is to lose 10 pounds. Hopeful final weight 140-150

congrats beppy!!!!  I bet it feels great.  Keep up the good work.

B/f is gone for 5 days :(  So that give me lots of time to workout with no distractions.  I plan to run tonight and do a video to keep myself busy.  I plan to eat a good, healthy meal too.  Friday I'm heading to Duluth to see my sister, so hopefully it's nice enough to get outside and enjoy the nature. 

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