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Does anyone want to do a 90 day challenge with me?

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Starting this Sunday, I'm going to start a 90-day healthy/weight loss challenge, if anyone would like to join me. The things I'm going to do are:

- Eat healthy and eat ENOUGH to lose HEALTHILY

- Drink at least 60 oz. of water everyday

- Exercise 5-6 times a week (personally I've got a 13 week Couch to 5K that I'm going to be doing, with some weights thrown in)

I have actually conquered the eating healthy aspect before; I eliminated processed foods from my diet almost entirely. It really was amazing how much brighter my skin looked and how much better my hair was. But then I got off that trail and started up on the junk again. Nonetheless, eating healthy really pays off in more than just shedding pounds; it really gives you an allover glow.

If anyone else wants to do this with me, I was thinking of having the initial weigh-in this Sunday, with subsequent weigh-ins every Friday. Also it would be nice to not just post pounds, but also measurements because most of the time we get slimmer and more toned without neccessarily moving the number on the scale!

I hope someone else will do this with me; support is always the best and it would be great to have friends on here that actually understand and cheer each other on! It's really amazing what can change in 90 days!

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Count me in! I've had no motivation and no support at losing weight, hence.. I've gained. Well this past Tuesday I found myself at my heaviest! Needless to say I'm ready to get healthy! I've thought of doing a Couch-5k Program before and this just gave me the inspiration to really do it! I think I'll start tomorrow! =) My doctor wants me to lose @ 70 lbs. I'm hoping to lose 40-50 by July! =)

I'm in! I started just a couple days ago and I want to be down to 135 by end of April. So, let's do this thang!

Sign me up.  Need to lose 18lbs before our trip in May.  I'll weigh in 1/22..need to put batteries in scale...

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good luck to all!

Sure. I am in


I really need to maintain, maybe lose a couple pounds, and tone up!

90 days sounds perfect.


This sounds like a great way for me to stay motivated. Count me in. I have been watching my calorie intake and adding exercise since November but need to stay motivated so I can get to the weight that is comfortable to me. (not so worried about the # on scale but the way I feel about myself).

Count me in as well.  Been yo-yo-ing with these last 25 pounds for over a year. This will be a good incentive!

I'm in!!! I can't weight to weigh in I started jan 4 at 282 and today I am 272.5 so I'm almost at the 10lb mark and it's only been a little over two weeks :)

I'm in! This challenge would be perfect to actually get me to commit. Trying to lose about 20 pounds by my birthday in May!

Thanks for the info! I'm excited :D
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I'm in can't wait to start I've tried to start and keep failing. See you on Sunday for the weigh in .

sounds fab -- how do we communicate for this? is it thru this thread?

I'd love to join!  I might skip the weigh-ins cause I just want to continue eating healthy and really push my workouts more, but the drinking at least 60oz of water is really what I need to work on.  I love coffee too, so I feel like I should drink more than that but you gotta start somewhere.  ::grabs glass of water::

I want to loss 20 lbs! Count me in!! Katie :)
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Weigh-in 183
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Weigh-in 183
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Tag the thread so that you can find it (click on the TAG button up near the top by the OPs picture) -- it will be moved to the Games and Challenges thread iaw challenge rules.

good luck to all!

I tagged it! How do I move this thread to the Games and Challenges board? Or will it just be done automatically? And thanks for the luck :)

My name is Jes and I'm in! This sounds fantastic! Weigh in Sunday?

I'm in. May not have the time Sunday. Can i weigh in now?

Here goes..

Height 5'-10"

CW 188

GW 168

UGW 153 

Plan: 1405 cal/dy, 30 mins water or wii sport /4x/wk, 2 l water /day (this will take some work i hate water), 8 hours sleep.

Well that's the plan. think it's doable???

 2012 is going to be great for us all!!!Looking forward to supporting and being supported and......fitting into a size 10 by Feb 18 (Can't a girl dream ;-)



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