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Does anyone want to do a 90 day challenge with me?

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Starting this Sunday, I'm going to start a 90-day healthy/weight loss challenge, if anyone would like to join me. The things I'm going to do are:

- Eat healthy and eat ENOUGH to lose HEALTHILY

- Drink at least 60 oz. of water everyday

- Exercise 5-6 times a week (personally I've got a 13 week Couch to 5K that I'm going to be doing, with some weights thrown in)

I have actually conquered the eating healthy aspect before; I eliminated processed foods from my diet almost entirely. It really was amazing how much brighter my skin looked and how much better my hair was. But then I got off that trail and started up on the junk again. Nonetheless, eating healthy really pays off in more than just shedding pounds; it really gives you an allover glow.

If anyone else wants to do this with me, I was thinking of having the initial weigh-in this Sunday, with subsequent weigh-ins every Friday. Also it would be nice to not just post pounds, but also measurements because most of the time we get slimmer and more toned without neccessarily moving the number on the scale!

I hope someone else will do this with me; support is always the best and it would be great to have friends on here that actually understand and cheer each other on! It's really amazing what can change in 90 days!

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Hi!! How much do you pretend to lose???
Hello my name is Margaret and I will love to do this challenge with you. It sounds perfect for me because I just seen my obyn and she wants to see me back in 4 months to see how much weight I dropped
Sure I'm in!! I started a 90 day challenge so this'll just be extra :)

Hello.....I started January 1st but I didn't get serious until a week ago so I want to do this 90 day challenge to. I don't have a lot to lose but I have tried for so many years and have never been successful so its a huge challenge for me. 


This sounds like a fun way to be motivated so Im in too!!!!

I'll try to do it!  I just joined calorie count on Tuesday so perhaps this is just what I need to keep motivated!

Here's my question, though, how do we find each other?  Where do I go on the site to be part of this?

i would like to do this also! i started eating healthier the 2nd of January and have only lost about 5lbs so far i was sick for a couple of weeks and just started trying to fit in some excercise i am starting p90x Feb 1 so this would be fantastic!

I need to loose about 30-40lbs im shooting for June 1st but if i can do something significant by my 25th birthday (april 9th) that would be awesome!

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I am in! I am trying to be 105 by 3/3 tho!

I'm in!! For me it's a matter of carbs and sugar. It's mostly natural sugars but even so, it's still WAY TOO MANY! I have a tendency to under eat when I diet and it's done nothing but get me in trouble. 90 days starting Sunday sounds perfect! Protein up, sugar and carbs down, enough food to sustain my body. Thanks for this!! 

@butterflybecky: We just come back to this thread when we weigh in or just feel like posting something! Just wait and see how many pages this thread can get at the end of these 90 days Smile

Hi, my name is sal and please count me in. I have been on my diet for almost 2 weeks and have already lost 7 lbs. I have cut out so much garbage from my diet and have also been working out on my own and have found out that running + a little weight lifting (nothing crazy just 4 lb weights) actually have better results for me than anything.

I have cut my calorie intake from well over (weeeelll over) 2,000 down to less than 1,000.

I'm in! I am doing a challenge at work but nobody else is taking it very seriously. So this would be perfect. My work challenge ends in May so a 90 day challenge would be great to keep me going. I have about 50 lb to lose (not necessarily by May, my birthday in July). I am eating healthy and doing a Couch to 10k program. The more support the better!
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Count me in also!! I need to lose about 20lbs by June. I need help staying motivated.
Suarez you are not eating enough and I won't promote unhealthy eating for the purpose to lose weight. You'll need to eat more....
And when are we weighing in?
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Count me in as well. Wanna lose 20 pounds by April
I'm in! Very new to the program so will be great to start with a challenge!
Hey everybody, I'm in. I've been fiddling around with weight loss without making actual commitments for a while now. I just got back from visiting Germany and the schnitzel and beer are showing :/. I want to get summer ready, and I think this will really help me to be more struck an healthy with my diet/body. Thanks for posting this awesome challenge!

ps: I've literally just joined so I'm not sure what date to weigh/measure in. Is the first one tomorrow 1/20 or sunday 1/22?

Hi everyone, sorry for any confusion about the weigh-ins. Let's have our very first weigh-in (and start this 90 day challenge) this Sunday 1/22. Then our subsequent weigh-ins will be every Friday.

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Hi my name is navneet i weigh 185 and wat to get to 165 so far so i think this wikl help wat do i have to doplease explain and count me in
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