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Zero calories in pickles?

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Is there really no calories in pickles?  That's what it says on my jar of dills.  The serving size is two and zero calories.  I don't understand how anything, aside from water, can have zero calories.  

Needless to say, they are now the majority of my daily intake.  Does anyone know of other zero calorie foods? 
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Hi - I am fairly new at this, but have been lurking around for a few weeks (and think this site is awesome).

Did you look at the sugar content? I bought some pickled peppers the other day, and could taste the sugar.....
Not quite zero - 1 ounce/30 grams of dill pickle = 5 calories.  Watch out for the sodium!

Sweet pickles have lots more.
"Zero Calorie Foods" in reality have calories.  Its just that the amount of calories is extremely low (less then 5/10 I think) per serving.  People call these "free foods". 
The FDA allows the labeling of these 'free food' products to advertise as 0 calories per serving.  However care should be taken in any case because eating enough of these 'free foods' can still add up.

1 tsp(serving) mustard = 3 calories. 
Many individuals don't use just 1 tsp though. 
2 tbs, 1 for each piece of bread = 18 calories.


So these things can add up.
Hope that clears things up for you.
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These are Kosher Dill Midgets.  0 fat, 220g sodium, 1g total carbs, 0 protien, 0 sugar.  That's all forgein to me.  I can read lablels and find content, but I don't know if it's good or bad.  There should be instruction on that. 

I'm new here too (3 days).  I tried the Bob Greene thing, was disappointed by the web site.  I really like this one.  I'm just trying to eat healthier.  If I loose a few pounds doing in, great! 

I am the tpye that finds it easier to grab a cookie or cupcake when I'm hungry, (which are always on hand) rather than making a salad. 
If you want a tip that works for me, read on, if not, ignore me! 

I love to buy fresh fruits and veggies but when it comes time to snack, like you said about grabbing a salad, it's a lot easier to grab something already prepared.  Therefore, I use clear plastic containers (tupperware, glad ware, it's all the same) in my fridge to showcase the fruits/vegetables that I washed and cut when I got home from the store. 

Sometimes I can't just do it right when I get home and that's okay, I just set aside some time, maybe after dinner (it really only takes 10-15 minutes depending on how many different choices I bought that week).  Then, when you ARE in the moment and need a snack, you can just grab some pre-prepared fresh fruits or veggies.  You can do the same thing with lettuce/spinach for a salad...have a few pre-done containers of salad ready in your fridge.

Another quick snack I have is sugar free jell-o.  You can buy the pre-made kind, or get the little gladware cups with lids and make your own.  It doesn't take long and you can mix your own flavors, add fruit, whatever you want, but you know what is in it!
I don't think there is such a thing as zero calories except water. Granted pickles are just cucumbers and are low calories - the pickling process adds so much sodium you can actually gain weight if you eat too much since the salt will cause you to retain water.  I think you'd be better just having some diced cucumbers.  I remember my grandmother's putting vinegar over cucumbers and onions and having them "set a bit" in the fridge.  I loved those cuces.  I wish I knew if they added something else to the vinegar.  Vinegar is no sodium and actually a mild diuretic so it would be a better weight loss food than the pickles.
Yes, pickles are a bit of a mixed blessing. The other day I was looking for a very low calorie lunch and ended up with a huge deli dill. Halfway through eating it I could literally feel the sodium coursing through my body. Terrible headache, heart pounding, I tossed it right in the garbage and drank half a gallon of water.

So yeah, no calories, but I definitely wouldn't call them good for you.  
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Hello I am new to the site and was going through some of the posts on zero calorie foods and was intrigued about a previous poster's grandmother putting vinegar over cucumbers and onions.  Well I have a grandmother who does the same thing and we call them fresh pickles.  

Since this was a favorite of my childhood as well I thought that I would take the time to share a few things that we did that you might try if you ever get the hankering for fresh pickles.  

First is the technique that we use in layering the cucumbers and the onions.  First you need a large container with a lid and then proceed to slice the cucumbers and onions.  When slicing the onion make sure to not lose any of the onion juice that comes out as you make the first cuts.  Try to get as much of this juice in the container as possible to help flavor the brine and the pickles.  

Next you put down a layer of sliced cucumbers and lightly salt them.  Then a layer of the onion rings also lightly salt these.  Repeat until you run out.  The order is important as the onions naturally have more flavor than the cucumbers and if they are on the bottom without any cucumbers under them you lose an entire side of contact area to help transfer some of those flavors to the cucumbers.  Let this sit for about 5 minutes to let the salt set on the soon to be pickles.  

Now for the vinegar.  White vinegar is the standard but I have also had good success with apple cider vinegar adding citrus undertones to the pickles.  Really any will work.  Next you can add garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flake, dill , or really any number of other spices to the brine to flavor your pickles.  Once done mixing pour the brine to the side of the pickles to not disturb the salt as much.  This way you can use much less salt and still achieve that salty flavor we all crave.  Cover and fridge for at least 2 hours, better if left overnight.

I hope that you get some use out of this old low calorie snack recipe and help keep grandma's treats alive and kicking for generations to come.  

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Pickles have a downside with the salt.  But the calories are low for unsweetened dills, and I've read some evidence that they can slow digestion a little due to their acid, thus slightly reducing appetite.

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