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what does 3 0z of broccoli look like?

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my bag of broccoli says thats one serving. Im just wondering like how many broccoli pieces that is. Many thanks for anyone who responds.{#emotions_dlg.laughing}

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it looks like roughly a cup of broccoli, raw that is...after it's been cooked it's less since it condenses down.

thank you very much.

Here is a really handy picture guide for some veggie servings. I realized that my servings were much bigger than what is recommended (not that this is a bad thing for veggies, but still!).

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I applaud your effort to control your diet. I would suggest however that you focus on more calorie dense veggies (ie. legumes, corn or potates). Use low carb veggies as a freebe. Don't make yourself crazy. Keep a large enough deficit (for the devil) in your daily (intake/burn) plan to accomadate smaller things like veggies. If you can stay accurate to within 500 calories you're doing pretty good.

After five years of control, ease yourself off this proccess. If you gain - go back. Check out and sign up with National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). They can hepl you as they have helped me and many others.

You are already a success story. Good luck in the future.

since a whole cup, 158 grams, of steamed broccoli is only 55 calories, it's pretty much an all you can eat vegetable for me.  If I don't weigh it and log the grams, then I just ballpark it and log one cup.  A cup is a serving about the size of your fist.  If my count is off by 25 or so, it's not going to make any difference, especially when you consider the amount of fiber in broccoli.

I used the link that chemgirl provided and was surprised to see that legumes count as a vegetable.  Amazing!  

I guess I'm eating way more veggies than I was giving myself credit for.

Yeah MyPyramid gives pretty broad definitions of vegetables, which makes it much easier to comprehend when you see stuff that says "get 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day" and you realize you are eating that without having to feel like you're a walking ball of fiber from cramming green veggies in your mouth all day.

The diabetic exchange list specifies veggies only as green leafys and squash and carrots and the really low-calorie, high water content veggies, potatoes/corn/beans while counting as veggies do have significantly more kcal per serving so that is something to be mindful of.

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