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I always find myself looking towards the yummy but fatty snacks to rid my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, blueberry pie, greasy mac'n cheese...I need to start eating healthier think so?? Know of any yummy snacks that aren't loaded with fat or sugar??
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I know it's so overdone with dieting - but the Quaker mini rice cakes in the Chocolate are pretty good - kinda taste like cocoa pebbles.

And i keep smart pop kettle corn at my desk - it's sweet and salty so usually takes care of the cravings.

Also Edy's Light ice cream is super good - still a little high in cal but 1/2 the fat and really good - i like fudge tracks myself

Good luck!
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mmm yes smart pop is really good and has loads of fiber.

I like snacking on apples because they always seem to fill me up and subside my sweet craving. I like Fuji.

Also I like the Weight Watchers Cookies n Cream ice cream bars, they're only 2 pts on their system and are heavenly!
CAn I just say that in my little world, icecream is not a snack. nor is pie. They're treats. yOu should snack every 2-4 hours (not including meals) but they should be snacks, otherwise you'll never get enough of your daily nutrition AND lose weight. If you keep eating sugar snacks you'll crave substantial sugary treats like ice-cream for dessert.

in terms of snacks I go yogurt, fruit, diet jelly (not super healthy) but dont always have plain. Eg, i cook up soe apple in the microwave and sprinkle on cinnamon, or i mix frozen berries in with my yogurt.

Fruit may sound  boring but rockmelon cubes and grapes rock. Or slice up a banana, place it in a non-stick pan for a few secs, and spread with a little sugar free jam. I like pie fruit (apple, apricot, no added sugar varieties) have warm and spirnkle with some granola for a great treat!

For treats, when i need to be healthy, i make a 'baked' apple in the mircowave and stuff with a mini chocolate. I have dark chocolate buttons for 26 cals each. 2 is plenty. Or a mars lite bar for 64 cals. Inside a whole apple. Even the apple itself cooked is super sweet. My blog has some ideas for sweet treats for dessert.
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In my little world a treat can be a snack. I don't like to be so strict with my eating or else I lose interest. A little WW ice cream for a snack is perfectly acceptable in my world. 
popcorn!!! the 100 calorie bags are perfect for me. so much food for only 100 calories is great when I feel like munching.
I'm afraid you'll be hard pressed to find an equal substitute for chocolate chip cookies though.. unless you have the will-power to only eat half a cookie, and i know i don't!! Actually, there are really good 'smart ones' frozen deserts (including a cookie dough sundae) that are around 180 calories. Kind of a lot, but they are quite decadent. THose would definitely fall under the "treat" cattegory rather than "snack" though. Oh, and Luna bars are amazing. Like a candy bar with vitamins.
take a low carb low fat wheat tortilla, stick it in the mic for 2 mins and put salsa on it.. ITS A GIANT CHIP! and HEALTHY! =]

oh && low cal too! yay! haha
it' never 100% but i like to have protein with most of my meal/snacks.  definitely keeps the hunger at bay... any form will do: nuts, smaller portions of animal protein, beans/legumes, dairy, nut butters, etc.  combine with a bit of whatever is a nice complement. 

purty easy.  also, i won't give up "real" dairy.  i eat whole fat ice cream when I eat ice cream.  i just eat a controlled portion or save a few calories for a splurge.  sometimes I save those treats for "maintenance" days.  it's satiating and i no longer miss eating what i refer to as "real food". 
I had never heard about Laughing Cow before joining this website. And now I have a new favorite snack:

1 cup whole strawberries
1 wedge original Laughing Cow

Slice strawberries and spread Laughing Cow ontop.
Roughly 100 calories and so filling!

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Beef jerky.

Because it is extremely high in protein, it makes you feel full quickly, and the energy lasts a long time. 

Some brands are very high in fat (as high as 60% of calories), but others are very low (less than 10% of calories.)  They taste equally good.  Chewy, salty, filling.  You just have to look at the label.

One of the brands listed on this site is 7% fat, 69% protein, and 24% carbs.  Can't get much healthier than that.  And its meat!
roasted almonds.
7cals per piece. 
I eat about  30 a day.

find some whole wheat light crackers and some cheese.
200 or so cals.

meal replacement powders (flavoured) strawberry
mix with 1glass of milk 260cals.
Lots of vitamins and nutrients.
Not sure if you like dried fruit, but if you do, I've found that it's a snack that I've been addicted to lately.  My favorite is apricots, because of the small pieces, my mind is tricked to thinking it's eating something bad that's small, like chips - but it's actually good for me!
Also, if you're looking for a sweet kick, I've found that the Pria bars are AMAZING.  They taste just like chocolate and are only 110 calories (and they're good for you!  CC gives them an "A" rating).

Teddy grahams, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, sweet bell peppers w/hummus, cantaloup, junior mints, cabbage sauted w/garlic,soy & oyster sauce...Brown Cow Cherry Vanilla yogurt (tastes almost exactly like Breyers cherry vanilla) add low fat granola for crunch, garlic Rosemary triscuits, organic chicken chile...

Try to keep some different things around so you can satisfy a salty or sweet craving without much effort.  Try not to get bored.  I came here for some new ideas too.  :)

Learn that those are not snacks - those are treats. If you are eating treats, justifying that you need snacks to keep up your metabolism, look at your daily nutrient intake. If you fall below the RDI (esp calcium, iron, folate) then obviously you are treating yourself where you need snacks, which help boost the nutritents from your meals. I'm not saying dont have treats. Just earn them. I dont eat chocolate on the days I dont exercise. (But i do have low fat icecreM! I have a treat for dessert, and two snacks and 3 meals a day)

If you do go for fats or sugar, try healthy fats, such as those in nuts. That way at least you're getting nutrition. And to make up for tha cals, for your treat pick a sugar and fat free pudding or look up some recipeis here. If you have cool whip apaprently you can freeze that stuff.

You can also combine a food. So you like granola and its pretty high cal. Sprinkle it on a low fat yogurt instead. If you like apple pie, chop up an apple and micorwave in splenda (optional) and cinnamon and top with oats and butter spary and broil, or granola, or even plain.

I try to get 3 snacks per day.. First one is usually a bowl with some apple, pears, kiwi, strawberries, melons pieces and then add a little plain yogurt to it..

Second snack is usually a Orange and some fruits or some nuts if im low on protein and fats.

Third one a yogurt or some wheat soda crackers with cottage cheese... Omg Cottage Cheese is so awesome..

Sugar: Fruits
FaT:  Raw Nuts

Can't go wrong with those.

I love sargento low fat string cheese and blue diamond natural almonds....yummy!

Also, WW has cookies now! I love the chocolate chip warmed in the microwave for 10 sec, only 90 cals and 4 fiber....yep 4 fiber...gotta love that! And the best part they are soft even if you don't  microwave, I love a soft cookie!

No Sugar Chocolate Fudgicles  - 50 calories

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50 Ways to Snack in 100 Calories or Less
By Jenny Wanderschied

1. Twenty chocolate-covered raisins. 87 cal.

2. Half a slice of angel food cake with 1 tablespoon thawed, frozen light whipped topping and one maraschino cherry. 94 cal.

3. Five Starburst Fruit Chews. 100 cal.

4. One whole graham cracker, broken into two squares. Top one square with 1/4 oz-piece milk chocolate and one large marshmallow. Top with the other square and microwave for about 12 seconds. 90 cal.

5. Two 1-inch squares chocolate fudge. 86 cal.

6. Fruit mix: three dried apricot halves, four almonds and one tablespoon chocolate chips. 100 cal.

7. One frozen waffle toasted and topped with two sliced strawberries and 1 tablespoon whipped cream. 99 cal.

8. 1/2 cup Cocoa Puffs cereal with 1/4-cup skim milk. 81 cal.

9. Three gingersnaps. 80 cal.

10. 6-oz tub Yoplait White Chocolate Strawberry nonfat yogurt. 100 cal.

11. Half a banana, with 1 tablespoon each chocolate syrup and thawed, frozen light whipped topping. 99 cal.

12. Two fun-size Nestle Butterfinger bars. 68 cal.

13. 1 cup sugar-free hot chocolate with 2 tablespoons miniature marshmallows. 66 cal.

14. Two caramel corn cakes. 90 cal.

15. 3/4-oz serving baked potato chips (7 to 12 chips) with 2 tablespoons fat-free onion dip. 85 cal.

16. Four wheat crackers with 1-oz reduced-fat cheddar cheese. 87 cal.

17. Half a baked potato, with 1 tablespoon each reduced-fat sour cream and salsa. 98 cal.

18. Six medium pretzel twists with 2 tablespoons mustard. 91 cal.

19. Seven medium shrimp with lemon to taste. 70 cal.

20. Half a medium onion bagel. 97 cal.

21. Three toasted 1/4-in.-thick slices Italian bread, topped with 3 tablespoons chopped tomatoes, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, minced garlic and fresh basil. 79 cal.

22. Four pieces plain Melba toast. 78 cal.

23. Twenty-Five pistachio nuts. 85 cal.

24. Half a baked flour tortilla with 1 oz avocado and 1 tablespoon salsa. 88 cal.

25. 6 cups light microwaveable popcorn. Season to taste. 93 cal.

26. Half a toasted whole-wheat English muffin with one teaspoon reduced-fat chunky peanut butter. 85 cal.

27. Three dill pickles. 36 cal.

28. One baked hash-brown potato patty, with 1 tablespoon ketchup. 79 cal.

29. 2 tablespoons humus on a quarter toasted pita. 93 cal.

30. Half a baked sweet potato mashed with 1 teaspoon each honey and diet margarine. 96 cal.

31. Skinny cafe latte (2 oz brewed espresso with 1 cup steamed skim milk). 91 cal.

32. 1/2 cup cooked couscous and 2 teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese. 100 cal.

33. 1 cup serving canned condensed tomato soup, prepared with water. 85 cal.

34. 1-oz light roasted turkey breast, with 1 teaspoon yellow mustard and one leaf romaine lettuce on one slice toasted light whole-wheat bread. 94 cal.

35. Two low fat chocolate chip cookies (store-bought) heated in microwave for 10 seconds. 90 cal.

36. 1/2 cup prepared plain instant oatmeal, with 2 tablespoons frozen blueberries and cinnamon to taste. 82 cal.

37. One slice toasted raisin bread with 1 tablespoon fat-free cream cheese. 86 cal.

38. 1/4-cup egg substitute omelet, filled with 1 tablespoon reduced-fat cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup diced tomatoes. 88 cal.

39. 1 cup green tea with 2 teaspoon sugar. 30 cal.

40. Ten baby carrots with 2 tablespoons fat-free ranch dressing. 90 cal.

41. 1/2 cup each green and red bell pepper sliced and dipped in 2 tablespoons light Thousand Island dressing. 80 cal.

42. 1/2 cup canned pineapple chunks, packed in juice. 75 cal.

43. One chocolate-dipped strawberry. 62 cal.

44. Five small celery ribs stuffed with 2 teaspoons peanut butter and 1 tablespoon raisins. 100 cal.

45. Half a medium grapefruit with 1 easpoon sugar. 38 cal.

46. One each sliced medium tomato and red onion with 2 tablespoons low-fat Italian salad dressing. 100 cal.

47. 1/2-cup low-fat cottage cheese blended with 4 tablespoons fresh blueberries. 100 cal.

48. One small baked apple with 1 1/2 tablespoons light pancake syrup. 97 cal.

49. 1/2 cup light vanilla ice cream with 2 tablespoons frozen raspberries. 100 cal.

50. 1/4 cup cooked soybeans (edamame) seasoned to taste. 64 cal

*smarties minis 66cal

*haribo minis 55 cal

*popcorn 31 cal per bag

*snackajacks-s + v are 90cals per bag

*cottage cheese 100 cals per 100g

*cucumber/carrot sticks


*wheatgerm toast-less cals, about 45cals per slice. or milk roll toast. same cals


*apples with peanut butter.


*skimmed milk custard.


*dried apricots.... other dried fruit. NOT DATES. they're well calorific. one has about 25cals! i found that out the HARD way.

hope this helps.


  1. fresh fruit.
  2. frozen fruit.
  3. fresh vegetables.
  4. frozen vegetables.
  5. yogurt.
  6. plain air-popped popcorn.
  7. sugar-free fudge bars.
  8. diet soda.
  9. water.
  10. gum.

those are just a few ideas that were on the top of my mind.

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