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Yogurt-covered vs Chocolate-covered Raisins?

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Usually for an afternoon snack at work I have a 100 calorie pack. Fits my calorie standards and sugar needs (desires, rather) for the day, but they have little to no nutrition. I'm actually trying to eat better in addition to losing weight, so where I can make changes I am. I noticed the cafeteria sells bagged vanilla yogurt-covered raisins, and milk chocolate-covered raisins. The bags are pretty fat so I couldn't eat the entire thing for an afternoon snack and be under 100 calories for sure, and therefore I'm inclined to go with whichever I can eat more of and be under 100 calories. However, should I be able to contain myself, I would pick the healthier option in the end.. hopefully..

I know chocolate isn't too bad in controlled portions. Dark chocolate is better I hear, but I'm pretty sure they're milk chocolate only.. they may offer dark chocolate-covered raisins. Vanilla yogurt-covered seems healthier to me, but I can't be sure. I've never been a healthy eater previously, and so what I think is healthy.. usually isn't. I just want it :p. Help from the lovely and intelligent CCers would be magnificent <3 (which, just to be clear, is all of you).

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Hi angelfell! I love yogurt covered nuts but I can say (both from taste and from reading the ingredient list) that just because it says 'yogurt' does not make it healthy. Most of it is sugar, barely anything related to yogurt. I would say health and calorie wise, both chocolate covered and yogurt covered would be about the same...

Hi antibinge :)! How are you :p? Anyways, yeah, I'm sure they're not very healthy at all.. however, they have to be better than 100-calorie oreo crisps or chocolate chip cookie crisps, right? I know raisins have some sort of benefit.. never heard anyone praising oreos for their nutrition XD. Do you think it doesn't matter either way whichever one I choose, then? Since it's all sugar..

I was looking into that too! And I was shocked to find out that the chocolate covered ones were actually a little lower in calories! Being a chocoholic, that was a giddy realization...

Happy snacking :o)

Neither the 100 calorie packs of oreos or the yogurt-esque covered raisins are particularly "healthy" choices so in this case I'd say go with whichever you prefer taste-wise! If you're feeling some chocolate covered raisins (yum!) go for it, or if you simply like the taste of those chocolate wafery "oreos" then that's fine too. Personally, I still keep 100 calorie packs around when I get snacky chocolate cravings but don't want to succumb to something too decadent. They're good portion controlled snacks to just take the edge off every once in a while. Sure I could choose a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts instead, but considering the bulk of my diet is healthy and full of the "right" choices, a 100 calorie pack of empty calories won't hurt me in the end.

Whatever slight health benefits there are in eating that small amount of raisins, they're overshadowed by what they're being coated in. Most of those coatings are made with hydrogenated oil, HFCS and artificial preservatives and/or dyes (and the same could be said for the ingredient list on most 100 calorie packs too) If you really want 100 calories worth of healthier/more natural snack options you *could* snack on some air popped popcorn, a couple of squares of dark chocolate, or adding dried (or fresh) fruit or high fiber/low sugar cereal into some plain nonfat yogurt. You could make your own 100 calorie packs by preportioning chocolate chips and raisins in little baggies. You *could* do that, but that's no fun to be so well-behaved all the time, right? lol If enjoying the occasional nutritionally-vacant 100 calorie snack satisfies your sweet tooth, there's nothing wrong with that! I know I'd go mad without my daily chocolatey/sugar fix!

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