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The 12 Worst Foods You Could Ever Eat!!!

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I found this list in a body-builder webpage and I thought I would share.  I think that anyone trying to improve their fitness, lose weight and tone up should memorize these and think about them whenever they are making eating choices!!!

The 12 worst fat-storing foods you should never eat

-Ice cream

- Fried foods

- Doughnuts and pastries

- Candy, chocolate & sweets

- Soda

- Fruit "drinks" and other sugar-sweetened beverages

- Potato chips

- Bacon, sausage

- White Bread

- Hot dogs, fast food burgers

- Cookies

- Sugary breakfast cereals

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By fat-storing, do they mean that these foods encourage the body to store fat in some way above and beyond the calories they contain, or just that they are high in calories?  I mean most of those are high in calories and low in nutrients, but due to my caloric requirements, I've had days where I'm almost full, have had all my veggies and protein for the day, and still need 200 calories to meet my BMR, so I often use one of the foods listed above to fill in - usually something like a cookie or snack foods.

And of course there are healthy versions of a lot of those foods, but I don't want to quibble about details.  :)

So, are they the 12 worst foods you could "ever" eat, or the 12 worst foods you should "never" eat?  (title and text of post differ).

As for "never", I have to disagree.  The only items of that list I've completely eliminanted from my diet is the soda and sugar fruit drinks , and I've still lost 50 lbs, and I'm the healthiest I've been in years.  The only difference now is that I realize that moderation and portion size are key.

haha i love that i am reading this while eating a slice of coffee cake! whatever, it's friday, that's my naughty breakfast day :)
Original Post by jules817:

 it's friday, that's my naughty breakfast day :)

 Ummm....out of context that sounds like it should have nothing to do with food....Wink 

i love icecream. it is a part of my "diet" in small quantities , and only once in a while.  and cinnamon toast crunch...again not all the time, and in small portions, but when I have a sweet tooth, I'd rather eat something satisfying than everything else.

"By fat-storing, do they mean that these foods encourage the body to store fat in some way above and beyond the calories they contain, or just that they are high in calories? "

I see there were a number of responses to this in the time I was formulating mine in my mind. I'm kind of torn because while they are nutritionally poor foods, I also don't like the idea of 'never', and because of the wording that they are 'the worst fat storing foods'. Nearly all are calorie dense (not the white bread so much) but I don't think there's any real evidense that it's the type of food that causes your body to store more fat. As a matter of fact, there's a saying amoung nutrionists that the body sees everything as sugar.  Too many store fat, no matter where the cals come from.

These are certainly the calorie-dense nutrionally deficit kinds of foods that cause trouble for people in the US, especially. I think of it as a big 'Caution' sign rather than a 'Stop' sign.

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ok soo about icecream...i love eatting it and im on a diet but i sneak icecream in there once in awhile. But you see when i eat junk food i try to eat smart junk food. I get either fat free or light is that just as bad???

Of course the lower fat ice creams are better. Just look at the range of grades that CC give for ice cream. They range from 'D' to an 'A' (for my Breyer's fat free churned. yum!) Even regular ice cream gets a 'C' so it's not totally worthless. Portion size is really important, though. Not many people really only eat a half cup.

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thats soo true!!! a half a cup of icecream is nothing!!! lol i have to admit that i eat more than that! but since i started on this site ive been doing better and ive been trying to eat serving size portions of stuff!!
haaahaa santonacci! i SO wish it were that kind of naughty breakfast! but the coffee cake was pretty good.....

i honestly think it's bs...i don't think eating particular foods will promote fat storage. maybe those high in sugar if they cause an insulin spike, but generally speaking small amounts of those foods are ok too


I think these foods were listed because 1) all of these foods have little or no nutritional value, 2) none of these foods have protein, which is not good for building muscle, and 3) people rarely eat these foods in moderation.

hm chocolate has been a regular part of my diet lately and I am not going to give it up. my problem with saying i can "never" have something is that it just makes me want it more. reading this list just now gave me a huge craving for a cookie.

wow i can honestly say i don't eat any of the above, except for an occasional slice of white here and there and icecream maybe once a month if im lucky. I'm not big on deserts or sweet food so its not too much of a problem for me. but ice cream is sooo yummy! i usually get a sorbet of some kind that is on the lighter side, so i like to think its not too naughty lol

I had cookies today, a sugary breakfast cereal, and potato chips..but it was all within my calorie that bad? :/

I really hate this kind of exaggerated, scaremongering rubbish  because it terrifies people into thinking they should ban all these foods or feel guilty & ashamed if they enjoy eating some of them.   If someone who enjoys a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables etc., eats a cookie or a small dish of ice-cream from time to time it's not 'the worst thing they could eat'.  If they live on nothing but fried foods, doughnuts and pastries and never touch vegetables... OK they've got a terrible diet and they've got more serious problems up ahead than storing fat. 

The 'worst thing you can eat' is something poisonous or contaminated.  It is not a piece of white bread or a packet of crisps. 
Original Post by jules817:

haha i love that i am reading this while eating a slice of coffee cake! whatever, it's friday, that's my naughty breakfast day :)

Cake isn't on the list! We can eat it. Wooo ;D Unless cake is a pastry and no one told me.

"Fat storing" foods?  Muttlover assessed the list well.  

Even though I dont eat them, I wouldnt classify them as 'never eat' for me or anyone, reserving such a list for foods from gijanes conclusion - contaminated or toxic. 
I'm not really big on "never"s. I'm 110 now and I rarely eat those foods. Last year I was 98 and I ate one of those foods every single day. For me it's possible to diet strictly as long as I have a treat every day. It's just what has worked for me. Binging on that stuff, then starving myself of it, is what got me to this high weight.

- Raw chicken
- Old tires
- Dirty dishes
- Scrap metal
- Cat fur
- Whole live cows
- Eggshells
- Designer jeans

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