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Wisdom teeth out tomorrow!! Need food suggestions!

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So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, which means no solid food all weekend!  I'm heading to the store tonight to stock up on sherbet, fruit for smoothies, Naked Juice, yogurt, etc.  Does anyone have any awesome suggestions for liquidy foods that aren't TERRIBLY horrible for you?  (I'll probably still get a bit of ice cream though!)

Also, any stories about how having your wisdom teeth out didn't hurt at all would be helpful--I'm a little nervous.  :-)
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souppp mmmm. just in case you want something warm and saltier. Try one of campbell's hearty choices.

oh, and I got my wisdom teeth pulled and it didn't hurt at all if that helps. I mean, I could feel everything but no pain, if that makes sense. And it was all four of them at once

I just got mine out 4 months ago.  I had a lot of chicken broth , sugar free jello, and protein shakes.

I had a really hard time with mine but the time goes fast.  I have a lot of friends that were fine the following day.

woo yay, getting mine out was actually fun haha (: just a heads-up though, the painkillers they give you afterward are STRONG.

i recommend soup, the saltiness is good for the healing. for "healthier" options sugar free jello/pudding and nonfat yogurt are good. don't eat anything sticky or anything you'd have to suck on.

When I got mine out I felt fine that night, in fact I went to a movie. This is probably not a great suggestion but I would make mac n cheese and just boil the noodles so they were really tender so i could just swallow them whole!

 soup is a great suggestion, and home made fruit smoothies would probably be delish.

Heh. I actually just had mine out last week, and let me tell you, I ate a lot of applesauce. The other suggestions here are perfect (and I envy you your fruit smoothies - we don't own a blender). I just wanted to add that if your meds make you queasy at all, vanilla pudding helps. At least, it calmed my poor, sensitive stomach down when the vicodin + antibiotic + steroid + ibuprofen cocktail wasn't sitting too well... which was most of the time, unfortunately. But for what it's worth, I never actually threw up and the queasiness was the worst part of it all for me. The pain and swelling were more than sufficiently knocked out by the meds, and I've been eating more solid foods just fine for three or four days days now. You'll probably be able to even sooner, I just had some awkward stitches and didn't have the right range of motion for proper chewing.

Point is, you'll be fine. Especially if you're going with general anesthesia... best recommendation my dentist ever made! :-)
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Thanks for the suggestions and for putting my mind a little more at ease!  I've never been put under before, so I hope I don't have some horrible reaction to the anesthesia (it makes my mom throw up...). 

whatever you do, make sure you relax, and dont obsess over calories while you are trying to get better!

be really carefull as well not to get any solid foods near your holes, or to suck on straws, because if your blood clots fall out you can get dry socket which is incredibly painful.   

a couple of days after i got mine out i was so fed up with soft foods i tried to eat a piece of bread with PB on it.  It took me about 20 min (without the crusts) but if its driving you mad, try nibbling very small bites and 'chewing' (carefully!) with your front teeth, then swallow really quickly! 

I don't think the mouth was all that bad (of course it was like 20 something years ago), it was the drugs that kicked my butt. They put me to sleep to remove mine.

My daughter was the same way, they put her to sleep too and when she woke up she was so sick to her stomach. When she would take the pain pills it would futher tick off her tummy. To this day she can't think about soy milk cuz I had her drink some prior to taking her pain pill and it didn't stay down. Then she didn't take any more pain meds and she got much better.

Really make sure you don't suck on anything or eat things that would get stuck in the 'socket' (like nuts, but who would do that? You get the point.) A friend of mine cleaned out the socket and (he was fine until then) then got'dry socket' and it hurt like heck.

When I had mine out, I LIVED on sugar-free popsicles (I do now

Best of luck; I wish you a speedy recovery, 

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apple sauce

cream of anything... just remember, bring a towel.. you might drool... fun fun

Good Luck! 

when i had mine out i was out at about the next night! all my friends came over the night of and brought me ice cream and watched a movie but i slept through it. i actually ate 7 layer dip without the chips...but thats not exactly healthy. and i got a black olive stuck in my hole and it took me a little while to pick it out.

make sure you ice your face! a pack of frozen peas works wonders just switch sides when one gets too cold. it will keep the swelling down. 

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Thanks everyone!  I got through it (barely).  My doctor told me I have "jaws like Muhammad Ali", and my teeth were really hard to get out.  Also, my mouth was too small and they had to tear it open to get into the back--the corners of my mouth are all raw and bleeding. :-( 

The food suggestions really helped though--ice cream, mashed potatoes, and smoothies have been my friends.  Yesterday I even ate mac 'n cheese!  (but it took me an hour to do it!)
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