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I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and I need to know what I can eat!! While ice cream and soup both sound delicious, I can't survive on those for a week ):

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There are a lot of posts on soft foods. Go to the search bar, type in "jar surgery" or "soft foods" and check them out for ideas.

Scrambled eggs!
Oatmeal or cream of wheat!

Smoothies (no straws)!

Puddings, jellos, apple sauces!


I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time and they were all impacted. Even I was back to eating semi-solid food after 4 days. I just had to chew with the front of my mouth.

That being said, I'm sure they warned you about using straws. Nobody wants to experience dry sockets.

You know, you can put almost anything in a blender and get it to the consistency that you need for the first few days. I had a cousin who broke his jaw and had it wired shut around St. Patrick's Day. He had my mother toss some corned beef into the blender so he could drink it through a straw.I know it doesn't sound completely appetizing.

Well cooked pureed veggies and fruits, oatmeal, applesauce, smoothies (no straws!), overcooked pasta or rice, avocados, sweet potatoes, etc.


Frozen pureed banana (like ice cream)

Protein shakes (I like Weider, or Vega powder which has tons of nutrients)

Borrow a juicer and experiment with variations

carnation instant breakfast

I had a bunch of mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes when I had mine out.  I got all 4 out at the same time.  It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would or for as long as I thought it would.  I actually recommend not having rice, cause it can get stuck in there, and you have to squirt water in there to get it out.  I also had soups and tapioca pudding.. Oh... and smoothies.  Just have it with a spoon and not a straw.

My daughter had it last year - all 4 removed at once. Smoothie King was her favorite source of nourishment.

I ate a ton of mashed potatoes.

I just got mine done, I am eating icecream and jello but also soup, mashed potato, really soft fish, milk, yogurt....might make some homemade smoothies/milkshakes later on. There's actually a lot to choose from :) Most foods you can turn into something soft & edible..

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