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Wisdom Teeth Out What to Eat!?

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So tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth removedYell so i wont be able to eat any solid foods for about 3 days, also my appointment is at 6:00pm so that means I am not able to eat anything for pretty much the entire day, so I have a few questions:

  1. Will my not being able to eat for one day screw up my body?
  2. Does anyone know of anything I can eat while recovering? My friend said she wasn't able to eat anything like soup because the heat was too painful, but she did eat a lot of icecream. Are there any like low-cal icecreams, or other cold foods anyone can suggest?

Thanks, a bunch to anyone for any suggestions! Laughing 

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Good luck!

I had mine out last October. It is hard to eat, because your face is all swollen and it is hard to get your jaw open. Also, you want to keep food away from your incisions (to avoid dry socket).

The first few days I could barely eat anything. I wouldn't worry about it screwing up your body. If you can't eat you can't eat and one day isn't going to set you back. Dunkin Donuts smoothies helped. I couldn't use the straw (dry socket again), but could open my mouth enough to get it down. Also, squash, mashed potatoes, pastina, eggs, etc, worked after a few days. I couldn't do the ice cream the first few days, because I couldn't chew.

So, my advice, go with liquidy solids. Things you almost don't have to use your teeth for. After the first day, you want to try to eat, because the pain killers will make you puke, if you don't have enough food in your stomach. Think baby food consistancy. You will know when you feel ready for solid foods again.

I went through this a couple of years ago - honestly, you're not going to feel like eating much - cold drinks will be helpful - if I remember right, I think I did popsicles, wendy's frosties, maybe puddings or jello's.  You don't need to worry about gaining weight - because you're just not going to be able to eat much.  I also liked macaroni salad after a couple of days.  My grandmother actually bought me baby food, which I never did try - but you probably could.  Also something like Ensure would give you well-rounded nutrients - but like Jennifer says, you can't use a straw and you can't open your mouth much - just focus on getting better - don't worry about calories for the next few days!!

For protein, I highly suggest Chinese steamed egg.

Also, I think soup in general is very good too, but I don't know how high you want your sodium levels to be while you're trying to recover from the removal of your wisdom teeth.

When I had my wisdom teeth out two years ago (before I was counting), I ate pretty much nothing but ice cream and my muscle milk protein shake for the first two days.  This is a specific situation when protein supplements are very useful.  

I also had jello once.  And Cream of wheat.

Ha! Do not do when I did when I got my wisdom teeth out (take tons of pain med.s and eat regular food because I do not like "drinking" meals) - Because I did that I not only got dry-sockets, twice, but my mouth got infected because a piece of something got stuck in there and my gum grew over it - close your eyes and imagine a chipmunk with 5 acorns in it's mouth, yea, that was me! It was seriously embarrassing & it hurt terribly! Luckily, I am all good now! - If you like pureed vegetables I would advise you make some or perhaps have some fruit smoothies (with low sugar fruits like berries of some sort) or have some smooth oatmeal that hardly needs to be chewed - what else, hm... no sugar-apple sauce, egg whites scrambled (or eggs in general - they are soft)... Don't eat a steak tomorrow night like I did the night I got mine out! HA HA! I am so intelligent don't you think?

thanks a lot everyoneSmile So far I havent had any trouble and I did end up getting lots a fruit for smoothies and Baby food which actually taste pretty good. I think I might pick up some protein powder as well, or atleast get my mother to (I'm not looking to good at the moment haha)

giasbash6260 - LOL! omg you sound hilarious. And don't worry if it wasn't for your post I probably would have done the same. These painkillers are AMAZING you can't feel a thing haha

lol i did the same thing and it was not a pretty site...definately dont eat solid food after ur wisdom teeth came out that day ..

I had all 4 removed last month...chicken Broth, cream of wheat, jello, applesauce and pudding is what I ate... when I ate. Wasn't hungry most of the time. When it got easier to eat, I had things like scrambled eggs and omelets, plain.

Jello and mashed up plain lo mein from the chinese joint were my godsend.

When I got mine out, the oral surgeon told me to get something frozen and sugary. My mom got me a frozen coffee, and my mouth was so numb from the novacaine that I kept dribbling it down my front.

I ate a lot of soup that week...

I ate alot of mac and cheese from kfc, they tend to make it pretty mushy so that got me through a few days.  Like everyone else said food really won't be all that appetizing for the first few days but you do have to get something in you.  Aside from mushy mac and cheese I slugged a couple slim fasts which I normally don't use too often but it got a good amount of vitamins and stuff in me (if you can use Ensure or something better then Slim Fast if you use that option).  Good luck! And don't listen to people you know telling you it's terrible and horrible, you could end up like me and have very minimal swelling and be good to go in a couple of days!

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I just had my wisdom teeth out this past November and it actually wasnt too bad at all! I made alot of fruit smoothies which are perfect to drink or even use a straw with especially if you blend it all well enough.

Ensures are also pretty good and good warmed up at this time of the year!

Sweet potatoes can be eaten, Eggs, greek yogurt, possibly oatmeal but hard when things get stuck back there! I would definelty suggest more of a liquid/smoothie diet at least the first day!

I had mine out a few days ago.  Just eat whatever soft food you can mush with your tounge and dont worry about the calories.  Its going to take you awhile to get enough of anything down to be concerned. 

I ate alot of mashed potatos with cheese melted in, whole milk pudding, applesauce, soft steamed carrots and zuchinni and cream of chicken soup at hand and refried beans.  I feel I covered my nutritional needs well.

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