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So during the summer it is pretty easy to find fruits to snack on when you're really hot but what about the winter? Do you guys know of any low calorie healthy warm snaks???
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I'm a fan of a good bowl of oatmeal (you can even use splenda to sweeten plain oats to cut calories), and if you don't mind a few extra calories, brown sugar sprinkled on top is delicious!! It's also good with fresh fruit :)
How about cup of soups?  Or toast?  Baked apples? The problem with warm snacks is that you need facilities that enable food to be heated!  I take it you do have access to these?  Although if not thermoses are excellent.
I have a microwave and a mini oven. The problem is that when  I'm cold I directly go to warm chocolate milk or coffee with milk, yummy but fatning.
have you tried drinking herbal tea?  there are tons of flavors, and with artificial sweetener it's 0 calories!  It's a sweet, yummy, hot drink, with no guilt factor
oatmeal. yummm.
This is fantastic and surprisingly filling:

A cup of canned pumpkin

A little cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

A couple of packets of Splenda

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

A couple of tsp skim milk

Mix it all together and microwave it for a warm, delicious treat that tastes just like pumpkin pie filling.  Top it with granola or something crunchy if you have the extra calories.  Soooo delicious, plus it's fat free and packed with fiber.  It also goes great mixed in with oatmeal.
I like vegetable broth just because it warms me up and makes me feel full. Sometimes I'll have a few rice crackers with it or a rice cake. mmm..
I like diet hot chocolate, 25 calories an envelope:) or a 100 calorie brownie heated in the microwave for 10 seconds. 

I'm with caitbo--the diet hot chocolate is excellent.  I actually make mine with 1/2c soy milk mixed with 1/2c water because it makes it creamier. 

The Quaker low-sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal packs are good. 

Another option--since I see that you have a mini oven--is half of a 100-calorie english muffin, 1/8c marinara, and a sprinkle of part skim mozzerella.  mmmmm...

The nice thing I've found about warm snacks over cold ones is that they make me feel more satisfied and full.  Has anyone else noticed that too?

I like to fix a bowl of plain oatmeal and then I drizzle a little lo-cal (or sugar free) pancake syrup over it. It tastes just like the maple & brown sugar flavor instant packs.

I also like the soup option. During the cooler months I will fix a large pot of vegetable soup. This is what I have most days during the week for lunch. I usually make it from whatever veggies are leftover from the week and maybe add some lean beef or chicken for protein, and some broth and/or tomato juice. Since I use a lot of leftovers it is rarely the same from week to week so I don't get bored with eating the same thing over and over.

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Miso soup...:-) It can be salty so I get the white variety.

I mostly drink it plain as a broth but you can put vegi's in onion, mushrooms, tofu...
I like sweets.  My favorite is to take sugar free apple pie filling or fresh apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and splenda, heat on stove, add 1/2 pack of nature valley granola bar or granola cereal sprinkled on top with sugar free fat free  ice cream.  It's about 250 calories. 

I also like Campbell's chunky beef pot roast soup, hot chocolate, oatmeal

I like to have soup.  Health Valley brand has a lot of veggie soups and stuff, with basically no fat and no added salt (which in soup is a big problem - they usually havea ton of sodium - canned ones at least).  I guess you could make your own soup too if you have the time, and freeze portions. Soup will definitely warm you up and fill you up.  You could add beans or chicken or meat to bulk it up into a meal and not just a snack.

I also like herbal tea.  There are some that they have in flavors that resemble dessert, i think by celestial seasonings they sell them at the food store.

Good luck staying warm.

Have you tried skim milk with  a couple tablespoons of sugar free chocolate syrup?  The syrup has 25 calories for 2 tablespoons. 
I don't think they are very heathly, but the nebisco 100 calorie packs make cinnamon gram cookies. They are pretty good and a big sized portion for 100 cals.
baked sweet potato or yam or butternut squash mashed with a little brown sugar, TINY bit of butter (blaspheme!) and pinch of salt. I also add some minced fresh roasted jalapeno. YU-UM.
Vegetarian chili with that soy burger meat substitute, zucchini, onions, red, black, kidney beans, green peppers, spices, lots of tomatoes, served with a dab of sour cream or sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

I have a couple of favorites that are similar to some already posted here:

slice an apple, put it in a microwavable bowl and sprinkle it with a packet of splenda and some cinnamon, a tablespoon of sugar free pancake syrup, and maybe a couple of crushed peanuts, and microwave it for 1 1/2 minutes...then if you want you can put some cool whip free or fat free sugar free vanilla yogurt on top...I think it tastes like a baked apple!

Also, Krusteaz makes a hot apple cider mix that is WONDERFUL at only 15 calories per makes a nice evening or weekend treat, and is caffeine free.

A quick, comforting soup I like takes 4 cups of chicken broth, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1 tbsp minced garlic, some powdered ginger, and a thawed package of frozen spinach (or a can in a pinch) and cooks it on the stove top until heated up.  Yum!  It makes about 4 servings, but is not terribly naughty even if you get carried away and eat the whole thing yourself!

DaVinci makes a sugar free chai syrup that is wonderful and calorie free; you can mix it with hot water to make hot chai tea or mix it with some warm nonfat milk for a chai "latte" that helps you get your calcium for the day!

Finally, I like to take sugar free fat free cheesecake flavored jello pudding mix, stir in a cup of pumpkin, and add pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon and nutmeg to taste - it ends up tasting just like a pumpkin cheesecake!

Hot sandwiches, broth based soups, or a light version of something baked (this site has tons!)

I prefer sipping hot soups in winter. But because of our busy schedule, neither my wife, nor I have the time to prepare soups..So we rather opt for frozen soups, preferably by Classic foods. They are quite light and yummy.

*Roasted Butternut Squash (or any winter squash)

*Microwaved Pureed Pumpkin with Pumpkin Pie Spice

*Baked Apples & Pears with Cinnamon

*Plain Oatmeal (or Quinoa) sweetened with stevia 

*Roasted Brussels Sprouts Leaves

*Roasted Kale

*Roasted Green Beans (with some sea salt - tastes like French Fries) 

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