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Wine vs. vodka - - what to drink tonight???

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I'm going out tonight to a bar, and I don't know what to order- lately I've been doing a lot of red wine (please don't burst my bubble and tell me it's really bad ?). I've found conflicting answers on vodka- someone said it was 95 calories a shot (or drink?) and someone else said 50 something.. I have found red wine to be about 88 calories a glass? So which should I get.. Vodka and diet soda or red wine (or white wine??)

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i am a huge wine drinker...LOVE it, but I think it is what contributed to me gaining weight. i drank it everyday though. The problem with wine is that it is loaded with sugar..especially red wine which is my favorite. While I do drink red wine still sometimes, I try not to drink it all the time.
Vodka and diet soda usually has less calories.

If you go with a dry red wine-- like a cabernet, it's not as bad calorie wise as other wines and it does have some added health benefits.

Vodka is one of my favorite mixers, but it's just calories, really.

My suggestion is to get the or white whichever you prefer..only because you can better gauge your intake..mixed drinks vary in alcohol content so there is no real way to tell how much vodka you are getting where as the wine is all by itself in the glass..unless you add ice...which I always get in a separate glass and add it in. If you are home or somewhere that you can measure..then pick your poison according to which you prefer. wine is 25 cals per is  about 65 cals for 80 proof..95 cals for 100 proof per ounce. Whatever you choose have fun and drink responsibly :0)

Original Post by personaltraining: is  about 65 cals for 80 proof..95 cals for 100 proof per ounce.

 80 proof and 100 proof is that the percentage of alcohol?  For example in the Uk the bottle says vol 37.3% alcohol.  Is that what 80 proof means?  It must be very strong if it is.

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vodka, definitely. although red wine does have some health benefits

I think on this one you may have to reach beyond the mere caloric count. Both are going to give you some. You can't really win that way. Where you can win is controlling the amount and considering the calories when you eat that day.

Seriously, pick which one you like the most. You'll like it, you will be happier, it will discourage that attitude of starvation and denial that really saps the will of a dieter.

Get a white wine sprizter.  They can be really tasty and you don't have to feel deprived. 

I love vodka. Well that's what I drank last night. But drink what you like more!

the alcohol percentage is ALWAYS half of the proof... so 80 proof is 40% alcohol, 100 proof is 50% alcohol and in life35's case 74.6 proof is 37.3% alcohol...


to answer the real question: r u trying to get drunk or just be social? if u say social then i don't think either one is that bad cuz u'll be sipping on either for a while and a couple glasses of each (wine or mixed drink) will be fairly comparable. But obviously vodka will have less carbs. If you're trying to get drunk then I'd def. say vodka b/c again the calories are comparable but alcohol percentage is at least2-3 times as much

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