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Whole wheat vs. Regular pasta noodles.

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Just wondering what your take on the difference in taste and texture is..
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Whole-wheat pasta, almost without exception, sucks. It's gritty and crumbly and horrible, and I'm speaking as someone who loves whole grains and does not crave white starch. That exception, I find, is Ronzoni Healthy Harvest brand, which still takes some getting used to but is OK. The cooking times are a lot less forgiving than with regular pasta; be prepared to check for doneness frequently. Also, whole-wheat pasta is less versatile than regular. It works best with chunky, spicy, robust sauces; don't even try using it for fettuccine Alfredo or anything like that (not like you would anyway.)

Now that I'm used to whole-wheat pasta, I've gotten addicted to it with marinara sauce and organic turkey sausage. Sausage and whole-wheat pasta are BFF.
I really like whole wheat pasta!  I agree, though, that it's best with hearty sauces.... I also prefer thinner pasta (like spaghetti) to thicker ones (like fettucini).
Well i watched food network today and i seen something i would like to try but i have been trying to cut the starch down. It was green onions *scallops i guess*  cut in 3 sections and then sliced longways to resemble grass look.. E. V. Olive oil and garlic fused in cooking process and then the onions placed into the olive oil/ garlic fusion and cooked, after that she dropped the noodles atop of the onions while still in the skillet and fried for a bit along with that mix with a heavy plate atop it to hold the noodles down.

When it was done she took and flipped it and man the presentation looked awesome. Looked delicious. So i was just wondering how the whole wheat noodles were.. LOL.. I guess not so good with this dish.
Not so much for something that simple, sidblack. I'd save it for a maintenance day and go all-out with a quality regular pasta, like De Cecco.
I love whole wheat pasta.  For me anyway, it tastes exactly the same (if not better).  You have to cook it a bit longer than regular pasta, but other than that, I don't notice much of a difference.  I usually only eat pasta with tomato based sauces, but I used whole wheat to make mac and cheese too and that turned out great.

I also usually prefer shapes (penne, rotini, etc.) to regular spaghetti.
I didnt' like whole wheat pasta at first, but now I prefer it to regular.
It's very robust almost.
I actually just eat mine with nothing but sauteed mushrooms and a bit of olive oil.
NO sauce at all, otherwise :)

To each is own.  But I also feel a lot depends on the brand. I use Ronzoni Healthy Harvest.

I use the whole wheat pasta when I'm doing a pasta bake with tomato sauce or for pasta salad.  Every other time I use the regular pasta. 
I third the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest rec (can't go wrong with 6 grams of fiber and protein in every serving).  It's quite good.  Honestly, I enjoy it more than regular has more of a bite.
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Just make sure that you are really eating whole wheat pasta.  Some food that say they are whole wheat may not be completely whole wheat.  If the first ingredient is not whole wheat you maybe eating something else
I really like whole wheat pasta. Has anyone tried Bella Terra brand? It is available in organic and non-organic styles. We eat it exclusively in our house, and I almost can't tell the difference from regular pasta anymore. The only kind I don't like is the rotini -- all those twists make the pasta chewier than the regular styles.
i really can't tell the difference.  it even looks the same once it's cooked!  maybe i've been lucky with the brands i get, but my husband nor i can tell the difference, so whole wheat pasta it is! :)
oh, something i heard a woman discussing with another woman at the grocery store.  she said she mixed it with regular pasta for awhile to trick the kids into not noticing and each time she cooked it, she put more and more of the whole wheat in until it was all whole wheat and her kids had no idea! LOL!
My bf and I prefer whole wheat pasta over regular now.  It is heartier, and it has good flavor.  He bought regular pasta not that long ago and used it and we actually didn't care for it anymore. 
after trying straight whole wheat pasta and the 5 year oldthought it was 'funny' (He is NOT a picky eater at all -- ) I went to a middle ground and have been using Barilla plus pasta -- now that he's used to that I may try the whole wheat again.  I like it fine, but I also find we are using less pasta and more veggies and spicies in the sauce.
I also like whole wheat pasta better than regular now. I'll eat it with a thick tomato sauce, with extra mushrooms, and throw in some homemade turkey meatballs. I am gonna try turkey sausage next time - any suggestions for sausage with lower sodium? That's why I've avoided it in the past...
I just had pasta for dinner.  I started buying the Barilla Whole grain pasta with added omega 3's.  I can't tell the difference anymore. 

I think the Ronzoni is a "blend" not a whole wheat?  Not sure I just know I made the mistake of buying one not noticing it said "whole wheat Blend"  the blends aren't true whole grains so be careful.

I only buy whole grain pastas now.  I think you do get used to the whole grain after a bit. 
Thanks everyone sounds cool.. Ill just buy some and check it out see if i can get used to it lol.. Thanks heaps.
I like whole grain pasta, but I'm not like fanatical about it or buying it exclusively.  It tastes. . . like whole grain things taste, I guess. . . like nutty or wheaty or something.  *shrugs*  I think multigrain pasta tastes a little better, but haven't compared nutritionals to see if it's healthier or not.  Have to next time, I guess.
I'm gonna mention the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta again. It's really good stuff.
My aunt would try to give my uncle other types of wheat pastas and he always complained about them being gritty. She snuck in the Healthy Harvest spaghetti one day and he didn't even notice. 
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The problem with the Healthy Harvest pasta is that it's not really whole wheat pasta. It's a blend of whole wheat flour and plain old white flour.
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