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Whole Wheat tortillas/wraps

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Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a specific brand or favorite.  I usually get them from Trader Joes but they are pretty small and about 120 cal.  I used them to make wraps for lunch so I'm hoping to find some bigger ones.  Any suggestions?
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I make them myself. Only 100 calories per wrap.  19 grams of whole grains per serving.

2 cups whole wheat flour (preferably "white" whole wheat)

1/2 tsp salt

3 tbsp vegtable oil

2/3 cup warm water

Combine salt and flour. Add vegtable oil. Then mix in water. You'll need to use your hand to mix in all of the water with the flour.

Cover and let rest 20 min (go watch TV)

Make into a ball, and divide into 10 - 12 balls. Cover and let rest another 20 min (watch TV)

Preheat a skilled or griddle (Do NOT grease) to medium high heat. Roll the dough balls into very thin tortillas, about 6-8 inches in diameter, or as far as it will stretch. Bake on eat side on the griddle for about 1/2 - 1 minute. Flip and do the other side. Roll out the other balls while the other ones are baking.
That's easy enough.  Do they freeze well?
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Yes, I make them every week and freeze them all the time. I take them out as I need them. You can defrost them for five seconds in the microwave. You can also use spelt flour for a twist. But I wouldn't reccomend anything else.
la tortilla factory low carb!
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"2 cups whole wheat flour (preferably "white" whole wheat) "

what is White whole wheat?
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White whole wheat is the common name for Winter wheat. The typical grocery store sells hard red wheat, which has a much more of a "whole grain taste" or somewhat bitter. White whole wheat, or winter wheat, has a milder flavor more comparable to refined wheat products. You can find it at Whole Foods and You can use it in virtually all recipes calling for refined wheat flour. The King Arthur Whole Grain Bakers companion book is worth purchasing, as it contains so many recipes to that include whole grain flours. (Not just limited to wheat). There are recipes for 100% whole grain cookies, pastries, cookies, pies, bread, and so on. I do have to say, I tried making the cookies and cakes. I gave them to my dad and he replied "So when are you going to try out the recipes in that new cook book of yours." Nobody will ever know the difference!
I'm not a huge fan of wraps/tortilas unless I'm eating Mexican. Personally, I love Salad Pockets, they are pre-split pitas, and they are perfect. 90 cals for the whole wheat. I use them for everything. This morning, I mixed some veggies into my Better 'n Eggs and then stuffed the mixture in the pocket. Bliss! Sometimes I just put in sandwich fillings, but sometimes I'll make a veggie salad and put it in there. Yum-O!
I am a pita lover too! I love the onion pitas. A whole pita which I usually only eat half of, is 110 cals. So half is only 55 and very filling. I love to put tuna, turkey breast, chicken and/or just tons of veggies. I just found some chipotle mustard in the store last might that really sets the pita off. Plus, it has 0 calories and tons of flavor!
Thanks for that recipe.  I always wanted to make my own.  Will give this a try.
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Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas. 21 grams of fiber per wrap. 200 calories per wrap.

There deliciou

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