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Whole VS Skim milk & Sugar levels

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Hello everyone,

I drink milk every day and have decided to go with skim milk because it has fewer calories. However, while looking at the nutrient info, I noticed that skim milk actually contains more sugar than regular whole  milk.

My understanding of sugar is that it  increases insulin levels and causes one to store fat. In this case, should I switch to regular milk instead?


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That damn insulin.....the only fat storage that going to happen is when you eat too much...drink either.

The sugar content is lactose - milk sugar.  Not nearly as bad as sucrose, or table sugar.  It takes your body a bit of time to break down lactose.  And, due to the protein in milk, it won't spike your blood sugar very much.  The reason skim milk has more than whole milk is the lack of fat.  If there is no fat to take up space, there is more room for all the other nutrients in the same volume.  Stick with the skim milk - you get all teh good nutrients with minimal calories and no fat. 

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The sugar in milk is natural sugar, not the added sugar garbage that you need to look out for.  Don't worry about the sugar in milk.  Just like the sugar from fruit, it is unrefined and from a natural source.  Don't give it a 2nd though.

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