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Whole Grain, 7 Grain, 12 Grain, Whole Wheat???

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Hey all,

My question is about bread...  What's with all these options?  What is the diff between whole, 7, 12 grain?  What is the difference between whole grain and whole wheat?

And most importantly, what would be the best option to have?


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I think as long as the main ingredient is a whole grain flour, they are all fine!

Wholegrain and wholewheat are fairly interchangeable terms when it comes to bread.  Wholegrain can mean 'other grains besides wheat'.  But quite often it just means 'whole wheat' ie. no part of the wheat has been removed in production.  Bread that's made with '100% wholewheat flour' will have the best fibre content.  Some breads have added whole grains... granary loaves for example... and these you'd find in chewy little lumps when you cut the slices.  If a bread is 7 grain or 12 grain, the manufacturer is probably putting other grains in there... rye, spelt, oats, various seeds....

It's all going to taste great.   Just take a look at the ingredients and the 'fibre per 100g' so that you know what you're getting.  The one to avoid is 'brown' bread.   That can just be white bread dyed brown!

Thanks for the quick replies. 
Clarification helps :)

7-Grain, 9-Grain, and 12-Grain breads aren't necessarily better for you than white bread. Make sure you check the ingredients --- avoid enriched wheat flour. It's one of those red flags, like the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.

Bread is so delicious. It should be calorie free...or at least on par with, say, celery.



I agree about checking the ingredients.  You don't want anything "enriched"

Even if the fiber content is higher, it's only because it's been added as a supplement, which I just don't trust.  Usually the supplements make my tummy ache and ache and ache!  

SaraLee Delightfuls is a low cal bread in wheat and multigrain.  The multi first ingredient is WHOLE grain flour yet the wheat one's flour isnt listed as whole so it was an easy decision.  Funny though that they would do it for one and not the other.

In the US, "whole grain" is defined by the USDA, whereas "12 grain" and "multi-grain" are not. Whole grain means that the entire wheat is used (germ, bran and endosperm). It doesn't just apply to breads though: for example, popcorn is a whole grain!

Whole wheat breads are breads that are "whole grain." A lot of companies will market their breads as "multi-grain" because the name sounds healthier. As many others have said, make sure to read the label. The first ingredient should be "whole wheat flour" if it is truly a whole grain bread.

Many breads, especially light or low-carb breads, are enriched with fiber and nutrients. Whole wheat flour is naturally higher in fat and more dense than de-germed (white) flour. That's why it's important to read the labels =)

If you're from the UK or somewhere outside of the US, I'm not sure how the food labeling rules work, so this might not apply.

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